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   Chapter 29 Mom, Let Me Take Care Of You

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Maggie looked at Lois blankly, with tears in her big eyes. Seeing that Lois was sick, she bit her lower lip with pity. The little girl in Joey's arms struggled hard, so Joey squatted down and put her down.

Hearing the noise, Lois looked up blankly, only to see that Maggie ran into the ward with her schoolbag on her back.

Lois couldn't believe that happiness would come like this. Her hand holding the pen trembled slightly, fearing that a big move would destroy everything in front of her.

Looking at Lois's thin face, Maggie felt sorry for her and shed tears.

Lois suddenly threw away the file on her legs and pulled down the needle.

She got out of bed in a hurry and knelt on the ground with her legs weak. But she ignored it. She held Maggie tightly. Tears burst out in an instant. "Maggie..."

Her left hand was torn by the injector, and dark red blood flowed out. It seemed that Lois didn't feel it, but focused on holding the little girl in her arms.

Joey was afraid that the bleeding wound would frighten Maggie, so he didn't say anything.

The two cried together. Lois kept calling her daughter's name, and Maggie called her mother in a sobbing tone.

Joey called the nurse and grabbed Maggie from Lois's hand. He grabbed Lois's left hand and said, "calm down! You will scare the baby! "

Looking at the dark red blood, Lois turned her back abruptly. The nurse took the medicine to treat her wound.

Lois smiled and looked at Maggie. Seeing that the little girl was crying more fiercely, Lois wiped her tears with a smile and said, "it doesn't hurt, mom." Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Enough! The baby came to see you, not to see you crying! " Joey scolded Lois coldly.

It was rare for Lois to be obedient to wipe away her tears. However, Maggie said, "Mom hasn't recovered yet. You can't get out of bed!"

Maggie looked at her father, waiting for his command.

Joey smiled and touched Maggie's head. He looked at Lois and said, "you'd better have a good rest. Otherwise, Maggie....And I will be worried about you. "

After saying that, Joey turned her head awkwardly. Lois smiled grat

ngers through her hair lovingly and asked gently, "have you listened to your father since mom was away?"

Joey, who was sitting next to them, was stunned. He didn't expect that Lois and Maggie would talk about him in the topic. He wanted to say something, but felt that he had nothing to say. So he just listened to the little girl's answer.

"…"Maggie lowered her head. She didn't want to listen to her father. Tom had been obedient to his father since childhood, and now he had a new mother!

Lois looked up at Joey, who was sitting next to her. From her point of view, she could only see his cold and hard side face. She sighed in her heart, but this could frighten Maggie. How could she expect him to love Maggie so much?

Lois patted her little butt and asked, "have you had good meals recently?"

Maggie tried to change the topic, "Mommy, please get better. I miss you so much!"

Frowning, Lois looked at Joey and said, "you'd better let her eat well. She's growing up now."

The one with a guilty conscience would always retort, "how do you know that I didn't take good care of her?"

The complaint and angry voice continued, "I'm busy with the company affairs. I have to take care of my work and family by myself. How can I take good care of my child?"

"You can give me the child."

No way!

Joey turned his head away fiercely. He didn't want to lower himself to the same level as a woman!

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