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   Chapter 28 His panic

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As the nurse walked into the ward, Lois had just signed an agreement.

The nurse quickly took Lois's temperature and asked about her condition. When she knew that Lois went jogging this morning, she praised, "you're recovering soon!"

Perhaps it was because of the difference in her state of mind, Lois was getting better and better, and her appetite was a little higher than before. She dealt with relevant documents every day and kept a lot of documents in her mind. Occasionally, she didn't need to check documents one by one.

Joey cut the breakfast into pieces and put it in front of Maggie.

Since a few days ago, Joey started to sit beside Maggie during the meal, taking care of her diet and preferences.

Maggie looked at his father beside him. He carefully put the plate in front of her and poured her a glass of hot milk. She wanted to say that she didn't drink milk at all, but because of fear, she lowered her head and ate silently.

Joey looked at the delicate and soft little girl next to him. He used to think that the little girl looked like a small part of him and a large part of Lois. But now, it seemed that the little girl looked very much like Lois. They both rejected him, even if he had already paid for it.

Joey couldn't help but think of the day when he was in the hospital. For that day, most of his mind was about the words and expressions that Lois had explained for her "brother", and the rest was her indifference to him.

He always knew that Lois was not that kind of woman, but he hoped that Lois could understand and refuse Kent. He was not afraid that even if their marriage would cause trouble to Gu Family. The only thing he was afraid that she would take the invitation of Kent and leave their small family.

Joey knew that he had panicked. He was no longer as calm as he used to be when he threatened her. The last sentence "you can have a try" was his fear. He knew that he shouldn't have said that, but he couldn't say anything to soften Lois's cold face. He was a man and couldn't easily lower his head.

Joey thought of the information submitted by his secretary yesterday. According to the investigation, Kent Wu and Lois were just ordinary schoolmates, and the two of them were not even close in college. Except for the "Chairman and member of the Go Club", the two of them had little contact and were almost strangers.

But when he thought of the way Kent looked at Lois, it was "tolerance, heartache and affection.". Even when the verbal attack of the two of them hurt Lois, that kind of inner guilt

Joey was in a panic. If Kent fought with him on Lois, he couldn't win. He didn't have tenderness, concern, or put himself in a position to think about Lois. The only thing he had was the marriage certificate, and his daughter who didn't like him.

Looking at her daughter who was burying herself in eating, Joey gently rubbed her hair and said, "Maggie, do you miss Mom?"

Raising her head abruptly, Maggie looked at Joey with her big eyes shining with surprise. She summoned up her courage and asked, "Dad, is it really okay?"

Joey rubbed her forehead and asked, "don't you want to meet mom?"

The little girl burst into laughter and her face lit up in an instant. She climbed onto the dining chair. Joey caught carefully. The little girl pounced on him and gave him a heavy kiss.

"I love Daddy!"

The lively voice was still in Joey's ears. Looking at her daughter who went upstairs in a hurry, a bitter smile played at the corners of his mouth.

Should he be happy or sad?

The little girl had only kissed him for two times. One time was that, she wanted to see her mother when Lois went to the kindergarten but didn't see her. She tried to plea

se him.

This time, she was obviously more enthusiastic than last time, because her dream came true and she could see her mother.

Love daddy...

The pleasant child's voice was still in his ears. He looked down at his wrist and wondered if the wound on Lois's wrist was better? He couldn't help but hurt her that day. Would [Maggie see it?

Maggie ran upstairs and put all the red flowers she got recently into her schoolbag. She looked around the room and found that the little toys and dolls bought for her by her mother had been changed to something brought by that bad woman.

Thinking of her father's promise to see her mother later, the little girl seemed to think of something. She took out a large schoolbag from the wardrobe and put the little red flower inside.

Maggie went downstairs and saw her father having dinner. She climbed to her chair obediently and began to eat with him.

Joey ate very slowly, even slower than usual. He hesitated whether he should ask the driver to send Maggie to the hospital or he should take her to the hospital himself.

Maggie carefully looked up at her father's face, which was still expressionless as usual. She was nervous and ate some fried eggs in silence.

As Joey took a sip of milk, and Maggie also took a sip.

Joey savored the milk fragrance in his mouth and looked at the little girl, only to see Maggie forking an egg into her mouth.

As Joey looked at Maggie, waiting for her urging. Maggie lowered her head to have some breakfast, waiting for her father's notice.

Until the breakfast was finished, neither of the two made a sound.

Looking at the large schoolbag behind Maggie and the nervous and pitiful look of the little girl, Joey smiled and asked, "why do you bring so many things with you?"

Maggie's face turned pale. She lowered her head and didn't say anything, but stubbornly insisted.

She lowered her head slightly and pursed her lips dejectedly, afraid that her father would be unhappy. "Can't I really take these with me?"

Joey felt a sharp pain in his heart. She was supposed to have a good time in her father's arms, but why did his younger daughter learn to read people's mind and accommodate herself to others at such a young age?

He remembered the little bun he saw in his friend's house. It was obviously a domineering and unreasonable guy. But how could his child be so aggrieved?

Joey carried Maggie to the dining chair, squatted down and looked into her eyes seriously. "Maggie."

The little girl shrank her body who was not used to it.

Joey smiled, "Maggie just needs to do whatever she wants to do."

Maggie felt a little uncomfortable when she saw the mild look on Joey's face. Although she was young, she was very cautious. Hearing what he said, she only nodded obediently and did not ask anything else.

Joey held Maggie in the passenger seat and started the car to the hospital.

Lois put her left hand on the pillow, and the long and thin injector was inserted into her blood vessels. An infusion bottle was hung on the rack beside the bed.

With her right hand flipping through the documents, Lois set up a small table on the right of her body, on which a laptop was placed. She looked up information and data from time to time, and checked the recent cooperation of the company.

The quality of her work was very good in a short time. Lois had already finished a stack of folders beside her, but she still focused on her work.

What supported her was the future of Maggie.

Joey was standing at the door with Maggie in his arms. The sun shone through the window, making her face paler and her bloodless lips tightly closed. The serious look on her face was distressing and fascinating.

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