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   Chapter 27 Is It A Dream Or A Reality

Substitute For CEO's Lover By San Lingcai Characters: 7108

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Tania was stunned. They were going to divorce, but why did he still care about Lois making friends? "It's none of his business! Why doesn't he divorce you as soon as possible if he is afraid? "

Lois knew that Tania liked talking, so she didn't say anything more.

Tania put the food on the table and asked, "Did your senior keep you hungry at noon?"

Shaking her head, Lois lowered her head to eat.

Tania left at nine o'clock. She kept telling Lois that she wanted to expand the company. Lois] nodded in agreement because she had something in her mind.

After Tania left, Lois went to the bathroom. After washing up, she lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

Lois gradually fell asleep afterwards.

It seemed that Lois had returned to the age of eighteen. At the sight of the man in white shirt and black suit pants, the flamboyant girl was instantly lost herself.

With a shiver of cold, she walked towards that messy night. Under him, she said again and again, "I'm Lois, I'm Lois..."

His dark eyes could almost absorb her soul. She put her fingers on his eyelids and saw her shadow from his Obsidian like eyes. "There is Lois in Joey's eyes..."

She smiled like a child, and happiness almost drowned her. The man she had loved for three years also had her in his eyes.

Lois thought of that violent night again and said, "it's all your fault. It's all your fault!" With deep hatred and questioning, she could hardly bear the strength and skills of Joey. She could only fall gracefully in the storm and rain, and there was no hope.

Then came endless coldness. All the love that had not been hidden for many years poured out like a pillar, so she walked too fast and couldn't stop her love.

She cooked hangover Soup for him every night, and she gave him nutritious meals every day. He treated her coldly, so she avoided him. Fortunately, he was satisfied with life and never refused her care.

If Sally hadn't come back from abroad. Her mind wandered to Sally again. That day, The only diamond ring that could prove her relationship with Joey had been thrown away.

She could still feel the


Chewing the food, Lois swallowed it and asked, "then what about my breakfast?

Tania smiled, "can I starve you? "I found you a nutritionist."

"Well, I also have this plan. It's better to leave the hospital as soon as possible!" Lois agreed readily.

After the two of them finished breakfast, Tania continued to write and draw on the plan. Lois looked through the documents brought by Tania. The two of them were busy with their own things, and there was only the sound of turning the pages in the ward.

Raising her eyes, Lois was touched by Tania's confused look. "You can go to the company. Expanding is not for fun. Go and ask your capable men to discuss it with you. I'll call you if I have something to deal with. "

Tania thought for a while and said, "Okay, I can't figure it out myself, so I'm leaving now." Walking to the door, Tania turned around and said, "the nutritionist will bring you lunch. Eat more enough."


Lois kept going through the contracts and documents. What she needed now was ability and money. Once she left Gu Family, she must give the best to Maggie. She was capable and experienced, so what she needed was only time.

Lois had even thought that in the near future, after she broke up with Joey, she would be able to earn a villa and a famous car in two years. At that time, Maggie would have a villa and a car at the beginning, and she would also enjoy it.

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