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   Chapter 26 Warning

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Looking at the disappearing figure of Kent, Lois was a little confused. Was he hinting her to divorce as soon as possible?

Joey felt that he was going to explode. Would they take Maggie to a small town?

His wife had a husband, and his child had a father. Why did they need an outsider like Kent to take care of them?

How ridiculous!

Looking at the empty door of the ward, Lois lowered her head helplessly and felt apologetic.

Tania stood up for Joey, but she was tripped up by Joey. Kent spoke for her, but was also humiliated by Joey. It seemed that all the people who helped her were cursed, a curse called Joey Gu.

Seeing that Lois was absent-minded, Joey felt annoyed and sneered, "what? Do you feel sorry for your senior brother?"

Hearing Joey's words, Lois almost broke down. She opened the quilt on her body and roared at him, "Joey Gu! Are you done? "

His handsome eyes narrowed slightly. "What did you say?"

"If you're done, get out of here!" She threw the pillow at Joey like a spoiled child.

Joey pulled her up in a cold and angry manner, but he didn't expect that Lois would resist her. He had already been used to it. Lois had fought against him a lot, but she had only succeeded once.

Without any hesitation, Joey pulled up Lois's arm and lowered his head to kiss her pale lips.

There was an opening in the door. Nurses, patients and nurses passed by occasionally.

With her eyes wide open, Lois looked at Joey with regret. Why did she provoke this tyrant? She knew he never controlled himself but why she couldn't avoid to bear it!

Joey seemed to feel that it was not enough. He pulled up Lois's body to accommodate his height. Lois took the opportunity to push him away. Unexpectedly, she was directly lifted up from the bed and placed by the window.

Lois looked at Joey in horror, "no...Don't be here... "

Joey said in a low voice, "what are you afraid of? We are a legal couple!"

Grabbing his suit, Lois begged again and again, but she forgot that Joey was always impatient. Joey loosened his tie and pressed his thin lips on her

Joey's breath became heavier. He bit on Lois's lower lip. Looking at her misty eyes, which were filled with water, he couldn't help but rub her red and swollen lips hard again.

With one hand on her face and the other on her waist, Joey kissed Lois into cloud.

Lois was forced to accept the ravage. The windowsill was one meter high and very narrow. Lois tightly held Joey's suit with both hands, fearing that she would fall down accidentally.

Thinking of his original intention of holding her up to the window, Joey released her lips and left a little. He said in a low voice, "do you know you are wrong?"

Slowly, Lois came to her senses and finally responded, "Yes."

Hearing her hoarse voice, Joey almost couldn't stand it anymore. "Don't be so close to other men in the future. You are a married woman!"

Not daring to retort, Lois just nodded.

Thinking of the eager eyes of Kent when he looked at Lois, Joey asked, "you...Have you ever been like this with other men? "

After a short pause, Lois reached out to push Joey away.

Joey pinched her hand hard and said, "be honest!"

As expected, Lois didn't move anymore.

After a long time, Joey finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then he heard Lois say, "Joey, I'm not that kind of person. Even if I divorce you, I won't do that."

Joey almost blurted out "I know that." but he replied indifferently, "I don't know if you are that

kind of person or not."

A hint of injury flashed through Lois's eyes. Before she recovered, Joey attacked her eardrum again in a low voice as usual. "You'd better behave yourself. If you dare to cheat on me, you will suffer a lot!"

Lois turned his head and ignored him.

Joey pulled her left hand off the suit and held it tightly. "Dare you try to be impatient with me again!"

Lois also took her right hand off his suit.

Joey looked at her right hand which was put down. What was this? She didn't want him to protect her, so she shook off her hand?

Joey felt that his arrogance as a husband had been denied by Lois. He suddenly felt that women couldn't be spoiled all the time. Just like the one in front of him, he had always been obedient to her but she hadn't given him a good face!

Joey held her wrist tightly and stared at her coldly. "If you don't listen to me, believe it or not, I will make you unable to see Maggie in the future! You can have a try! "

Do you have any other chips besides Maggie? She was not a tool!

With a straight face, Lois nodded, not as attractive as before.

"So, take care of yourself."

Lois nodded again.

Seeing that Lois was annoyed, Joey wanted to say something more, but he was not in the mood anymore.

He put down Lois's wrist, only to see the bruise on her wrist. When he was about to reach out to check her bruise, he was interrupted by Lois, "excuse me."

Her voice was no longer hoarse, but calm and indifferent.

Joey took half a step back. Lois leaned sideways, held the windowsill with both hands and jumped down gently.

The edges of the window sill scratched the back of Lois's waist. Her legs became soft, and she lost her balance and almost fell down.

Joey reached out to hold her. Lois thanked her indifferently and lowered her head in silence.

Joey released her hand, but Lois still didn't move. The two of them didn't speak. Joey stared at Lois coldly, while Lois just lowered her head, it was hard to tell what she was thinking.

Joey snorted and strode away, slamming the door heavily.

After a while, Lois slowly raised her head with unyielding stubbornness on her face. She was determined to have her child!

Joey opened the door and got in the car. He was thinking about Lois's reaction and Kent's expression and words. He was sure that he hadn't been cuckolded, but judging from Lois's final attitude, it was obvious that she wanted to fight against him to the end.

Joey knew that Lois was not a coward. If she made up her mind to make trouble, he would have no way back but to suppress others with power. He was annoyed and depressed at the same time. His words were a little unpleasant to hear, but Kent was so loyal to Lois...

Joey cursed and started the car, leaving the hospital.

After tidying up the documents, Lois lifted the sheet and lay on the bed.

She looked at the ceiling, feeling a little dull, aggrieved, resentful and embarrassed. Lois looked at the ceiling with a dull face.

After some time, Tania came to the hospital with dinner. She glanced at the ward and asked, "where is Kent?"

"He has left." Sighed Lois.

Tania's impression of Kent instantly lowered. "How could he leave you alone?"

Lois didn't want to say anything more. "This afternoon, Joey did came here."

Tania was shocked, "what was he doing here?"


Tania asked anxiously again, "what the hell was he doing here?"

"I don't know," Lois added, "he told me not to cuckold him."

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