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   Chapter 25 Angry Joey

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Joey walked to the black leather sofa and kicked the black leather chair away. He remembered that the moment he opened the door of the CEO's office, he got in a rage. With a ferocious expression on her face, Sally was challenging his bottom line!

Sitting on the black leather sofa and looking at the delicate coffee cup in front of him, Joey was even more displeased. He remembered that his mother had always been at odds with his father for so many years, which made him very angry. What? That bastard couldn't help but come to Gu Family for a share? No way!

"Mr. Joey, do you want to tidy up these things?" The Secretary asked cautiously.

Joey glanced at him and said, "do you need to ask me about it?"

Joey simply picked up the car key and left the company. Staying there would only remind him of some unhappy things, so he might as well leave.

Joey drove to the hospital. He kept thinking about what Sally had said all the way. He couldn't imagine or believe it.

Lois was a good mother. Even if he was not a good father, Lois always insisted on being a good mother. He and Lois had been married for five years. He knew that Maggie had always been Lois's insistence.

When Joey arrived at the hospital, he came to Lois's ward with ease. Through the crack of the door, he could see that Lois was talking about the business management mode with Kent, which was the simple logic of the operation of a big company. He was slightly disdainful.

When he pushed the door open, the two people who were talking and laughing looked at him at the same time. Suddenly, Joey felt that he was an outsider who had entered the wrong room.

He remembered that when Lois came to the parking lot of the company to ask for a divorce, it was Kent who helped her out. It seemed that Lois didn't know Kent at first.

Sally mentioned that Lois had dinner with a strange man some time ago. It was that day Lois met Kent when she went to beg him.

Then the time would be right? Did Lois want to thank Kent so that she invited him to dinner?

No, he clearly remembered that day he saw Kent holding Lois in his arms in the parking lot...

"Mr. Joey?" Kent smiled. He looked more handsome without glasses, but less bookish.

His thoughts were interrupted, but Joey didn't intend to think too much. He answered indifferently. He walked to the bedside, looked at Lois's pale face and felt a little distressed. "Are you feeling better?"

Lois didn't say anything, but Kent replied, "Mr. Kent, you don't need to ask."

Joey was angry, but he didn't lose her temper because of the occasion.

Joey smiled apologetically and said, "yes, I've been too busy in the company recently, so I neglected Lois's condition. "

Joey remembered that Tania seemed to call her "Lois in soft tone" when he mentioned her last time, so he changed his tone.

Surprised, Lois raised her eyes. She wanted to touch Joey's forehead as usual. Was he having a fever?

"Yes, Lois said that Tania often stays with her recently. They have a good relationship, comparable to a couple." Kent said slowly.

A woman's husband was not as important as her sister's, Joey was a failure.

Joey looked at Lois coldly. How could she just let others make fun of him like this?

Lois looked at Joey and then looked at Kent. She was a little confused and didn't know what to do, but more confused. Did HN Group break up with Gu Consortium? What was going on between them?

Seeing the confused look on Lois's face, Joey felt a little depressed. He still looked calm and said, "Lois always understands my work. When she is healthy, she often takes care of my life and accommodates my work, so I feel sorry for not being able

to take care of Lois in the hospital. On the contrary, I have to bother Tania."

Kent didn't say anything. Instead, he looked at Joey with a smile, as if mocking at his powerlessness and sophistry.

Although Joey knew that Kent deliberately pretended to be confident, he had to fall into the trap.

He was like a child who was eager for candies. "Maggie got a red flower yesterday and insisted on looking for her mother. It suddenly occurred to me that how important family is."

His words were half true and half false, but Kent believed it all. The smile in Kent's eyes slowly disappeared. If Joey didn't want to give up, or if he wanted to get Lois back, did he still have a chance?

Looking at Lois, Joey's eyes were full of warmth. "Lois, do you think family is important or not?"

Lois open her mouth but closed again, 'is that a family?' It was just that she tried her best to maintain a broken ship that could barely float on the sea. As long as a slight gust of wind, it would instantly disappear in the sea.

Seeing that Lois didn't say anything, the warmth in Joey's eyes disappeared. With a hint of threat, he asked, "Lois, do you think Maggie and I are important?"

The name of Maggie seemed to have awakened Lois. She said reflexively, "it's important!"

When she came to her senses and saw the smile on Joey's face, Lois didn't say anything more. She just turned her head and looked out of the window.

Seeing the disappointment on Lois's face, Kent felt even more distressed. When he looked up, he saw that Joey was looking at him coldly.

Kent stood up from the chair, looked at Joey and stretched out his left hand. "I was at the same university as Lois. We are fellow apprentices. Nice to meet you, Mr. Joey."

Joey also stretched out her left hand, and the two of them looked into each other's eyes. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "Oh, it's you." he turned his head to look at Lois and asked, "Lois, why didn't you introduce him to me last time?"

Lois's face turned pale. She remembered the first time she saw Kent, she said lightly, "I was not in a good mood. I forgot to tell you."

Looking at the expression on Lois's face, Joey knew that she had thought of what had happened in the parking lot last time. He put down the problem that had made both of them feel bad. He looked at Kent and said, "since you are a senior, just say it. It's easy to misunderstand if you didn't mention. My Lois is married!"

"It's my fault. I was too abrupt to remember your current situation," said Kent, curling his lips.

Joey narrowed her eyes and asked, "what situation? Nothing happened between them!

"It's not serious for a couple to quarrel. Mr. Kent must have heard the rumors from the outside."

Joey gave Kent a cold look and scolded him secretly!

Kent didn't argue anymore. "I made a decision too fast this time. I'll be careful next time."

Joey's face softened. He looked at Kent and asked, "Mr. Kent, would you like some water?"

Lois raised her head with a frown. Joey made things difficult for her and she couldn't resist, but when Kent defended her. It was too much for Joey to drive him away in such a domineering way!

"Kent, I still have something I don't understand..."

Before she could finish her words, Joey interrupted, "I understand. I'll teach you!"

"Lois, I've been bothering you for a long time today. I won't stay here any longer. Have a good rest," said Kent gently.

"Kent..."When Lois was about to stand up, Kent stopped in front of the door and turned to call her.

"Lois, We talked about that we could take Maggie to a small town together this morning. I'm looking forward to it. "

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