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   Chapter 24 What About My Wife's Treatment

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But when she saw the last signature, she was disappointed again. On the last page, there were two delicate words "Shen Lois", while Joey's place was empty.

The date was at the beginning of May. It occurred to Sally that on the wedding anniversary of Joey and Lois, Lois announced their divorce in a high-profile way.

At first, Sally thought that Lois wanted to threaten Joey with a divorce, or to ask the elders of Gu Family to help reconcile the marriage between the two, but she didn't expect that Lois was serious.

Then she thought of Joey's attitude. Why didn't he sign the divorce agreement?

Besides, it seemed that Joey had never mentioned to her about Lois's divorce

Sally tightened her grip on the agreement. The blue veins in her hands were throbbing. Her ferocious expression suddenly softened. Was it because the little bastard? After all, it was Joey's blood, so he must be reluctant to leave her

Sally's lips tightened and her eyes narrowed slightly. 'Lois, you'd better take your child away, or I will make her life a living hell!'!

"Who allowed you here?" Joey said coldly.

Sally was shocked. She was like a thief caught, flustered and guilty.

Turning his head to look at the Secretary behind him, Joey said, "who allowed her to come in without my permission?"

The secretary was startled. She cursed in her heart that her staff was so useless, but she still responded with an apology.

Joey stepped forward and squinted at the document in Sally's hand unhappily.

Sally shrank her fingers, like a frightened kitten, and gently stood up to explain. But before she could say anything, Joey reached out and pulled the agreement in her hand.

Looking at the crumpled agreement, Sally's face turned paler. She hated herself for being unable to keep calm but crumpled the agreement. But she bit her lower lip, as if she wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Joey looked at her coldly, as if waiting for her explanation.

Sally glanced at the Secretary by the door and lowered her head as if she was too ashamed to face it. At the same time, a trace of embarrassment flashed across her face.

If it was in the past, Joey would not blame her more when she saw her like this. But to her surprise, Joey not only didn't let his secretary leave, but also tore the divorce agreement into pieces in front of her as if he was venting his anger.

Sally looked at Joey in panic. She didn't expect that he would make such a strong reaction on his own. She felt wronged and said, "Joey, I didn't mean to do that. I just feel that it's not worthwhile for you..."

Seeing the puzzled expression on Joey's face, Sally pretended to be angry and said, "two days ago, I went to the restaurant with my parents, but I saw Lois having dinner with a strange man. They didn't look like a normal couple at all. Instead..."

As she spoke, Sally pretended to observe Joey's reaction carefully. Seeing that Joey was still wearing a cold face as usual, she gritted her teeth and drugged him. "On the contrary, they seemed very intimate to each other, like a couple!"

Joey still just looked at Sally coldly. The coldness in his eyes seemed to freeze Sally. The anger that Sally had pretended to be angry gradually disappeared. She lowered her head slightly and didn't dare to look into Joey's eyes.

It seemed that after a long time, Joey finally opened his mouth. "So?"

Sally was stunned. She looked up at Joey, so? So what?

She was shocked and explained in a hurry, "so That's why I couldn't help myself when I saw the agreement... "

"Then you should be very happy when I tear this agreement apart."

Sally shook her head slightly. She di

dn't expect that Joey wouldn't leave her any way out and forced her step by step.

"Well, I'm very happy." She adjusted her mood and said, "I think even if you divorce, you should put forward the divorce!"

"Shut up!" Joey glared at Sally. He really felt that if Sally was not his first love, he would kick her out of the office no matter whether she would be a member of Gu Family in the future!

With tears in her eyes, Sally looked at Joey with grievance and disbelief.

Joey swallowed the anger in his mouth and made up an excuse, "I have two cooperation cases to talk about later. If you don't have anything else, you can leave first."

Biting her lips, Sally lowered her head and apologized, "Joey, I didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry..."

Sally wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. However, Joey was not in the mood to appreciate it. Now, all his attention was on Lois and the strange man mentioned, so he was not in the mood to pay attention to Sally at all.

Noticing the impatience on Joey's face, Sally decided to leave first. "Then I won't disturb you. We can make an appointment another day."

Sally bypassed Joey and walked towards the office door. She cursed the Secretary beside the door in her heart, because she didn't even avoid the quarrel. When she became the hostess of Gu Consortium, the first thing she did was to kick this ungrateful woman out of Gu Consortium!

But before she went out, she was stopped by Joey. "Sally, next time. I hope we won't make an appointment at Gu Consortium, which is a rigorous and confidential place!"

Sally's face turned blue and red. She nodded and left quickly.

"Who allowed her to step into the company?" Before the Secretary could report the work, she was reprimanded by Joey.

The secretary explained awkwardly, "I followed you during the meeting..."

Joey kicked away the black leather chair and said, "who did it? Call him!"

After a while, the female secretary who brought coffee to Sally came in. The female secretary was shocked when she saw the black leather rotating chair beside the sofa. She hadn't seen the CEO get so angry

The Secretary flinched and said, "that lady said she was your friend..."

Joey hated eloquent subordinates the most. He asked coldly, "is there a label on her forehead?"

Whatever she said is true? She came in as she said. Lois was not so awesome when she came in!

The more Joey thought about it, the angrier he became. "My wife didn't even have such a grand occasion when she came. Why does she have to be served with coffee?"

The Secretary gasped, 'The CEO's wife didn't want to come up at all. She always just put the heart set meal on the front desk and left.'

But she didn't dare to say it at all. She said weakly, "that lady is driving your car..."

"Can you see the parking lot on the twelve floor?" Joey snorted, "the secretary department is so well-informed. I don't think we need to give out the bonus at the end of this month!"

The female secretary didn't dare to answer. How dare she say that? It was the company's car lover who took photos of the twelve cars of the president in all directions, and even the license plate was marked into an online magazine.

All the staff in the company could be carried down on their backs

Seeing that the female secretary lowered her head and didn't say anything, Joey cooled down a little. He threw a document out and said, "tell your secretary department to drive this document out today. If you don't, don't get off work!"

The Secretary General winked at the female secretary. The little secretary picked up the document from the ground and left the CEO's office in a hurry.

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