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   Chapter 23 Intervention And Together

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Tears streamed down Lois's face. She covered her face and couldn't say anything, only sobbing and sad.

Kent took Lois's hand and sighed with guilt when he saw the red rims of her eyes. He just wanted Lois to see clearly what kind of person Joey was, but he failed to control his emotions.

Although Joey was bad, he was also not much better than him. In order to escape from her choice, he had resolutely gone abroad. For so many years, he had never forgotten her. He had not only loved her as a drug addict, but also blamed her for not being able to see people clearly.

That was human nature. When you were in a bad mood, there would always be potential malice to hurt the people around you. But when you saw others crying bitterly with their hands covering their wounds, you would inexplicably feel sorry for them. Whether good or bad, they were all human's shortcomings.

Some were heartbroken, while some were happy.

Sally drove a Porsche to the parking lot of Gu Consortium. The security guard saw the license plate number clearly, took out a ventilator and told the receptionist, "someone has driven the CEO's car to the company. Get ready to service her."

Sally got off the car in three inch silver high-heeled shoes. She wore a light green long dress with a slim waist, which made her look more tall with high-heeled shoes.

Sally hung the car key on her handbag, took out the popular sunglasses and put them on her nose. Then she walked towards Gu Consortium.

"It's a woman. I don't think she is Mrs. Lois." The security guard said to the ventilator.

Sally went straight into the building. The car key on her handbag was unusually eye-catching, but the security guard didn't seem to see it.

He decided to leave it to the receptionist at this time. It was not fun to block the wrong person.

The receptionist didn't care about the way Sally behaved. In the past few years, there had been a lot of new lovers of CEO Joey. Every one of them had a happy face at good times, and every one had a cry face at bad times!

The little girl at the front desk greeted Sally gently and fawningly, "Hello, miss."

Sally nodded slightly and asked, "is Joey here? I'm looking for him. "

Joey...This was too intimate. They must have a special relationship!

The smile on the little girl's face softened a little. "The president is in a meeting at this time. Miss, do you have an appointment?"

Sally picked up her handbag to show her car key and asked, "does this count?"

The receptionist's face froze. The girl next to her smiled and said, "since you know the CEO, why don't you wait in the CEO's office?"

Sally smiled with satisfaction and said reserved, "okay!"

It was not until Sally entered the elevator that the receptionist stuck out her tongue and said, "why is she so proud! It's just a car. Every lover of Mr. Joey used to drive his car! only It's awesome to hold a child like his real wife! "

"Keep your voice down!" The more composed girl pushed her.

Regardless of the receptionist's attitude, the assistant secretary was shocked when Sally arrived at the president's office. The receptionist didn't call her, but why did she let this person in?

Seeing the key on her handbag, she sighed silently. It turned out that Sally came here because of the car.

However, they couldn't talk about the relationship between her and the boss casually. The secretary ushered Sally into the CEO's office and told her with a smile, "CEO still has a meeting later. It may make Miss Lu wait for a long time."

Sally was unhappy, but she smiled and said, "I didn't expect him to be so busy. It doesn't matter. Ju

st wait a little longer."

"Okay, Miss Lu. What would you like to drink?" The Secretary asked.

Sally detested this title. Miss Lu, Miss Lu, it seemed that she had nothing to do with Joey!

But Sally had forgotten that indeed she had nothing to do with Joey. Even if she did, it was only in the past.

Although she was angry, she pretended to be more grateful. "Coffee is good. It's the kind of coffee that Joey likes to drink."

The secretary left with a smile, leaving Sally alone looking around the office.

The simple and luxurious decoration made the black leather sofa for customers to talk. On both sides of the sofa, there were two safety trees. In a corner of the office, there were several exuberant wealthy bamboos in the potted plants. On the white marble tea table, there was a black wood tray, on which there was a set of purple clay teapot, and beside it was a closed laptop.

An assembled computer was placed on an antique golden wood desk. On the back of the desk was a light wood bookcase, on which there were many documents and books that were usually read.

When Sally was looking around the office, the secretary had already brought her coffee. On the porcelain tray, there was an exquisite white porcelain cup, beside which there was a sugar plate and a glass bowl with ice.

The secretary put down the coffee and materials on the tray, she said a few polite words, and left the office with the tray.

After the secretary left, Sally picked up her long dress and sat on the black leather sofa, enjoying the afternoon tea.

In fact, Sally didn't know that Joey loved bitter coffee very much and never liked cold coffee. He only drank mellow coffee. The Secretary knew that no one could adapt to Joey's preferences, so she added sugar, ice cubes and other materials.

Sally took a book from the bookshelf. While drinking coffee, she was reading a difficult book.

Although there were many things she didn't understand in the book, she still enjoyed such a luxurious life, lazy and cozy, like a cat in the imperial palace. Even if she didn't pay, she could get a lot.

After drinking a cup of coffee, she put down the book on her laps. She really hated this kind of difficult book.

Putting down the exquisite porcelain cup in her hand, she stood up and looked around the office. She walked to the door separating the office and the inner room.

The white door with exquisite patterns was as elegant and noble as Joey. she touched the handle and gently pressed it, but frowned.

She muttered, "there's nothing I can't see!"

When she thought of Lois, Sally comforted herself, 'Joey locked the door because he didn't want Lois to see what was inside.'.

She smiled complacently. After all, Lois failed to be the hostess of Gu Family.

Sally walked slowly to the desk in her high heels. She sat on the black leather rotating chair and shook her body leisurely. Unintentionally, she saw a pile of A4 paper beside the document.

Sally controlled the chair and approached the desk. She picked up the stack of documents

In front of her, Sally smiled happily, "divorce agreement? Joey stick! "

But as she looked down, Sally's face became more and more gloomy, and the corners of her lips gradually dropped.

Party A: Lois Shen, Party B: Joey Gu

So, the divorce was proposed by Lois Shen?

Sally gritted her teeth and felt a little relieved after reading the content. It was what she wanted that Lois would give up all her marital property. Joey didn't like Lois, but she hated Lois. If it weren't for the intervention of Lois, she and Joey would have been living together for a long time!

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