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   Chapter 22 Love Is Like Poppy

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After reading the last document, Tania raised her head and saw that Kent was peeling an orange. Lois was still smiling, but her face was a little pale and morbid.

"I have finished my work today. You two have a good chat. I'm going back to the company first. " Tania picked up her briefcase and was about to leave.

Hearing that, Lois was stunned. "so fast?"?

She rolled her eyes in her heart and thought, 'even if she has divorced, she doesn't think Kent would have such an idea, let alone she is a married woman now.'.

When Tania saw Kent turn around, she smiled sheepishly and said, "I won't bring lunch for Lois this noon. Please help her! Thanks Kent" Then she winked at Lois to let her seize the opportunity.

Tania turned around and left. She felt that she was just a genius, senior boy and junior girl, What an ambiguous relationship! How easy could it be possible for them to fall in love with each other!

There was an ambiguous flow in the room all of a sudden. Lois smiled awkwardly and said, "Tania likes joking. Just forget it."

On the contrary, Kent was naturally and honest. "No, I think your friend is quite humorous."

Lois smiled and the two stopped talking about it.

Kent casually took the cooperation letter that Tania had handled. After reading it, he looked at Lois and sighed with a smile, "it's a pity for your friend to run a medium-sized company. She should expand the scale and make it a big company."

Lois looked at Kent in surprise. Barely people would comment on Tania. Although many people praised her for her quick action and good working attitude, Kent was the first one to encourage her to be ambitious.

Kent put down the document and looked at Lois, "Lois, you also think so, right?"

Lois lowered her head slightly and didn't say anything.

Kent picked up the fruit knife and began to peel the apple skin. Seeing the rapidly rotating apple in his hand, Lois had a myriad of thoughts.

It was not until Kent handed the apple to her that Lois gradually came to her senses and took it.

"I remember that you said you wanted to travel to Chicago when you first joined the club."

Looking at the apple, Lois's eyes flashed with nostalgia. "Yes." She didn't expect that Kent stil

he person I liked Married someone else. "

Lois didn't expect that Kent would tell her the past love story. She was slightly stunned, and after a long time, she came to her senses and sighed, "what a pity..."

Kent looked up at her and asked, "is it really a pity?"

Shocked, Lois hurriedly apologized, "I'm sorry. I don't know. I didn't mean it. "

Kent shook his head and said nothing.

The two of them quickly put down this topic and began to talk about their long lost classmates, but Kent was no longer energetic, and Lois was embarrassed and silent

"Put aside my current single topic and the news of our former schoolmates," Kent stared at Lois.

Lois looked at Kent, waiting for him to continue.

"Lois! What about you? What's your plan? " Kent stared at her, "When I first met you, I knew you were an independent and decisive girl, but you married into Gu Family."

Hearing that, Lois didn't say a word. Then she heard Kent say, "you are a famous smart person in the school, but you have wasted your youth and handed over it to an unworthy person. Lois, I was very disappointed at that time, but when I came back and saw you live a bad life, I was even more disappointed. "

Kent thought that Lois would take good care of herself and protect their child in everything, but she couldn't.

"Lois, you should live for yourself. Is love so important? It makes you stranger and stranger. Do you still know about yourself now? Wake up. That's not love, but obsession! "

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