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   Chapter 21 Ambiguous Relationship

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Lois thought that Tania just didn't want to talk more, so she changed the topic.

She was worried that she would be busy with the company's affairs and kept thinking about what Tania had said, "if you can't see Maggie, you can find a way." she forced herself to cheer up and have a good rest. Work was also indispensable.

Tania sometimes took time out of her busy schedule to deal with documents for Lois and took her out for dinner. Lois was very grateful to her.

What's more, Tania even sent someone to watch at the gate of the kindergarten and brought back the photo of Maggie.

Looking at the smiling face in the photo, Lois kissed Maggie again and again on the picture. She hugged Tania and cried out gratefully.

With the company and encouragement of her good friend, Lois gradually got rid of the ill spirit and threw away the haze. Although she was still a little weak, her energy and spirit had completely recovered.

Tania cast a glance at Kent and blinked her right eye. In the evening, Lois was sitting on the bed and reading documents. Suddenly, her phone rang. Lois picked up the phone and frowned at the strange number on it.

The phone kept ringing. With hesitation, Lois answered, "hello."

"Lois, I'm Kent." The smiling voice of Kent came into Lois's ears, and her ears turned red in an instant.

It wasn't that she hadn't experienced anything before. Such a smiling voice made her feel that she had returned to the age of eighteen. It felt relaxed and cozy, but her face was rosy.

"Senior." Lois came back to her senses and greeted him indifferently.

Kent's voice was still cozy, "I'll treat you to dinner. Do you have time?"

"Kent, I'm afraid I can't make it recently." Lois refused sheepishly.

Kent smiled with regret, "what's wrong? Are you in trouble? "

It never occurred to Kent that when he planned to leave Lois to calm down, Joey would do so many bad things. He took off his glasses, pinched between his eyebrows, and looked at the middle-aged man beside him.

"I haven't been at home for several years. From your point of view, is it possible for Gu Family to let people go?"

The middle-aged man shook his head and said, "now in the eyes of the public, the divorce between Joey Gu and his wife is just a farce, and no one cares about it."

Mr. Gu didn't say a word. Who would let go of the dispute between the two juniors?

Kent didn't give up the last chance. "If they really got divorced..."

The middle-aged man smiled carelessly and said, "then it will only be Lois Shen who leaves without getting anything."

Tania bought breakfast early in the morning and went to Lois's company to get the documents and relevant documents.

Lois had been in a good mood these days. In order to let her leave the hospital as soon as possible, Tania helped her share more and more documents, which made Lois look better and better, and at the same time, she was also moved.

Lois was very happy. Every time Tania came, she could help her deal with a lot of things, which made her much more relaxed.

Seeing that Lois was in high spirits and complacent, Tania couldn't help laughing. "Why are you so happy? Why don't you marry me after divorce?"

Lois rolled her eyes at her and said, "I can marry you, but I have made up my mind that you will support me at that time!"

The two of them laughed and went on with their work.

More than an hour later, the two finished half of the work. Tania praised herself, "Wow, I am awesome!"

Tania's humorous boast made Lois laugh.

The two of them seemed to go back to the time when they started their own business. There was no depression and depression in their laughter anymore.

While they were laughing, someone knocked on the door. The Lois and Tania looked at each other, and Tania stood up to open the door.

Tania was a little surprised to see Kent ca

rrying a fruit basket. She asked in confusion, "who are you looking for, sir?"

"I'm looking for Lois Shen."

Tania looked at the man in front of her. He had long legs and was tall. He looked very gentle and not worse than Joey.

After looking around, Tania opened the door politely. "Lois, someone is coming to see you."

Kent nodded slightly to show his politeness and entered the door with a basket of fruits and flowers.

Tania looked at Kent from behind. Yes! Versace leather shoes, Dior suit, as for tieunseen, can not see it...

Tania rolled her eyes gloomily. For the first sight, she only cared about his appearance and didn't have time to check his family background.

Kent put the flowers and fruit basket on the table, looked at Lois's slightly pale face and asked with concern, "why do you suddenly fall ill? What did the doctor say? "

Tania's impression of Kent suddenly soared to seventy points. There were not many good men who were gentle and cared about people now. Lois had climbed from a dog's nest to a grass's nest!

Shaking her head, Lois said, "it's all right now."

Looking at Tania's anthomaniac look, Lois said helplessly, "Tania."

"Okay." Tania replied calmly. Although she was quite satisfied with Kent, as a member of Lois's family, Tania was very high-level.

Pointing at Kent, Lois introduced, "this is my senior schoolmate in college and the director of Go Club in our school. His name is Kent Wu."

Then she looked at Tania with a slight smile and turned to look at Kent. "This is my best friend, Tania. She is very excellent and has already been the boss of a medium-sized enterprise."

Tania looked at Kent in shock. The general manager of the well-known HN Group in the industry who was young, rich and handsome, came to negotiate and cooperate with Gu Consortium on behalf of the chairman of HN Group. Was the man in front of her?

Kent's Kennel suddenly turned into a silver kennel, and Tania started to show a little admiration for him.

She took two steps forward and stretched out her left hand. With a reserved smile, she said, "Hello, Mr. Kent. I've heard a lot about you. It's better to see you once than hear a hundred times!"

Kent also reached out his left hand and shook hands with Tania. "They are all exaggerated by the industry, Miss Tang is not inferior."

"Mr. Kent, you are so modest. You are really a virtuous man!" Tania tried to keep calm, but her bright eyes betrayed her.

Looking at the increasingly enthusiastic eyes of Tania, Kent felt a little embarrassed. He nodded and said, "I hope we can have a chance to cooperate in the future!"

Tania nodded and withdrew her left hand.

Suddenly, something occurred to Kent. Tania looked at him as if mother-in-law was looking at her son-in-law. He remembered that according to the investigation material, Tania was the elder sister of Lois. He was slightly stunned. Was he so obvious?

Of course, Kent would seize the opportunity. He had a wide range of knowledge. In the past few years, he had a wider horizon. With his tall and handsome appearance, gentle smile, and extraordinary language, Tania's impression of him was almost twenty streets higher than that of Joey!

In particular, Kent's attitude not only didn't make people feel that he was playful, but also maintained his concern for Lois. But people wouldn't feel that he was trying to please her in particular.

Lowering her head, Tania looked up at the two of them from time to time. Kent asked about Lois's mood and condition with concern, and comforted her like chatting to relieve boredom. If she could open her eyes, everything would turn around.

Tania nodded secretly. In less than two hours, Tania's impression of Kent soared to eighty points. After all, at that time, Tania's impression of Joey was only forty points, which was already a high score.

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