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   Chapter 20 Mr. Gu Is Not Worth Mentioning

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Joey looked at Maggie who was crying with her mouth pursed. He turned his head with his eyes closed.

"Daddy, can you let mommy come back? I miss mommy so much. I miss mommy so much..."The crying little girl pulled Joey's sleeve and begged sadly, "I will listen to you in the future. I will be great. Every time I go to get the little red flower, Dad..."

The little girl was crying in his ear. She pulled his sleeve hard, and the hot tears fell on the back of his hand, which made him feel sorry for him. Joey turned around, lifted the little boy's arms, put her on his legs and patted her gently.

"DadI will be obedient and sensible. I don't want to bother dad. I just want mom to be with me... "

"In the afternoon, I saw my mother during the break. They all lied to me that it was not my mother, but I knew it was my mother. I won't be wrong!"

Maggie cried in a soft and hoarse voice. Every word she said was clearly in the heart of Joey. Since Lois couldn't see her, Joey knew better than anyone else. At most, it was just a back or a voice, but the little girl was so sure.

Joey took out a piece of tissue and wiped off the tears on Maggie's face. He pressed her face against his chest and rubbed Maggie's hair with his chin.

Anyway, she was still a child. Joey looked at the little girl who had fallen asleep. There were still tear stains on her face, and her hair was a little messy with tears sticking to her face.

Joey turned his head to look out of the window. Two couples came in and out of the dessert shop from time to time. Occasionally, a couple went into the dessert shop with their children in their arms. The happy look of the couple was enviable.

Joey carefully put Maggie on the passenger seat, fastened the seat belt and drove away from the milk tea shop.

Thinking of Lois's health and Maggie's begging just now, Joey smiled bitterly, "I won't disturb dad. As long as Mom...

How could an ignorant child say something reliable? But he believed in all her words. It was an ancient saying.

Joey looked around at the busy street. His daughter, who was bleeding, had his shadow in her eyes and brows, but he felt that Lois was everywhere. All of these made him want to

ged. Was it really because of her illness? Why did she feel that she always couldn't finish her work in hands.

When Tania walked into the ward with dark circles under her eyes, she saw that Lois was reading documents. She put the milk tea she brought on the table. Without raising her head, Lois picked up a pen, circled the documents and put them aside.

Noticing the arrival of Tania, Lois exhaled softly and said, "oh my God, I really want to split myself into two!"

Without saying a word, Tania began to read the documents for her. Since she was not familiar with the business for a few days, Tania occasionally took the documents to ask Lois about the specific matters.

After dealing with Lois's documents in a vigorous and resolute manner, Tania stood up smartly, raised her eyebrows and looked at Lois with a proud face. "How do you feel? Do you admire me very much?"

Looking at the bruises in Tania's eyes, Lois thought that Tania had annoyed Joey, so she said with guilt, "Tania, it's because of me that you have to endure these hardships."

Tania looked at Lois blankly. She had helped Lois manage the company for several months, Lois had never been polite to her. Now why did she suddenly become so serious? She felt even more confused. "It's just a few documents. What's wrong with you?"

Lois looked at Tania with hesitation, "Joey...Didn't he embarrass you? "

Tania came back to her senses and shook her head. "Nothing. It's not a big deal."

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