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   Chapter 133 A Little Intoxicated

Live Twice, Love Once By Yanchi Jinzhan Characters: 7736

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A few seconds later.

Kate's cunning eyes rolled again and again. Finally, she smiled and continued to kiss him...

Clumsy and unskillful.

It was so soft and light like jelly...



It smelled good.


Like the petals with morning dew blooming, with a faint smell of hyacinth, it was elegant. It was as sweet and soft as Osmanthus fragrans in the moonlight.

A flame rose from his body and burnt.

Mike's self-control began to disintegrate bit by bit. In just a few seconds, he immediately became active, and began to respond to her overbearingly...

The scent of seaweed was deep and cold.

It was a feast mixed with the elegance of hyacinth.

They crossed each other.

The view was getting thicker.

Kate was slightly intoxicated, but as the heat of his body rose, she was awakened by the heat. The mist in her eyes gradually dissipated and returned to normal.

It was as clear as a lake.

She almost delay her plan because of the man's beauty!

It was said that beauty would bring harm to the country!

It seemed that men's beauty would cause trouble to the country!


She pulled out another hand that was not grabbed by him, and soon a syringe appeared in her sleeve. The blue liquid began to ripple in her eyes.

She smiled secretly.

'Mike, let's see how you can threaten me in the future?'

She slowly moved her left hand to the man who was kissing her. Her hand hesitated. After all, he had helped her many times, smashing jewelry, saving her, and breaking off the engagement... He seemed to be nice to her, not to mention his beauty...

Not to apply so much medicine.

And choose a place with more flesh!

It was sort of repay to him!


She directly pricked the blue needle tubing into his buttocks. As soon as it hurt, he frowned instantly, and the coldness in his eyes floated up, thick and dense. In an instant, dark clouds gathered.

A few seconds later.

Seeing that his big hand that was holding her wrist suddenly loosened, Kate knew that the drug had worked. Suddenly, she jumped out of his arms and stood in front of him. She bent over and stared at Mike who was sitting on the bed.

His black eyes were full of anger, as if he was going to kill someone.

Kate slightly shook the syringe in her hand. S

olored lip brush. The lip was thin, but it was in one color with the lip line. It was thin, but the color luster like after make-up...

He was really not an ordinary man!

He even had such beautiful lips!


She felt that her five organs were boiling. No, if she continued to look at it, she would definitely have nosebleed... She quickly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. After a few seconds of silence, she began to search him.

The inspection was also very regular and orderly.

It was not a fumble.

Both arms.



Casual pants... She continued without a pause...

Looking at her searching his body without any shame, without blushing no matter where she touched, he finally burst out words from the tip of his tongue, "Kate, do you often search men's bodies like this?"

"Isn't that normal?" She answered him indifferently. It was a normal thing in the previous army, especially in some key military areas. If an outsider entered, he must be frisked; if she went to other key military areas, she must be frisked.


A nameless fire rose.

Mike gritted his teeth and thought, 'How dare this woman say and do anything she wants!'

Trouser pocket!

Kate's eyes lit up as if she had discovered a new continent. She continued to touch inside. What she didn't know was that in summer, clothes were very thin. At this time, Mike was also wearing soft and casual clothes which were made of fiber.


She seemed to have touched something hot... It was as hot as magma...

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