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   Chapter 132 She Is Going To Steal

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At night.

Kate, dressed in black, rushed into a quiet courtyard, leaving only a pair of bright eyes in the darkness, like a black fox that was marching at night.

She moved quickly.

And she was agile.

She followed the familiar trace.

Carefully bypassing the guards.


She climbed over the wall from the yard and jumped into the study on the second floor. She searched but found nothing.

She then moved to the balcony.

On the balcony of the study, she looked sharply at the direction of the light in the bedroom. A trace of orange light and a stream of light were shining in her eyes.

The bedroom was next to the study.

The dark curtains were fluttering in the wind.

She took out a thin tube and blew slowly through the gap of the curtain...

It seemed that time was almost up.

She opened the gap of the curtain and observed carefully. At a glance, she saw a man lying on the bed in the bedroom. It seemed that he had fallen asleep. After staring at him for a few seconds, he didn't change his sleeping posture at all.

She turned over and jumped into the bedroom from the balcony quickly.

Bang! She was about to fall to the ground when she fell into a warm embrace.

Kate was stunned for a moment, and suddenly felt cheated. After struggling for a few times, she heard a magnetic and hoarse voice, and a trace of burning heat burning her earlobes, like fog surrounding and fuming.

"A thief?"

"I just take something back!" She argued. She did come here to take her own light wave device, because she would soon go abroad to investigate her brother's kidnapping case. She had to make sure that the light wave device was by her side, because she was not familiar with the United States after all.

So holding the light wave device would make her feel more confident.

Moreover, the light wave device could help at critical moments.

And she could also do speed shopping on future internet!

"Stealing? How can you steal something from a man?" Mike stared at the girl in his arms, his eyes sparkling like stars. This woman came to his villa to steal.

It was so blatant.

No one would be as bold as her!

"No! If you take something belong to someone else, it could be stealing. But I just take my item back!" She wouldn't admit it. She just took back what belonged to her. It was not steal. 'This man is putting a label on me on purpose!'

He was exaggerating.

He was eager to catch her.

"Are you going to take me by force?" He deliberately misinterpreted her meaning. He knew what she was doing here, but he was willing to tease this little

ly useful to me, but you can't force me anything! " She blinked her eyes. She couldn't force him to do something he didn't want to do. She had to use strategy!

"Okay." What if he let her take the initiative?

A light wave device?

It seemed that watch was called light wave device? It was a forensic expert's tool. He felt that this light wave device was not only her tool for forensic expert, but also a tool about getting a plastic doll that suddenly appeared in swimming pool... It should have something to do with this light wave device.

Kate found that she had a slip of the tongue but it was just a name.

The color in Mike's eyes became more and more treacherous. He held her wrist with his big hand, quickly leaned his head over, and then gently bit her earlobe. The voice between the grinding teeth slowly passed into her ears. This time, the voice was very light, very low, very warm and ambiguous, like the spring water gently flowing...


All of a sudden, she shivered all over. She felt as if she had been struck by an electric current again, and the cold air all over her body rose in an instant.

"Kiss me!" His voice became hoarse and heavy.

She rolled her eyes. Just like the last two times, she pecked his face two times, like a dragonfly skimming over the water... After that, she pouted her red and small lips and got close to him. She gently touched his face and said proudly, "Give me the light wave device!"

"No way!"


He pointed at his rosy lips and said, "Here, ten minutes!" He didn't let her kiss his face!

'Ten minutes? Do you want to suffocate yourself to death?' She stared at him and thought. She found herself fooled again... She gritted her teeth in her heart...

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