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   Chapter 131 You Got The Wrong Person

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"Your face is so red and your lips are so swollen. Which handsome pig has bitten you?" As soon as she entered the door, she was looked up and down by Lucy. However, forget it. If Lucy hadn't called in time and said that Grandma was a little uncomfortable, she wouldn't have escaped from the mouth of the Glacier Lecher so soon.

She ignored Lucy and went straight into the room to see her Grandmother.

Lucy chased after her and said, "Grandma is fine. She went to Mrs. Zhang's house. I heard that Mrs. Zhang had something important to tell her."

"Why you scared me?" Kate stared at her with a reproachful look.

"If I don't scare you, how can you come back to cook delicious food for me?" Lucy giggled and pushed her shoulder. Wash your hands and cook my favorite dishes!

"No!" She was so depressed that she was not in the mood to cook.

"Oh, I see. Your face is red and your mouth is swollen. You must be exhausted. The school hunk didn't learn to save some strength in his mouth. Alas, he's so young!" Lucy muttered to herself.

“……” Kate was speechless.

Back in the room.

She recalled what Mike had said in the car. He said he didn't open it to check, but he knew it was fake.

He left her a riddle.

Isn't the top treasure of the shop real?

Then where is it really?

Since the Jing Family was a place that would eat people to the bone, why did Aunt Polly put herself in such a situation? She didn't understand.

Polly hadn't been at home these days. Otherwise, the grand dissolution of engagement would have made Aunt Polly's ears full of noises.

Sitting in the room, she put in her headphones and listened to a piece of music randomly. She sorted out what had happened recently. The feud between her and the Xiao Family had temporarily come to an end. Since she broke off the engagement, Betty would not find fault with her anymore. Now the key point next was to solve the kidnapping case of her brother.

Then she would investigate the murder of her mother.

How could the kidnapper let his brother go so easily after asking for five million?

The Gu Family didn't tell her the details on purpose.

She felt something was wrong!

In the afternoon.

She received a message from the American embassy: "Your visa process has been completed successfully. You may pick up the visa at your earliest convenient. ...

Kate jumped out of bed, put on her clothes and went straight to the bus station. She ca

ssboard was the same as last time she played with him. He didn't ask anyone to clean it up. He took a sip of hot tea.

At this moment.

Jeff pushed open the door of the ice rink, changed into his ice skates, and slid to the top of the mountain. "Master, I've informed the school. The school will be dealt with soon. Besides, Miss Kate has applied for a visa to go to the United States recently."


Daniel knocked on the door at an inappropriate time. After taking the last sip of tea in an unhurried manner, he slid down from the top of the mountain. At the door, he saw Daniel in a bad mood.

"Uncle Mike? Last time we broke off the engagement, it was too easy for her." Daniel shook his hand angrily, "She must have played a trick on the Gu Family!"

And now everyone in the Gu Family was against him, it was too difficult for him to swallow his anger!

"What do you want?" A cold and emotionless voice.

"I... I don't know!"

The look in Mike's eyes turned cold, and a murderous look came straight to Daniel's exasperated face. "Daniel, you have been called off the engagement." He was reminding Daniel of the fact.

"Uncle Mike, why are you on an outsider's side?" Daniel looked at him in astonishment.

"Yes, I can indulge her!"

Indulgence? Daniel was in a daze for a long time before he came to his senses. "Do you mean that it is right for Kate to break off the engagement?"

"It's your business!" A trace of impatience appeared on his face. He waved at his subordinate and said, "Jeff, help Daniel change a pair of shoes. If you don't want to skate, you can go out now."

"Uncle Mike..."

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