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   Chapter 130 Be Gentle

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The temperature in the car dropped sharply.


Without knowing which button he pressed, Kate felt her body began to fall down slowly. She turned her head and found that it was not good. The passenger seat could also be transformed into a bed!

'Damn it!

I am doomed!'

A gust of cold air blew over her face. She knew his face was right in front of her. She couldn't help but want to sit up, but she felt a heavy object suddenly pressed on her.

She couldn't move at once.

Kate's universe was completely weakened, and soon it was destroyed by the dark clouds above her head.

It was all gone.

She lay on the bed, breathing evenly, sometimes thick and sometimes thin. "What the hell do you want to do, Mike? If you need any help, I can help you unconditionally! Are you going to call off the engagement?

Call off the engagement by yourself?

A bright light flashed across his cunning eyes, but he didn't get up. Instead, he stared intently at the pair of eyes which were like deer at the moment.

This woman pretended to be innocent again. It was not that easy for him to show mercy this time.

He pulled out several pieces of wet tissue from the car and thought of the picture of Owen kissing her in the rehearsal... A flame suddenly rose in his chest.

His hand, which was holding the wet tissue, tightened. He took the wet tissue and directly covered her left face. He kept wiping her face. He wiped it with great force, and her little face was red and swollen.

He didn't stop even he saw it.

Kate's left face was burning and painful.

'Is he crazy? My face is not dirty. Why does he keep wiping my face with a wet tissue? It hurt so much. Could you be gentler?'

She stared at him to show her anger, but he ignored it.

She couldn't struggle, but her hands were still idle. She couldn't help but raise her hands and press his acupuncture points with one hand. Then his cold voice almost broke through her eardrum. "If you move again, I promise you'll be mine right now!"

All her movements stopped abruptly.

The next second.

"Mike, can you be gentler?"

All of a sudden, he stopped holding the wet tissue. His eyes flashed with

her body... She felt a little dizzy... She seemed to be drunk...

Her eyes gradually showed the scene of wild imagination.

Like a mirage in the desert, it was full of imagination and temptation. Then, Mike kissed her crazily...

Until a harsh ringtone broke the silence.

The kiss suddenly stopped. Mike took out her phone from her pocket and saw a familiar number. His face darkened again. He directly pressed the speaker,

"Kate? Did the professor ask us to have a kissing scene in private today? Are you free today, in the park or in the hotel? You decide! I'll pick you up!" As soon as the phone was answered, Owen kept talking.

It was like someone else but not him who was stabbed yesterday.

At this moment.

"She is on my bed. She doesn't have time today!" The cold voice of Mike slowly appeared in Owen's ear, which shocked Owen greatly. He didn't came to his sense for a long time.

"On your bed?" Owen muttered to himself, unwilling to give up.

"Okay, let's continue!" After saying that, he didn't hang up the phone on purpose, and then directly bent forward, and then Kate made a moaning sound.

Hearing the extremely sexy sound on the phone, Owen was completely confused.

He couldn't believe what he heard.

'Is this Mike? He and Kate are in bed?

So fast?'

No, what a powerful signal it was. Last time, he just wanted to sound it out. This time, he finally found out that it was true that Mike was serious?

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