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   Chapter 129 Something Romantic Happened

Live Twice, Love Once By Yanchi Jinzhan Characters: 7555

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In the morning.

Lucy came to her house with a pile of dishes. "Make some dishes. I don't want to eat outside. It tastes bad!"


"You look so happy. What's the good thing? Say it quickly. Don't hold it back." Kate glanced at her friend. Judging from her happy face, she must have something good in her mind. She couldn't fall asleep at night if she didn't gossip here.

"Well, you are so happy that you can't fall asleep, right?" Lucy stared at her face carefully and put the vegetable beside the gas stove in the middle room.

"What's wrong?" As she washed her clothes, she said, "Say it."

"What happened between you and the school hunk yesterday? You two even kissed. It turns out that you are together with the school hunk in secret? "

"Bah, what do you mean by being together? Watch your language!" Kate raised her finger full of bubbles and poked it directly on her friend's head. "Nonsense. If I hadn't said that I had a period and my stomach ached yesterday, I would have felt my face bitten by a pig."

"The school hunk is very elegant and handsome, not a pig. If he bites me, I'm willing to be bitten every day. How beautiful the life is!" Lucy looked like it's a fairy tale.

Kate was speechless. It seemed that Owen didn't behave well after he woke up!

How dare he had an affair with her!

Later, she blinked her eyes and stared at her friend sharply. "How did you know?"

Only several of her classmates knew the matter and Lucy didn't go to the set yesterday afternoon. How did she know? Besides, none of those classmates were close to Lucy.

"Why are you staring at me? I saw it on the school forum by accident." Lucy rolled her eyes and wiped the bubbles on her forehead.

"Forum?" She repeated.

"It's said that Owen took a picture of kissing you on purpose and put it in his own space. Some stickybeak students have posted it on the forum directly." Lucy told her the source of the photos in the forum.

Stickybeak classmate? If she was right, it was Owen who spread the news on purpose. Even if he didn't upload it on purpose, he showed it in his own space on purpose.

Kate gritted her teeth in hatred.


She raised her hand and threw the clothes into the basin, splashing water.

The water

t all, as if he was ordering her.

"I want to withdraw, but the teacher doesn't allow me to." She said she could do nothing.

"What tricks do you want to play with Owen?" He gritted his teeth and stared at her. Suddenly, he held her arm more tightly, which made her frown in pain.

"What trick I played with Owen has nothing to do with you. You are nobody to me." Her universe suddenly exploded.

If she didn't get angry, he would think her as a sick cat?

She straightened up and stared at him fearlessly and calmly.

Suddenly, she found that his eyes were burning like the fire of lava in an instant, and a strong killing intent gushed out from his eyes,

"Kate Xiao, do you have any heart?" It seemed that magma burst out.

He found that this woman was sometimes shrewd and sometimes stupid?

How could she say that she had nothing to do with him?

If she hadn't provoked him first...

Breaking off the engagement with Daniel and getting involved with Owen right away, didn't he hear what she had said before? He thought he had always been calm and seldom had any emotions, but now his anger was like the surging water of Yellow River, bursting out and pouncing on her one after another.

How he wished he could drown her in the sea at once.

Everything would be calm.

Seeing that Mike's face darkened again, like the dark night without any light, she was stunned for a moment. Then she raised her hand and pressed her chest calmly. "Of course I have heart. Or am I a ghost?"

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