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   Chapter 49 Scent Of A Woman

Live Twice, Love Once By Yanchi Jinzhan Characters: 10018

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However, the expert's words shocked everyone present, and the whole audience immediately fell into silence.

One of the experts pushed the glasses stained with his nose and explained in a very gentle way, "The jade fragments should have been mixed together to add a large amount of binding agent, and the liquid medicine have been used to make them more transparent. So these things seem to be true, but in fact, they are fake!"

"There is something wrong with the seal of the calligraphy and painting."

"They are all fakes..."

It was quiet around. After a while, the crowd came to themselves and said, "What? They are all fake? Oh, my God."

A strange look appeared in Alexander's eyes as he heard the result.

The look in Mike's eyes was deep and dark. He turned around and stared at Kate. Then he pinched a piece of broken jade, looked at it carefully, and raised his eyebrows in confusion.

'She must have done something.

But how did she do it?' Mike wondered.

David stood there still with an inexplicable smile on his face.

Justin's mind was in a mess. 'How could them be fake? Mike was an expert in the industry. All the treasures of the Leng Family had been put into the storage area by him. What was going on?

Besides, I have seen these two experts somewhere. Oh, they are the friends of Mike! It turned out that the Mike and Kate not only have a secret love, but also cooperated with the two experts!

The four of them played a trick together!' he wondered.

Polly's heart finally calmed down.

Flynn smiled and strode forward, holding the expert's hand excitedly. "Thank you very much!"

"It's my pleasure!" The two of them were very polite. Flynn waved his hand, indicating the police to send the three experts back.

The old expert sighed, "They are real... Am I really getting old?"

"Maybe it's because of the dim light. Don't think too much," Flynn comforted him.

On the other side, Kate quietly turned off the shield function of the light wave device. The experts couldn't see the true nature of the jade, so it could only be a fake!

After sending away the experts, Flynn announced, "Flora accused Kate of stealing the treasures. But the fact is that someone deliberately framed Kate, so now she is completely cleared of suspicion! Miss Xiao, thank you for your cooperation."

It was a good thing to remove her suspicion.

However, Kate was still confused.

Why did these cases always have something to do with her? Or did someone know that she had stolen the top treasure of the security area?

Why did those people always see her as an eyesore?

It was obviously premeditated.

No one knew that she had stolen something from the security area except for Mike!

'Did he do something?'

Thinking of this, Kate chuckled, "Captain Flynn, don't you want to know who the real murderer is?" She must find a scapegoat to make the murderer behind the scene tremble with fear.

She must tell that person that she was not a pushover!


He walked slowly to Vera and said in an affirmative tone, "We have unimpeachable evidences now. You can't deny it!"

"Flora's clothes smell like this, because we are the same team members. It's inevitable for us to touch each other occasionally, so it's normal for us to be tainted with each other's fragrance. You can't judge me guilty because of the scent." Vera was not convinced.

"What about the physical evidence and the testimony of the thief?" Flynn stared at her and ordered, "Take her away!"

Vera turned her head and roared, "Are you really Kate? Who are you?!"

"Of course, I'm Kate, but I'm a completely different Kate. I won't allow you to bully me anymore," Kate said decisively and smiled brightly, like a summer red lotus, enchanting, beautiful and confident!

Mike was blown away by her beauty.

'She is cute when she smiles, '

Mike thought to himself.

"You are not Kate! Who are you?!" Vera went crazy.

Kate was so annoyed that she shouted angrily, "Shut up, you stupid bitch!" Kate talked dirty.

Everyone was shocked.

Because they had never heard Kate talking dirty before.

Polly was shocked too. 'Why did Kate speak dirty words in front of so many people?' she thought.

"She is so rude!' Justin murmured.

The crowd was quiet. They didn't expect that Kate would say dirty words.

They began to whisper, "Yes, I also doubt her identity. She really changes a lot over a short period of time!"

"Miss Xiao!" Mike said abruptly.

Everyone thought Mr. Leng was going to say something bad about Kate. Unexpectedly, he said, "You have to maintain the image of a lady, after all, a polite girl is more popular."

The onlookers really couldn't believe their ears when they heard Mike's words.

They were stunned.

It seemed that Mike was defending Kate!

Polly began to feel uneasy. It was none of Mike's business today, but he was here to save Kate. Polly had to be vigilant. Because she thought Mike was not the right man for Kate.

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