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   Chapter 48 Make Waves

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"These stolen goods..." Kate paused deliberately, staring at Flora, who accused her of stealing.

"What's wrong with them? Aren't they invaluable?" The crowd questioned.

"They are supposed to be invaluable, but unfortunately, these stolen goods are worthless! Because they are all fake!"

Her words were like a loud crack of thunder.

And it caused notable debate in the crowd.

They couldn't believe what they had heard.

The most shocked one was the administrator of the security area. He pointed at Kate and said, "Nonsense. They are all sacred products. They are all invaluable. If they are fake, how much money will those famous families lose? All of us can't afford it!"

Polly also took a step closer and warned Kate in a low voice, "Kate, don't talk nonsense. Everything stored in the area has been identified by experts, and each of them is invaluable!"

"But this is fake." As soon as Kate finished her words, she picked up a painting scroll and smashed it at the pile of the stolen goods. As a result, all the things that were smashed into pieces!

They were scattered all over the ground!

At first, no one realized what had happened.

They were just standing there and watching Kate.

But then, they looked at the pieces and were shocked.

"Is Kate crazy?"

"She ruined them!"

"Is she out of her mind?"

"Will she pay those families for the damage?"

The corners of Justin's mouth twitched as he saw Kate's behavior. "A spendthrift! If you don't want them, just give them to me!' he wondered.

Mike saw everything with his dark eyes and said nothing. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Polly covered her heart with her hands. Kate didn't show cowardice now, but she seemed to be crazy now. Polly was speechless. Kate was weak and timid before, but she didn't cause any trouble at all. But now she became strong and made so many trouble! 'If she couldn't afford to make compensation, she might go to jail!

What can I do to help her?

She really screwed up!' Polly wondered.

She remembered that these treasures were the stock of those famous families.

These treasures came from several famous families, including the Leng Family, the Gu Family, and the Jing Family. And most of them were from the Leng Family. Polly's heart seemed to be drawn blood with an electric drill!

It was so painful that her stomach convulsed.

Her face was pale and very unnatural.

Polly was more afraid that those big families would ask for compensation from Kate. How could Kate afford the sky high price?

With a straight face, Kate picked up the jade from the ground and walked to the outside of the cordon slowly. "The administrator said it was from the Leng Family, and it was obviously a fake one. Look at the quality of the jade bracelet. It was washed by potion that this

ho haven't been tested them yet."

Polly pressed her chest with her hand. 'What was the child going to do? Was she out of her mind? No matter how many times the experts examined, these treasures are the real!'

With a puff of air, the yellow hair on Justin's forehead floated in front of his face. He muttered, "She is out of her mind. She is absolutely out of her mind." This time, no one could help Kate.

This was a simple and obvious dead end!

The onlookers started to show sympathy for Kate.

Vera's eyes were full of contempt. 'Let's see how you end the game, ' she thought.

The two young experts nodded to show their appreciation. Then they put on gloves professionally, picked up the jade fragments on the ground, drew the fragments, and porcelain fragments. They classified, studied and checked them with equipment.

Another half an hour passed.

On the other hand, Kate stood there leisurely with a confident look, which made Mike show a faint smile of unknown meaning. But the smile disappeared in an instant.

'This woman was simply a freak!' the onlookers thought.

"The identification is over!" The two young experts exchanged opinions, nodded and came to Captain Flynn together.

Flynn thanked them again and again, "Thank you! Thank you! Please announce the result now!" Flynn also hoped that the case would be good for Kate, but judging from the current situation, it was extremely disadvantageous to her.

If these treasures were true, she would be in jail.

If they were fake, then Vera was the murderer!

Before the experts started, the crowd began to discuss heatedly, "Kate is dead meat!"

"She can't afford the price!"

"Look at her. She is so proud."

"Stop pretending!"

"Struggle to the death!"

"She will cry out loud later! Let's wait and see."

"These treasures are real!"

"Of course, this place is the coffer!"

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