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   Chapter 47 Tell You A Big Secret

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"Mr. Flynn, I just passed by the backyard and heard a strange noise. Then I caught a thief," Mike walked towards the police and said.

Kate took a look at Mike, who was standing straight outside the cordon. He was dressed in casual sportswear, and his hair was slightly wet, but it did not affect the coldness and arrogance on his face at all. He always had a domineering and coldness that kept people away from him. He was not like an ordinary man, but a man came from a wonderful myth.

He was very attractive and seductive. People's imagination tended to run away with him.

Flynn wanted to say that he would interrogate the thief later, but he was immediately shocked by the murderous look of Mike. So he immediately ordered his men to bring the thief here.

"Tell me what happened." Flynn straightened his back and asked the thief who had been lowering his head.

"I'm short of money recently. So I want to make some money. When I came here, I saw a girl hiding a bunch of things under the flowering shrubs. I wanted to see what they were, but it was too close to the police here, so I didn't move. As a result, I was caught," the thief said.

"Is it her?" Flynn deliberately raised his hand and pointed at Flora.

"No." The thief shook his head.

Then Flynn raised his hand and pointed at Kate again. "Is it her?" he asked.

"No," the thief shook his head again.

At last, [Flynn pointed to Vera, whose face was pale. "Is it her?" he asked.

"Yes, yes. She has a hot figure. I happened to see a beam of patrol light coming over. I saw her face. She is very beautiful! It's her. I know her! I want to have a girlfriend with such a perfect body shape!"

After the thief finished his words, the crowd fell silent.

A few moments later, the crowd burst into an uproar again.

"It turns out that Vera stole Kate's clothes and framed Kate?"

"Vera is so insidious!"

"She got so good at hiding it!"

People scolded Vera.

Vera's face darkened but the expression disappeared in an instant.

She didn't dare to glare at Mike, so she stared fiercely at the direction of Kate. After a long time, she lowered her head and cried, "Police, it's really not me. He must have mistaken the wrong person!"

Flynn took a look at Vera and said in a serious tone, "How can you deny that you stole clothes, pretended to be innocent and

r eyes were like a sharp sword stabbing into Flora's heart. Then Kate asked harshly, "Am I right?" The place was quiet, only Kate's voice echoed loudly.

Flora shivered with fear at her sudden glance.

"I..." Flora swallowed weakly, her eyes full of panic.

Flora was completely frightened.

"If I'm not the one who did it, then all these football cheerleaders are suspects, right?" Kate poked at Flora again.

Flora's legs were so weak that she almost sat on the ground, thanks to the police beside her. They helped her stand up.

"Okay, I'm done." A wicked smile flashed across Kate's eyes.

'A cool girl, ' Mike thought.

Mike's eyes lit up again, like the brightest star in the galaxy, shining on her little face.

With a smile on his face, Flynn thought, 'This girl is very smart. She has successfully led the suspicion to more people, and she is less and less suspicious.'

"Flora, don't be fooled by her! Just tell the truth! Don't be scared!" Vera shouted excitedly.

The police stopped her right away. "Don't make any noise please," the police said.

Kate walked to the center of the room in a calm and experienced manner. She raised her head confidently and said in a calm voice, "I want to tell you a big secret and then prove my innocence!"

"What secret?"

Everyone was looking forward to it.

"Kate is really something now!"

"I thought she couldn't turn the tide of the war."

"Yes, but she did it."

"Kate seems to be reborn!"

"She is really different from before!" those onlookers started to talk with each other.

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