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   Chapter 43 Add Fuel To The Fire

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The second day, the whole affair was covered by the media nationwide.

All the major media published the same article, "The sisters of the Xiao Family fought with each other, and the trigger was a man." in particular, TV, Internet and other media even released the video of the scene by the lake.

On the third day, the media continued to report.

"The younger sister of the Xiao Family was trying to frame the elder sister for covering her secret affair with her brother-in-law."

The TV and online media broadcast a video that Betty jumped into the lake after having a quarrel with Kate. When she woke up, she slandered her sister, causing her sister's fiance to hit her sister. The article was also published in magazines.

On the fourth day, the report reached a climax—"Two sisters broke up because of a video."

This time, the major media broadcast the video on the electronic screen of the Gu's mansion. In the picture, Daniel and Betty were having sex, which looked very indecent.

The incident caused discussion among the public.

The Fifth Day, its effects spread to the business of the Gu Family.

The Gu Family's stock continued to fall like a kite pulling a string, creating the most miserable business record in history. Daniel's grandfather was so angry that he roared in the middle hall and cursed Daniel who was kneeling, "How did our Gu Family give birth to a useless grandson like you?"

Then a mouthful of blood spurted out his mouth.

He was sent to the hospital in a hurry.

On the second day of Daniel's grandfather's hospitalization.

Kate received a call from Daniel's grandmother, who called her in person.

Kate rolled her eyes leisurely and put down the milk at once. She deliberately made a choked voice on the phone, "Grandmother, I... I..." She sounded aggrieved.

Hearing her sadness, Daniel's grandmother sighed, "Kate, it was Daniel's mistake. Don't be sad. Grandpa is sick. Come and see him."

"What? Is grandfather sick? How is it going? I will be there in a minute," Kate said.

Shen then bought some fruits and went to the hospital.

Wearing a casual dress, Kate rolled up her hair and walked towards the VIP ward with a fruit basket in her hand. She happened to pass by the ward next door.

The door was not closed. She faintly heard her name and stopped.

She heard many people talking about her:

As Kate expected, the first thing she heard was Carla's crying.

"Mrs. Gu, my daughter was too ashamed to stay in A City."

"It's too late to feel shame," Ruby said coldly.

She always looked down upon the Xiao Family, which was a nouveau riche, not to mention that the Xiao Family was not even a nouveau riche now, especially Carla was the mistress.

Carla knew that Daniel's mother didn't like her, so she had to stop crying and looked at Daniel's grandmother with red and swollen eyes. "Mrs. Gu, Betty is afraid to go out now."

Kate chuckled coldly outside the door. 'Carla would take this opportunity to force them to marry, ' she thought.

"Your daughter is too scheming," Daniel's grandmother sighed. No one was stupid. Betty deliberately jumped into the water to frame Kate, whi

in good condition, who will be the receiver of the greatest benefit?"

Kate tried to persuade him step by step.

"If we talk about benefits, my sister will benefit more..." She pointed it out immediately, indicating that Betty played this trick to force Daniel to marry her.

Daniel's grandfather's eyes were deep and he smiled, "Kate, you have improved a lot in the past two years."

"If you thinks this matter caused a bad influence, I will take the initiative to call off the engagement, which has nothing to do with the Gu Family." Kate deliberately retreated for the sake of advancing, thinking that she proposed to terminate the engagement first, indicating that she had abandoned the Gu Family and dumped Daniel, making the Gu Family lose face. And Daniel's grandfather would definitely not agree with that.

But she didn't expect that Daniel's grandfather would mention another thing.

"Kate, I heard that you like Allen from the Jing Family?"

Hearing this, Kate's heart fluctuated. A few seconds later, she suddenly covered her face with her hands and cried.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I knew my sister was with Daniel before. In order to change Daniel's mind, I had to think of this idea. What I have done was to make Daniel care about me. But... But..."

She cried even harder.

Sure enough, Daniel's grandfather waved his hand and said, "Well, my child. From now on, there will be no more mention of this matter, okay?"

"Grandpa, listen to me. I want to give Daniel and Betty what they want." Kate raised her red and swollen eyes and stared at the dignified face. "After all, Daniel is with my sister, and everyone knows that. I'm worry about my sister. I'm afraid that other people will make fun of her. So I propose to break off the engagement! Besides, don't punish Daniel. Everyone has his own love. You don't have to force him!" she said sincerely.

But nobody noticed that a hint of slyness flashed across Kate's eyes.

From her face, there were only tears, grievance, sadness, and pity. Daniel's grandfather sighed, "Well, go back first. We can talk about it later."

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