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   Chapter 42 A Scandal

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Three days later.

On the day of Daniel's grandfather's birthday party.

Wearing a dark green V-neck dress, with black hair, Kate gracefully came to the lively central Hall of the Gu Family's mansion with flowers in her hands.

Rich people gathered inside.

Every woman was dignified!

When Daniel's grandfather had a rest, Kate walked towards him and said, "Grandfather, happy birthday! Wish you a lot of luck, happiness and health!" Her voice was loud and clear.

"Wow, she is beautiful!"

"I heard she is Daniel's fiancee!"

"I must say that Daniel has good taste!"

Everyone applauded the performance of Kate.

"Your granddaughter-in-law is very beautiful!"

"She is good looking with a decent manner!"

"Yes, I must say, she wasn't at all what I imagined."

It turned out that Daniel's grandfather thought Kate wouldn't be so decent. If she was in such an occasion before, her legs would have been soft. He didn't expect her to be so beautiful and have a very powerful aura.

He was gratified that his grandson had a good taste.

Kate keenly observed the people around her. She knew that there were too many relatives of the Gu Family, and then the elders of the five great families, who represented ninety percent of the wealth of the city.

"Kate, sit here." The shrewd Ruby greeted Kate warmly.

Daniel's grandfather nodded with satisfaction. He waved at Kate and said, "Kate, your grandmother have prepared a gift for you!"

Ruby patted on Kate's shoulder and gestured for her to go towards Daniel's grandfather.

"Grandfather, I can't accept this. This is too extravagant." Kate shook her head, pretending to be shy.

At this time, Daniel, dressed in a suit, came to the middle hall. He saw the delicate and beautiful Kate at the first sight. Her dress was very fashion, very simple and decent. Long hair draped over her shoulders, bright eyes and bright teeth, and light makeup suited her.

She looked pure and sweet.

She was acting like a pretty little highborn girl.

Hearing what Daniel's grandfather said, his grandmother was stunned. She lowered her head and asked, "What gift?"

Daniel's grandfather turned his head and whispered to a servant, beckoning him to go back to the backyard. The servant quickly took a beautifully packaged box, opened it with a snap, and then took out a crystal clear green bracelet from it.

The bracelet looked quite valuable.

It was so delicate that made people cannot take their eyes off it.

Kate got a sneak peek at the bracelet.

'This is the Rolls-Royce of bracelets!'

Kate thought. She quickly glanced at them and shook her head. "Grandpa, grandma, it's too expensive. I can't accept it!" As she spoke, she took a step back and deliberately glanced at the direction of Daniel from the corner of her eyes.

Daniel was stunned. He didn't expect that she would turn to him for help, and he didn't expect that his grandfather would give this bracelet to Kate. It was the heirloom of the Gu Family, which meant that his grandparents acknowledged Kate as the daughter-in-law of the Gu Family.

So he strode forward to persuade Kate, "Take it. It's grandpa and grandma's love."

"Thank you, Grandpa and grandma!"

Kate nodded and took over the gift with her hands.

She didn't feel she could say no.

All of a sudden, she felt a kind of bone devouring coldness rolling over from the back of her head, like carrying the ice in the North Pole. The coldness made the blood all over her body freeze, which made her four feet numb. She turned her head, but found nothing.

She touched her neck and f

still going on, very clear!

"Enough! Stop it! Immediately!" A majestic voice resounded through the bamboo grove by the lake. Daniel's grandfather was so angry that he stared at Daniel not far away and pointed at him with his big hand. "Come here!"

He regretted that Daniel didn't live up to his expectations.

A few seconds later.

The video stopped.

Daniel stood there in astonishment, at a loss what to do. How could this be?

He was stunned.

Wasn't this the day he had sex with Betty?

How could this be?

Who recorded it?

He stood there with his head down.

"Daniel, is it true?" His grandfather asked sternly.

"Grandfather... I..." Daniel felt guilty.

"Don't call me grandfather!" His grandfather was so angry that he raised his crutch and hit his grandson hard. With a bang, he hit Daniel hard.

Ruby was so frightened that she closed her eyes and her chest trembled.

"I want to call off the engagement!" Daniel shouted.

"No way!" His grandfather was furious.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Kate thought, 'Mr. Gu, beat Daniel a few more times to relieve my hatred!' The she deliberately showed a look of grievance on her face.

She looked delicate and touching.

A few seconds later, Daniel's grandfather wanted to hit Daniel again.

When he raised his crutch again, Kate rushed over on purpose, stopped him with both hands and begged bitterly, "Grandpa, it's all my fault. Don't hit him." Her face was full of pain and tear stains.

The people around them twitched their mouths, "So Kate really loves Daniel!"

"Why does she still plead for her sister and her fiance?"

"Maybe she is still so infatuated with Daniel."

"It's really difficult for her!"

"Yes, her sister has a secret affair with her fiance. It is a hard story to take on board."

Everyone around Kate was defending her.

"I think she should drown her sister again!"

"I heard that Kate is as timid as a mouse. How could she drown her sister? Maybe her sister jumped into the lake by herself." "If Kate wants to ruin her sister, she might not do it today."

"Do you mean that her sister is a secret mistress and was playing tricks?"

"Can't you see that?" People continued to talk with each other.

There was only one eye that emitted a faint cold light. The cold light fluctuated, like a lake blown by the wind.

His eyes liked a spotlight on the lake.

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