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   Chapter 41 You Like This Posture

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He grabbed her arm and bent over to walk along the hidden flowers towards the back door of the security storage area. Kate was shocked. 'Why did he hold me?' she wondered.

She withdrew her arm.

But she failed.

On the contrary, the harder she struggled, the tighter he grabbed her. 'Everyone says Mike is not interested in women. But why does he keep pestering me the whole time? Is it really Mike?

Who said he was not interested in women?

It was a really bad mistake.

He is very interested in woman!' Kate shouted in her heart.

A few moments later, the two of them came to the back door of the security storage area.

The first to appear were a lot of men.

There was a small door behind the area, guarded by several strong armed bodyguards, all in high spirits.

Before Kate knew it, Mike had let go of her hand.

Kate took out something from her sleeve, looked at the wind direction and threw them in the direction of the bodyguards. Soon, all the bodyguards fell down, and she put back her sleeve.

It was just a piece of cake for her! She was good at playing hidden weapons.

In the faint light, he saw that she was skillful in her movements, and done it in one go.

That was probably one of the most unbelievable things he had ever seen.

The pair of black eyes flashed again and again. Mike had admitted that Kate really surprised him. She was good at poisoning people, pretending to faint, blackmailing her sister and stealing things. None of them was common girls do.

Seeing that there was no one around, Kate walked forward quietly without making any sound under her feet. He followed her closely and was on guard against the surroundings.

When she came to the door, she raised her hand to look at the electronic screen lock. After thinking for a few seconds, she input a long string of passwords. The heavy electronic lock was easily unlocked in a few seconds.

Staring at the woman in the glimmer of light, Mike's eyes were flickering. He had never known that she knew so much at the age of twenty, as if she had received special training. She was efficient and bold in doing things, and she was not like the previous Kate at all!

An unreadable expression appeared on Mike's face.

The door opened.

There was another big lock in front of them. Kate took out a special copper wire from her sleeve and easily stabbed it in. She turned it slightly, and then listened to the sound of the copper wire spinning.

In the dim light, she looked extremely focused.

She was immersed in her won world, as if there was no other sound in the world.

Only the sound of the lock core rotating could be heard.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Mike stared at her side face, motionless.

He found there was a kind of demure beauty when she was in concentration.

It was so beautiful that his chest suddenly calmed down, as if it was invaded by something, disturbing his cold heart.

It see

lthough Mike was handsome and always flirted with her, Kate thought she must put a line in the sand.

Besides, comparing with Polly, Mike was just a stranger to Kate.

So she would not let this thing fall into Mike's hand.

She must resist the overwhelming temptation.

So she grabbed the box tightly.

"I have a safer place!" His magnetic and hoarse voice came through in a low voice, staring at her. His black eyes were as deep as the sky, and she could not see the end.

She pressed her lips and said, "If I give it to you, you must give me an IOU!"

"What is an IOU? I have never written it, not like you," Mike said with a strange smile.

Kate lowered her head and thought, 'He was born in a rich and powerful family. He had nothing to worry about. How could he make an IOU note to others? Only a poor person like me need to make an IOU note. Well, that's life.

Wait a second!

He said "not like you."

What does he mean?

I don't write an IOU that often!

I remembered I just wrote an IOU once.'

Suddenly, something occurred to her!

She remembered after she had slept with that man that night, she had left an IOU for that man!

So wait a minute, his words meant something else.

Was he insinuating that he was that man?

This reminder immediately made Kate's little face slightly pale. She stared at the seemingly harmless face with her eyes wide open.

Then she touched the base of her thigh. It was s scar there.

More things came back to her mind. She remembered that he had given her some reminders before.

And recently, he kept pestering her the whole time.

He was always against her!

'But if he was really that man, why didn't he just say it?

Maybe he thought it was not serious?

Or did he want me to be his secret mistress?

No, no, it's impossible!

He is not that man!'

Kate shook her head. If it was really him, she thought he would definitely deal with her at the first time.

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