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   Chapter 30 We Can Do It Here

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"We are having an affair!" Mike said.

Kate was very shocked as she heard this. The flirty words didn't sound like they came out of Mike's mouth at all. It was not Mike's style. Instead, it was Justin's style.

Kate had the horrible sensation that her insides had an awful ache.

The crudity of his language shocked her.

She felt shocked and totally disorientated.

'I would never have an affair with him!

This ice man! This bastard!

He said he was not interested in women, cold and ruthless. Was he a hypocrite?

Now, he was flirting with girls, acting like a disingenuous eligible bachelor!' Kate wondered.

She was so shocked that she didn't come to herself for a long time.

Suddenly, there were footsteps in the distance, and there was no place to hide.

Kate immediately held back her breath and tensed up. When she was about to leave here, she suddenly felt her waist tightened and her body lightened. Then with a flop, she was held by Mike and buried under the lotus leaves on the water.

But she didn't hear any sound of water.

Mike's speed and lightness were comparable to the world diving champion!

The surroundings were dark and they could only depend on their ears.

She held her breath immediately. She knew that she could only hold her breath a little under the water, because she was afraid of water and couldn't swim well, so her mouth was not easy to get into the water. She looked forward that the footsteps could quickly disappear.

But she didn't get her wish.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer.

So Kate's breath suddenly tightened. Through the rhythm of the steps, she could tell that it was Allen, and there was a flashlight in his hand.

She felt that Allen was walking on the bridge and didn't leave. He stood in the middle of the bridge and even swept into the water with a flashlight. She quickly buried her head into the water, reacted quickly and moved quickly.

Mike, who had also dived into the water, saw her actions. 'Was this the coward and stammered Kate? Although her diving skill is not good, she is smart and brave, ' he wondered.

One minute passed!

Two minutes passed!

Without noticing anything unusual, Allen turned off the flashlight and left. Two seconds later, Kate wanted to break through the water and stick her head out of the water, but after moving for a long time, her head did not float up.

"Ahem! Ahem!"

Kate couldn't hold on any longer and get a mouthful of water.

Damn it.

She forgot that she was held by a man who said he was not interested in women.

She had suffered a great loss!

When she felt that she was going to choke on water again.

He let go of her abruptly. She took the opportunity to pull her little head with her hands and floated it on the water. She wiped the water on her face and breathed the fresh night air.

She thought for a while and said to herself, "Didn't he swim? He returned here in less than ten minutes. If he had gone to the security storage area to steal something, he should have come back later. Why did he come back so soon? So he might not go to swim.

Did I guess wrong?"

"We can go together," Mike said.

Kate felt that her internal organs, which had just stopped bleeding, were broken into pieces by his words again!

His frivolous words didn't match Mr. Leng's identity at all.

"Mr. Leng!" she said in a loud voice.

"You should call me Uncle Mike!" Mike emphasized. With his big hands clasping her waist, Mike moved down quickly. Her heart jolted. 'What was he going to do?'

She stared at his direction, and her nerves all over her body tensed in an instant.

With an obscure smile at the corners of his mouth, his big hand slid to the edge of his skirt. All of a sudden, a trace of slyness flashed through Mike's eyes in the dark night.

Kate became more and more restless. She knew that it was useless for her to stare at him. It was so dark that he couldn't see her, let alone in the water.

She took a breath uncomfortably, rolled her eyes and said, "How long do you want to soak in the water?" She had to leave the water, because she felt a little uncomfortable.

"It depends on you. How long do you want me to soak in it?" The evil and attractive voice echoed in Kate's ears, like the cello and the melodious music made by the moonlight, intoxicating.

'This bastard!' Kate was very angry. She felt that today's Mike was so flirtatious, like a Lothario in lion skin.

No, he was not a common lion.

He was like a lion in heat!

He was not as cold and arrogant as usual.

Did he eat something wrong?

Mike didn't move.

Kate didn't move too, but thought for a long time in her heart. She slightly tilted her head and didn't want to have any bad physical consequences with him.

He could feel the stiffness of her body, her instinctive vigilance, and her faint resistance. Mike's e

yes were as deep as the night here. After a long time, he said, "Maybe he has found you." His tone was very serious, not like the frivolous and bantering just now.

He was talking to her seriously.

He suddenly loosened his grip on her dress, looked around and quickly jumped out of the water. The water was almost calm, and the spray was so small.

She was stunned. He was really good at martial arts!

After being stunned for a few seconds, she swam to the shore. As soon as she stepped on the shore, she let out a cry of surprise and stepped on the stones on the shore. She didn't wear shoes! So she felt the dust and gravel on the ground hurting her feet.

It was not until then that she remembered that she had thrown her shoes and bag, and her clothes that she had torn off, into the bushes outside the presidential suite on the first floor.

"Alas!" she sighed.

"What's wrong?" Mike's voice ran along the back of her neck, with heat, and rushed over layer by layer. She felt an inexplicable emotion growing in her chest, and she was not in the mood to care about this emotion. She continued to walk two steps forward and said, "It is okay."

A few seconds later, she suddenly felt her body rising in the air. When she realized it, she had been held in his arms. She was going to suffer losses again!

He seemed to be able to guess what she was thinking. He said lightly, "Anyway, we just hugged each other."

'What? He actually took it for granted to hug me? I have to stop this!' Kate struggled and was about to jump on the ground. At this time, he said solemnly, "He might be nearby."

"How do you know?" Kate didn't understand. She ignored that he was holding her and the wind was blowing under his feet. He was so fast!

"Not this way!" After walking for a while, she found that it was not the way she came.

"Maybe he is waiting for us on that road," he said in a low voice.

Kate took a deep breath. This time, she didn't except that this cold looking and horny man helped her once.

"Do you think he is a common thief?" He sounded serious, but there was inevitably a sense of danger in his voice.

"Okay. I know what you meant," Kate said as she closed her eyes. She thought she was completely defeated this time.

They arrived at the destination soon.

She went back to the presidential suite window and almost jumped out of his arms. As soon as she came to the window with bare feet, she was about to bend down to take her shoes and bag.

The subwoofer in the room pierced into her eardrum again.

A deafening sound was heard!

Kate was stunned. She even forgot to take her shoes and bag. She thought that maybe she didn't close the window when she climbed through it.

Their voice was a little loud!

It seemed that Albert's physical strength was very good.

They were still working hard in the bed.

'Could Aunt Liu get out of bed tomorrow? Albert was already in his middle age, but his strength is still as good as he was back then, ' Kate thought. She was speechless.

She even forgot that there was a vigorous man standing behind her. It was Mike.

She was shocked and quickly turned her head. Her head hit his broad and strong chest with a bang.

'Oh, my God, it's him again!

Why does he keep showing up?

I prefer to meet Justin, because Justin is easy to deal with, ' she thought.

"Throwing yourself at me?" The charming magnetic voice came into Kate's ears.

'You cheeky devil!' Kate cursed in her heart.

Time stopped. The sound of love in the room came again, entangled around her ears. Her earlobes were stained with a little temperature by this sound. She felt more embarrassed than just now, and forgot to leave Mike's side.

After all, she was hearing that sound alone just now. Now she was hearing it with another man.

Besides she bumped into the man's arms just now. The distance between them was so small.

So this scene was easy to make people get the wrong idea.

'Well, I must get out of here immediately!' Thinking of this, Kate wanted to quickly bend down to pick up the things. But she didn't expect another embarrassing thing to happen. When she was halfway through the bend, her legs were numb, and she fell towards the man.

As a result, her lips touched the man's private part.

At this moment, all the hairs on the back of Kate's neck were standing up.

A cold, magnetic voice came over her head, with depression and hoarse, "Do you want it?"

'Damn it! This bastard!'

Kate cursed him again. 'Does he think with his down parts?' she wondered.

She shrank her body and still wanted to slip away, but the man suddenly held her into his arms. The voice of his lips was getting closer and closer to her ears, "If you are in sort of rush, we can do it here!"

'You snake in the grass. How could you?

You think you can humiliate me?

No way!'

Kate thought angrily.

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