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   Chapter 29 I'm His Big Fan

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Suddenly, a big hand reached out from the water. Kate felt her waist was held tightly.

Kate was shocked. The big hand obviously belonged to a man. 'Did Allen have a third partner?' Kate thought. She remembered that last time when she caught a thief, the thief had a third partner.

Now this man kissed her! What the hell?!

Kate couldn't say anything, because the vigilant Allen didn't go far. She didn't want him getting tagged.

Another dozens of seconds passed, Kate still hid in the water, unable to make a sound.

A little later, she found that Allen disappeared after turning a building. She felt safe now.

Kate poked her head out of the water. The water blurred and she quickly moved away from the man's face. She spit out several mouthfuls of water.

Her mouth was full of that man's smell, and she wanted to clean it.

So she rubbed her mouth several times.

Kate raised her hand and threw the lotus leaf on the water, because she saw that Allen had gone far. So she thought there could be no danger.

She calmed down and thought carefully, 'I made a splash when I jumped into the water. But when did that man swim to me?

Why is he so quiet that I didn't hear him at all?

Was he a ghost?

How did he do it without a trace?

What a scare!'

"Who are you? Why did you kiss me?" Kate vigilantly maintained her posture in the water and took another step back.

"What do you think? I think you know the answer." A cold voice came into Kate's ears along the night wind. It was deep, like the heaviest string of a cello, mellow, mature, and a bit of arrogant banter.

'Oh, my God, it's him again! But why is he here?

Mike, you're everywhere these days!

I don't want to see you again!

I thought I have got rid of him. But I was wrong. Very wrong. I had tried several times, but why couldn't I get rid of him?

And just now, I was kissed by that ice man in the water!

Did he do it on purpose?

I remembered that he is not interested in women. What a terrible liar he is!' Kate thought angrily.

The moon was completely dark today, except for the dim light of street lamps in the backyard and the faint darkness in the hotel. If no one disturbed, such a night should be hazy and comfortable.

However, this scene was completely ruined by taking Mike's car. If Kate didn't take his car from the beginning, there would not have a follow-through story.

It was like a domino effect and Kate couldn't stop it.

"You chased after a man at midnight?" There were some vague flirtation and some vague warmth in his voice.

Kate swam to the other side and sat on the shore, her hands hanging on the water. With the dim light, she was like a sleeping lotus in the quiet night, blooming on the water. The bright light was shining, and the elegant and infinite light lit up the night sky here.

However, Mike swam to the other side of the river before Kate and stared at her casual appearance. At present, Kate was not the same girl. She was gentler more real than before.

"It's none of your business! I was pursuing a handsome man! There's no law against pursuing a man, right?"

Kate asked as she put her feet in the water. Her feet looked white like milk, which were very conspicuous in the dark night. Mike's Adam's apple bobbed. He quickly turned his head and stood straight behind her.

Mike sneered, as if he got the laugh. He knew that Allen was a domestic master of free combat. With Kate's ability, it was already very good for her to chase him this far. It meant that she had practiced before and was good at running.

Although she was almost found by Allen in the water just now, she was still excellent.

"Then why don't you go ahead?" Mike asked.

Kate rolled her eyes at him and didn't want to answer him. Whether he could see or not, if it weren't for him, she would have chased after Allen again. It was this troublemaker's fault!

Mike could see through Kate's mind at a glance. He thought that Kate had an exaggerated opinion of her abilities. Allen was not an ordinary powerful person. He was really good at martial arts. Even if Kate was very handy, she was definitely not a match for Allen! He continued to ask her, "Don't you want to chase him?"

"It's none of your business," Kate replied. She didn't want to answer his question. She didn't know what he was thinking. 'Did he really want to take revenge on me?

I have too many bad experiences with him.

Just now, I sprayed the tea in his face.

A few days ago, I insulted him with a torrent of abuse. And he had forced me to try the new uniform on. All of these are bad experiences!' Kate thought.

"Tell me! Why don't you chase him?" Mike began to tease Kate harshly since he had something on her.

Kate snorted and rolled her eyes, "Because I'm shy!" She said in a frivolous tone. She wouldn't tell him the truth, and he might not believe it.

Although she couldn't see Mike's eyes, she could feel that his eyes were as cold as ice in the North Pole, which made her feel cold all over.

Mike took a step closer and stood directly behind Kate. She shivered and quickly stood up, as if she was ready to run away. She didn't want to waste time with him.

With another step closer, Kate couldn't help but take a step back, her eyes were full of calculations. But with a loud noise, her back spine hit the guardrail of the river.

There was no way back for her. She made a mistake. She forget the guardrail!

He was so close to


They seemed to be able to smell each other's breath clearly. The coldness, the coldness with a faint smell of tobacco, accompanied by the night wind in summer, blew away the salty smell in the water, and blew all to her face. It was a strong male hormone.

Kate's heart was beating fast. She felt her heart skipped a beat.

She looked away, and brighter color came into her face.

And Mike also smelled a strong freshness. It smelled like a white hyacinth, pure but confusing.

A few seconds later, the coldness on her face was overwhelming again, making her face cool, and her waist leaning against the guardrail motionlessly.

She froze for an instant.

She had a sense of helplessness and pressure that she was doomed to die.

"You said that you are shy because of that man?" Mike asked coldly. "Why? Do you like him?" he added.

"Well... I happened to hear that Allen was here and he would swim naked in this river. Besides, he was handsome and good at martial arts, so I came here on impulse. I'm his big fan!" Kate said. She felt that her tongue was numb with his frosty aura, so she couldn't help explaining from the bottom of her heart that the truth was true but her motivation was false.

Her words were full of evasions and half-truths.

"You want to watch him swimming naked? Are you sure?" Mike asked again.

'What?' Kate was slightly stunned, only to find that the huge shadow swallowed her. Then there was no gap between her and him, but he hadn't completely covered her body. As long as he moved, they would press together.

"Do you mean that I messed up your plan of pursuing a handsome man and watching him swimming naked?" The man's cold breath came, like carrying the ice in the North Pole, which made Kate's little face hurt.

In fact, Mike was very angry to hear what Kate said.

Because she didn't feel ashamed at all when she said those words. Just now, she said she was shy. But how could a shy woman do such an immoral thing?

Mike was getting closer to Kate as he thought this.

He lowered his head.

Kate felt that her head was covered with dark clouds.

She felt his nose close to her, and the strong breath of the man sprayed on her little face. It was a little hot, mixed with the cold just now, cold and hot alternately.

Kate was shocked, "You... What do you want? What are you doing?"

He had just taken advantage of her. But now, he was still coming towards her.

He was in front of her, and the guardrail was behind her. Kate wanted to turn over, but she couldn't. Moreover, she knew that Mike was really good at martial arts.

"I'm doing the same with you," he replied.

'What? He must be kidding me, '

Kate thought in confusion.

She thought his joke was a little cold and not funny at all.

After keeping such an ambiguous posture with him for dozens of seconds, she felt her neck a little stiff. She raised her head, nodded and accidentally touched his face.

This time, he didn't take the initiative, but she did!

It was she who took the initiative to get close to him!

Kate really wanted to find a hole in the water to hide, or under the lotus leaf and never come out.

She was so embarrassed!

Kate dodged quickly. Turning her head, she could still feel her heart pounding. She had an illusion that she was a survivor of a disaster.

"You want to do this? Touch my face?" Mike asked with a smirk on his face.

"No, I want to sleep!" Kate said angrily.

As soon as she finished her words, she felt that she was defeated again. She said this because she really wanted to go home to sleep, but it seemed that she fell into the snare.

"With me?" And sure enough, the next second, she fell into the trap of Mike.

Kate was speechless. She raised her hand to cover her stunned heart. 'Did I say that I want to sleep with him? It was just a misunderstanding!' Kate thought. She felt her mind was disturbed.

"You can watch me swimming naked!" Mike added.

Kate didn't know what to say as she heard this. 'He was holding a grudge against me and humiliating me! He didn't get back on me because he was waiting for the perfect opportunity!

How could this happen to the man who was always reticent, indifferent and indifferent to women? Is it really Mike? He was not only interested in women now, but also liked to flirt with women?' she wondered.

Kate even suspected that this man was not Mike at all!

Would he have a twin brother? Maybe he had a twin brother!

But the reality was cruel. All of these were Kate's imagination.

"Mr. Leng... Do you have a fever? Why are you acting like this?" she asked in a low voice.

"You should call me Uncle Mike!" he replied.

'Oh, my, he must insane, ' she thought.

Kate was depressed for a while. She felt that her heart and mind were about to be hurt tonight. She had to use the light wave device to check if there was really an internal injury when she went back.

She quickly sorted out her thoughts and said in a low voice, "It's very close to the security storage area. So why are you here? What's your purpose?" In fact, it was said that the important things in the security storage area were invaluable, and there was even a mysterious treasure.

"You suspect me?" Mike asked back.

Mike was the master of the Leng Family, who was well-known in the capital city for his wealth. No one would doubt him, except Kate.

"What's more, both you and I are..."

"What happened between you and me?"

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