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   Chapter 28 A Kiss That Came Out Of Nowhere

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On their back, Kate didn't know where to look.

With her red lips tightly closed, Kate rested her chin on her hands and turned her head to look at the flickering lights of on the roadside. She was wondering whether Mike wanted to pay her back.

She had already apologized to Mike for what she had done.

Besides, she didn't do it on purpose. She had been shocked by Daniel's grandmother's words at that time.

It said that a woman's mind was deep as an ocean, which made people difficult to ascertain.

But now, it seemed that a man's mind was also deep as an ocean, which made Kate don't know what to do.

Kate took out her phone and dialed the number. "Aunt Liu, are you in the hotel?" She wanted to get rid of Mike as soon as possible.

"No, I'm not there. What's up? Why do you ask me that?" Polly replied.

"Okay. I see," Kate said in a slightly disappointed tone. Her small plan went bankrupt.

"What happened? Do you need help? I'll be right back." Polly's voice was a little anxious, as if she felt that Kate was not in a good mood.

"That's great! I'll go there and wait for you!" Kate said with a smile. Her eyes lit up again.

"Well, you can ask the waiter to open the door and wait for me in the suite. I'll be right with you," Polly reminded Kate patiently.


There was a trace of emotional ups and downs in Mike's focused expression. He pressed the steering wheel with his big hand, and looked at Kate's face. Her long hair fluttered in the air. With the help of the road light, her long eyebrows were slightly raised, and there seemed to be a rare arrogance and heroic spirit between her eyebrows. Mike heard Kate making a phone call, but he said nothing.

At the gate of the hotel, Kate got off the car quickly. The moments in the car with him seemed very long to Kate. Finally, she got rid of him.

Watching the car driving to the parking lot in the blink of an eye, Kate felt relieved. Fortunately, Mike didn't get back at her today!

Polly often stayed in the hotel, mostly because of the work in the club.

In front of the presidential suite, Kate asked the service to open Polly's room, and then she went straight to the suite. She wore high heels and a dress. She was so tired. This dress was a gift from Polly before.

Kate took off her shoes and half fell on the sofa, waiting quietly.

Two hours passed, nobody came here.

Kate was so tired that she fell asleep on the sofa.

Kate was a little groggy. Until a sound of door opening woke her up, and the second sound made her sober directly.

"Honey, don't...we..."

Kate heard a gasping sound.

And the sound of pulling clothes.

Kate was startled. She freaked out as she realized what was going on.

Kate's whole body tensed up in an instant, and she couldn't calm down. The ambiguous sound, stimulated her eardrum again and again. She knew what the sound meant, so she wanted to hide herself.

"Someone is in the we can't..." Polly whispered. She wanted to stop the man taking off her clothes.

"No, no one is here. It's just us here."

Before Polly finished her words, her lips seemed to be sealed.

"Wait, wait..." Polly tried her best to pull the man away. But she failed.

Kate was completely awake. 'What happened? Are manager Liu and another man having sex?' she wondered. Kate lay on the sofa and didn't dare to move. Now, how she wished she was invisible. Because she was wearing high heels. So she couldn't even run away.

It was so embarrassing! Kate wished the ground could had swallowed her up.

'It was all Mike's fault!

I might have gone home if he hadn't asked me to ride in his car!

Then I won't want to escape and come here. I won't face this awkward situation!' Kate thought angrily.

On the other side, in the living room, those two people were still all over each other.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the living room.

It seemed that something fell to the ground.

Kate thought to herself as she heard the sound, 'It was so full-on! Oh, my God, I want to leave here. Who can save me?'

She covered her ears with her hands, but still heard Polly refusing in an uneven breath, "No, we can do it now."

"Why?" The voice of the middle-aged man came through gradually. It was not until then that Kate realized that it was the voice of Uncle Jing, not another man. He was Polly's husband.

Kate breathed a sigh of relief. She always felt that Polly was not that kind of woman! It seemed that she was right.

"Ah!" Polly grumbled.

The voice made Kate's heart hanging on a thin thread. She was not afraid or ashamed, but as the person Polly trusted, it was immoral for her to eavesdrop Polly's privacy.

Kate felt worse and more embarrassed. She didn't know how to deal with Polly in the future.

'What should I do? I have to do something to leave here, ' Kate thought.

Sitting on the sofa, Kate changed to a comfortable position and wanted to cover her ears, but it was in vain. The noise outside continued to creep in her ears. The clothes fell on the floor with a crash. The shoes fell on the floor with a crash. Although Kate covered her ears, she still heard the sound of throwing clothes!

The noise made Kate's toes curl.

She was going to use another way to block hearing. She was fed up with it.

Kate crawled to the bed with her bare feet and pressed her head with a soft pillow. She really wanted the pillow to play a role. She lay on the soft bed, feeling that it was still useless and unable to block the sound. Kate was getting desperate.

At this moment, Kate suddenly heard Polly gasping for air and pointing at the suite, "That room..." Polly was worried that Kate was here. If Kate was really here, her words could also dispel the embarrassment.

Kate's heart almost flew out. 'What on earth happened to Polly? If they came in naked and saw me... Oh, my God, kill me, now!' Kate pictured the situation in her mind and felt regretful.

She thought she shouldn't come here.

But before Polly could finish her words, Uncle Jing, whose name was Albert

Jing, picked up Polly, kicked the door open and rushed into the room.

With her shoes in her hands, Kate hid under the bed and closed her eyes. The sound was putting her through hell. Then she heard the creak of the bed.

Kate felt that she was so miserable. She didn't know what to do and the rhythm of the bed was really different.

Polly and Albert Jing were middle-aged. But they still had enough energy and never knew fatigue.

A few moments later, the room grew still.

Feeling the sound of the bed suddenly stopped, Kate took a deep breath and continued to hold her breath.

Albert Jing looked down at the coquettish Polly, raised his hand to touch her well maintained face and asked, "Honey, what did you want to say? Two hours have passed. She won't come."

"I'm worried about her," Polly replied.

"She is an adult and can handle her own business. Don't think too much," Albert Jing said in a mellow voice.

"As for you, why don't you go back home and stay in the hotel every day? Other people would suspect that your husband is not good in bed," he added. Albert Jing touched Polly's face with his slender fingers. He pretended to blame Polly.

A few minutes later, Polly and Albert started again.

And the bed creaked again.

Hiding under the bed, Kate felt that her head was about to be smashed, and her brain cells almost collapsed.

She wanted to run away, but she couldn't.

'Who else will face this kind of thing like me?

I think there is no other person in the world like me. I'm shit out of luck!

No, I have to find a way to solve it. I can't just sit here and wait.

I have to run away!' Kate's brain was racing.

Kate rolled her eyes for a long time. Then she took out a piece of blank paper from her bag and threw it to the table in the outer room. They were so wrapped up just now that they didn't close the door of the suite at all.

Kate put her hands together and murmured in her heart, 'I'm sorry, Aunt Liu, Uncle Jing. I'm sorry to interrupt you. I don't want to ruin it for you, but... When I go out, you can continue to do whatever you want!'

The sound of the paper immediately alerted the people on the bed who engaged in a sweaty. Polly suddenly sobered up, pushed away Albert Jing on her body shyly and angrily, and complained, "Hurry up, put on your clothes! Someone is here!"

Seeing the two of them walk out of the suite, Kate breathed a sigh of relief. She turned over agilely and lifted her shoes. She rolled forward with a skillful motion, turned out of the room and closed the window. The room was quiet, as if nothing had happened.

Kate breathed a sigh of relief as she got out of the room.

She was ready to leave here.

Suddenly, Kate saw two figures talking under the street lamp. Judging from their clothes, it should be the bodyguards. She pricked up her ears and heard their conversation, "You go and watch the secure storage area right away. I'll go swimming to refresh myself. I'm on duty next night. You all go to rest."

"Captain Lin, do you need a helper?"

"No, thanks! I can handle it myself."

"Thank you, Captain Lin." Another bodyguard left happily.

Kate knew that some precious things were in the secure storage area and were usually guarded by two bodyguards. As the general butler of the Jing Family, it was not reasonable for Allen Lin to go swimming alone at late night.

Kate's memory flashed through her mind. She remembered that once, the night before the secure storage area was stolen, when she waited for Daniel, she also found that Allen Lin had told other bodyguards that he would go swimming alone.

She felt something was wrong.

She thought whole thing was highly suspect. Kate started by brainstorming ideas.

In her memory, she knew that many valuable things had been stolen in the secure storage area this year, including the Jing Family's items and Polly's items. This should be the important reason why Polly stayed in the hotel for the night.

It was said that Allen Lin was a first-class bodyguard and had a high salary. Kate clenched her fists and stared in the direction of Allen Lin.

Polly treated Kate well, so Kate didn't want anyone to hurt Polly.

Hiding in a corner, Kate tore the hemline of her dress into a miniskirt, covered her bag and shoes with the bushes under the presidential suite, and rushed to the figure in the distance with bare feet.

Kate was good at martial arts.

Soon, she felt something was wrong with her feet. Fortunately, the road was full of marble floors, but they were a little hot because of the sunlight in daylight.

So Kate felt terrible with her bare feet.

There was a living water in the backyard of the hotel, forming a river surrounding the backyard of the hotel. There was also a small bridge.

There was water under the bridge. Kate jumped into the water quickly.

Although she was good at swimming, there were still some splashes.

Hearing the sound of water, Allen Lin, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped. He turned his head and looked back, but did not move.

Kate hid under the lotus leaves in the water and held her breath.

At this time, she heard a different sound of footsteps. Her heart jolted. 'Was there any partner of him?' she thought.

"Come with me," Allen Lin said to another person. His voice was very low.

One minute passed, Kate still hid in the water.

She felt like she was suffocating!

Just as she felt that she was about to be unable to hold on under the water, the water rings moved slightly, and a cold breath rushed towards her with the water wave. The breath poured into her mouth with the water in an instant, and her body leaned forward. She took a slight breath. How could this smell be so familiar?

When Kate opened her eyes and looked carefully, she found that everything went black in front of her.

It was as if her body had hit a black wall!

But it was worse than that.

Because someone kissed her lips!

'Oh, my God!

What the hell?! I was taken advantage of by someone again!' Kate wondered angrily.

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