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   Chapter 27 Get Pregnant First

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When Mike glanced at Kate indifferently, his dark eyes flashed with a trace of cunning and evil spirit that she could understand, like a cold star in the night sky.

Kate clenched her fists and stood there, not saying anything. She didn't know what to say. She didn't want to make an apology or to be rude.

However, Daniel grabbed Kate's arm and walked close to Mike with a smile on his face. "Uncle, don't lower yourself to the same level as her."

"Okay, I see." Mike raised his eyebrows and looked a little cold, as if he was dissatisfied with Kate's indifference.

Seeing that Kate was speechless at the moment, Daniel coughed unhappily to remind her, but she still stood there motionlessly without saying a word.

Daniel's grandmother's face darkened.

Ruby watched all this quietly. Her eyes were as cunning as a fox lurking at night, and he wouldn't miss any clues.

The other mother and daughter were happy to see the drama. Sitting at the outermost part of the room, Betty and her mother whispered, "Look, she's done to offend Mr. Leng this time. She doesn't know if she offended Mr. Leng, she offended her future mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law is Mr. Leng's sister! What a stupid bitch!"

The two of them gloated, as if they were waiting to see a good show.

The other members of the Gu Family didn't say anything more. None of them wanted to offended Mr. Leng. But now Kate offended and embarrassed Mr. Leng.

Daniel's grandmother couldn't stand it anymore and said in a harsh voice, "Kate, Mike is the uncle of Daniel. You have to respect the elders, okay? Now make an apology."

'What the hell.

He is my elder?

You must be kidding me. I don't want to have such an elder! He goes against every fiber of my being. I don't want to make an apology, ' Kate thought to herself.

The complacent Betty couldn't hold her breath anymore. When she was about to open her mouth, Carla grabbed her in time and looked at her stepdaughter with a stern voice, "Kate, why are you so impolite?"

Carla said as she stared aggressively at Kate.

Kate felt her anger rise as she heard Carla's words.

Kate was not pleased. She was afraid of Mike because she was worried that Mike was that man who had slept with her, and she was also afraid that Mike would deliberately find fault with her and make her lose a well-paid job.

But she was not afraid of Betty and Carla, the shameless daughter and mother.

Suddenly, a sharp light went straight to Carla's delicate face. Kate remembered one thing.

She remembered that her mother had a fierce quarrel with her father before the car accident. In fact, she had heard part of the content, about Carla's story. But now she was a little suspicious about Carla.

Kate thought there was something weird in her mother's car accident. But her host was a weak and timid girl, so her host hadn't dared investigate it before.

But she was not her host. She must get to the bottom of the accident.

A sense of hatred rose from Kate's chest as she thought about this.

If Carla and Betty were really involved in her mother's accident, she wouldn't let them go.

She must let them pay a heavy price!

Withdrawing the anger in her eyes just now, Kate pretended to be weak and said carefully, "Mr. Leng, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Please forgive me." Kate didn't want to call Mike uncle. Now that she had dealt with the matter of Mike, she would teach Carla and her daughter a lesson.

No matter whether Mike was satisfied or not, Kate turned her head and asked weakly, "Sister, why are you so impolite? Why didn't you take off your mask when you met the elders of th

e deep sea. It was normal for them to quarrel or plot against each other.

The dinner seemed to last for a century, especially when Kate looked up and saw the icy face of Mike in front of her. It was so cold that the temperature in the room dropped with Mike.

Betty almost wanted to tell everyone that her sister was a football cheerleader. But Carla scolded her, "If you say this, she would not be the only one to lose face. She is your sister. Do you think it is nothing to do with you? It's a shame to implicate the Xiao Family! If so, you can't marry the member of the Gu family!"

She rolled her eyes and said, "You should try your best." Then Carla looked at her daughter's belly and continued, "Isn't Daniel's grandmother anxious to have a grandson? You can work on that right now. You know what I'm talking about."

After the weird dinner, all the guests prepared to go home.

Daniel's grandmother suggested, "Daniel, send Kate home."

After the group of people left, Betty sat on the passenger seat of Daniel's car and ordered proudly, "Sister, you can ride with uncle." Betty was not stupid. She knew that Mike was not interested in women, and he was even more unsociable. And Kate had sprayed water in Mike's face. Betty thought that Mike would not easily let Kate go.

Kate didn't want to be fooled by her sister. She prepared to say that she would take bus.

But before she could say something, Mike opened the car window and ordered coldly, "Get in the car!"

"I'm going to the hotel. I'll get out of your way," Kate rolled her eyes and said. Just now, she heard that Mike was going back to his house in the city. That was why she said she would go to the hotel. She didn't want to ride with Mike. In this way, Kate could not only get rid of her sister's trick, but also get rid of the ice man.

"I'm going the same way you are," Mike said coldly.

'What the hell. Are you sure?' Kate thought to herself.

Hearing the hotel, Betty cheered, "I'll go with you!" Betty remembered her mother's words just now. If she wanted to marry into the Gu Family, she had to be pregnant first.

On the other side, Kate felt herself was really out of luck. She tried her best to get rid of Mike. But she failed.

"Uncle Mike, aren't you going back to your mansion?" Daniel was also surprised and didn't dare to think further. It seemed that Mike didn't want to let Kate go. He secretly worried about Kate.

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