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   Chapter 26 The Urge To Kiss Him

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On the third night, it was the date when Daniel's grandmother held the party.

When the lights were on, the guests came to the hotel one after another.

The location was the most luxurious hotel in the city.

In a long blue dress, Kate sat in the corner of the golden hall on time, reading a magazine quietly, lowering her eyebrows and narrowing her eyes. She was immersed in her own world and completely enchanted. However, not far away, in a black formal suit, Mike and David were drinking tea. Out of the corner of Mike's eye, he saw Kate reading a magazine in a quiet place.

She was gentle and elegant. She looked so beautiful in that dress.

It was totally different from her usual style of being a sassy girl. She was dressed in a sapphire blue dress and her black hair was hanging down, looking so charming.

The corners of Mike's mouth lifted as he saw her, and his eyes narrowed slightly. He became interested in Kate.

Kate was concentrating on reading and she didn't notice Mike stare at her.

Soon, a silver figure covered Mike's sight. Daniel stood straight next to Kate. Daniel's eyes were full of amazement, and time seemed to stop. He didn't believe that the woman standing in front of him was Kate.

What a romantic, emotional and beautiful scene!

Kate sat there quietly reading, like a fairy-tale princess. Beauty came from her inner spirits. She had a unique disposition that other girls didn't have.

"Kate, you're early. I'm beyond stoked to have you!" Daniel was amazed, and then his voice softened unconsciously, like the depression and beauty of the violin.

"Oh, you're here." Kate raised her head and glanced at the figure of Daniel coldly. She closed the magazine, took a look at her watch formulaically, stood up and turned around, "Let's go upstairs."

Kate didn't want to sit here with Daniel to show off, nor did she want to see his hypocritical face, not to mention that their love relationship was mainly in name only.

Kate didn't pay much attention to Daniel, and even ignored him. She lifted her long dress with both hands and slowly walked upstairs to the TS Hotel. A royal blue dress like a bright light streaked across the slightly dark hall.

Other women were kind of overshadowed by Kate.

Daniel was amazed by the beautiful Kate in front of him, but he saw that her eyes were blank, and there was no trace of him at all. For some reason, he felt deeply frustrated. He clenched his fists and walked towards the TS Hotel.

There was a kind of resentment in Daniel's heart. 'Why did Kate ignore me now? She wished I could become invisible. It was so annoying, ' he thought to himself.

Sitting in the outer hall of the TS Hotel, Kate didn't want to say a word to Daniel. Such a despicable man was not worth talking to. It was a waste of words to speak.

She picked up the magazine and ignored Daniel.

However, Daniel suppressed his neglected anger. He turned his head and stared at the window, and saw Kate's demure and beautiful figure reflecting in the window.

She was as beautiful as a princess in the picture.

Ten minutes later, almost everyone was here.

People arrived one after another, including Betty, who was wearing a mask, well-dressed and colorful, and her stepmother, Carla. At last, Daniel's grandmother arrived. She wore a traditional brick red cheongsam, full of silver hair, and looked very stylish.

As soon as the Daniel's grandmother came in, she saw Kate in a sapphire blue evening dress. She highly praised Kate, "Kate, you are more and more beautiful."

"Grandma, you do me a great honor. I don't know how to thank you." Kate lowered her head with a pleasant look and with modesty.

"Why don't you visit me recently? I miss you so much." As soon as Daniel's grandmother came up to Kate, she held Kate's hand and pulled her to sit beside her affectionately. Daniel's grandmother kept praising Kate, "What a lovely girl! You are more and more beautiful, Kate. If you have time, you can spend some time with me."

Kate remembered that Daniel's grandmother liked her just because her birth date was a perfect match to Daniel's birth date.

This was the reason and there was no other.

Her sister was in the spotlight, which made Betty angry. Carla patted her on the shoulder and whispered, "Calm down. Don't be rush. Sit down!"

Then the door was pushed open from outside and a man stepped in.

When the man walked in the room, everyone turned to look at him.

The well-dressed man walked towards Daniel's grandmother and said, "Auntie Gu, long time no see." His magnetic voice was deep, like the bowstring of a cello. It was mellow, elegant and intoxicating.

"Wow, Mike. A surprise seeing you here." Daniel's grandmother waved her hand happily, "You've been back for so long. Why don't you come to visit me?" Before Mike could answer, Daniel asked everyone to take a seat.

Kate's heart skipped a beat when she saw Mike. 'Isn't this the icy man, Mike?

Why is he here?

Did he know the Gu Family? Oh, my God, I don't want to see him!' Kate wondered.

But the arrogant and noble Mike was just chatting with Daniel's grandmother, he didn't take a look at others.

On the other hand, Betty was closely staring at Mike, her eyes full of amazement. Mike was so handsome. He was tall, and the arrogance between his eyebrows was un

paralleled in ordinary life. Every piece of him was a perfect work of art.

'If only I had known Mike earlier...' Betty thought.

Even Betty's mother, Carla was stunned. 'Was there such a handsome man in the world?

Why haven't I seen such handsome man before?' she asked herself.

In the past, they just knew the name of Mike and had no chance to see him at such a close distance.

Kate was a little stunned, but she still kept calm and didn't show any expression on her face. She grabbed the tea cup in front of her and took a sip. At this time, Daniel's grandmother continued, "Mike, you'd better persuade Daniel. He's been engaged for so long, but he hasn't slept with Kate yet. He said he is not in a hurry, but I'm in a hurry to have a grandson!"

Kate choked on her drink as she heard these words.

She spat out a mouthful of tea. 'What the hell is going on? What is she talking about? She must be kidding me, ' Kate thought.

The crowd exclaimed as they saw the water coming out of Kate's mouth.

Betty and her mother sneered, as if they were watching a joke. 'She is coarse in her habits and brutish in her ways, ' they thought.

But in the next second, they were completely stunned, because the tea of Kate sprayed directly on the face of Mike in front of her. This time, they thought that Kate was doomed.

People began to hiss.

Everyone was stunned, including Daniel's grandmother.

The people of the Gu Family were the most shocked ones.

It took a long time for everyone to come to their senses. Kate hurriedly stood up and took out a napkin. She stood up and walked directly to Mike, raising her hand to wipe his face.

Everyone in the room sucked in their breath when they saw Kate's action.

'What is she doing? Is she insane? She touched Mr. Leng's face! Could she get out of here alive?' they made eye contact and thought.

When Kate looked at Mike in a very short distance, she found that his features were even more exquisite, without any flaws. The flaws were only a few naughty tea stains, and his eyelashes were really long and beautiful, and that natural eyeliner, as if it had been painted.

He looked like a person in the painting!

Kate finally knew what a handsome man Mike was!

She was feeling the urge to kiss him.

Kate felt that her saliva was about to flow out.

Seeing that she was in a daze and behaved inappropriately, Daniel's face darkened. Suppressing the anger in his heart, he rushed to Kate's side in a few steps, grabbed her arm and roared, "What are you doing?"

"What do you think? Can't you see what I am doing?" When Kate realized what had happened, she immediately retorted. What she hated most was that Daniel always told her what to do.

With a long face, Mike sat still. He didn't move when Kate wiped his face just now.

Everyone was so shocked that they sat there without movement, just like statues.

'Since Mike had never been interested in women, how could he allow Kate to touch his face?' they wondered.

A few seconds later, Daniel's grandmother's face darkened, "Kate, why you are so careless?"

"I didn't mean it. I'm sorry," Kate replied generously. She was not as timid, guilty and coward as she used to be. She clenched the napkin and shook off Daniel's arm. She was not afraid of him. What she was afraid of was the person who was sitting there. She sprayed water in his face. What kind of revenge would he take?

Kate really wanted to escape as she thought about this.

She was really afraid that Mike would fire her.

She really needed the job now. Because she did lack money.

Besides, Kate had already had a lot of grudges against Mike.

She found that when she met Mike, she always seemed to have a bad luck.


At this time, Daniel's mother, Ruby Leng, turned her shrewd eyes and looked at Daniel's grandmother with a big smile. "Mom, Kate really didn't mean to do that. Look at you. She was frightened by what you said just now!" Ruby Leng knew that her brother was famous for not being close to women. No woman dared to stay within one meter of him, not to mention being wiped on the face.

Ruby Leng felt something was wrong but she couldn't tell what was wrong.

However, she thought it was impossible for Mike to fall in love with the timid and cowardly woman like Kate.

Because her brother was quite the opposite of Kate.

Ruby Leng thought maybe she was thinking too much.

"Kate, apologize to your uncle! Daniel, you too!" Ruby winked at his son, Daniel.

Daniel looked at Kate unhappily. Kate acted like that she was not the one who sprayed the tea in Mike's face.

Holding a tissue covered with tea stains in her hand, Kate was confused. A thunder and lightning flashed in her mind. 'What? He is my uncle?' She looked at Ruby Leng, Daniel and then Daniel's grandmother in confusion.

"What a silly girl! Mike is Daniel's uncle," Daniel's grandmother said in an unpleasant tone. 'How could Kate offend the Leng Family? What a troublemaker!' she thought.

Kate was stunned at once. Her mind was in a mess, as if autumn had come, and the leaves were flying wildly in the sky.

Her fingers froze and the napkin fell to the ground.

'Mike is Daniel's uncle? What the hell, ' Kate wondered.

She turned around to look at Mike. But all she could see was a face as dark as a devil.

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