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   Chapter 24 Amazed Everyone

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"You'll be on the stage in a few minutes. Why don't you change your clothes?" Seeing Kate sitting in the dressing room in a daze, Lucy couldn't help but urge her while looking at the watch on the wall.

"I'll be right there. You can go first." Kate tilted her head and pointed to the door, indicating Lucy to leave first.

"If you really don't want to wear the new uniform, I can help you. I will find the manager and ask for sick leave for you, okay?" Lucy still wanted to persuade Kate.

"No, thanks. I will handle it myself."

As they talked, another harsh whistle came from the corridor.

The football field of the TX Club was very large. This area was so flat that a person could see for many kilometers.

This land was covered by the very good lawn.

Therefore, many clubs liked to hold contests here, and they enjoyed the land and the lawn very much.

A few minutes later, it was four o'clock.

As soon as the whistle blew, the game began.

The football cheerleaders ran out one after another under the dazzling flashlight. The exposed hot dance clothes immediately caused screams from the audience.

Lucy was so angry that she wanted to curse someone.

'Which dog's idea? Why should I wear such a crazy revealing clothes? Damn it!

Wait. Where is Kate? I don't see her.

Oh, my God. Is she going to leave work early? But if the manager knows this, she will deduct money from Kate's salary, ' Lucy thought to herself.

The whistle and scream lingered over the football field. The audiences laughed and clapped their hands.

The football players in the field also raised their eyes to stare at the direction of the football cheerleaders here.

Because the new uniforms of the cheerleaders were so sexy, and all the girls showed their good shapes when they were dancing.

Almost all the players were stunned. They looked at the girls for quite a long time.

Except for a few players, they were calm with no expression.

A hint of amazement appeared in Alexander's eyes, but it disappeared in an instant. He frowned, as if he felt someone was missing.

David just glanced at the clothes and didn't look at them anymore. He thought that the new clothes were indeed a little exposed.

However, to his surprise, Mike's deep eyes swept over the entrance of the football cheerleaders. With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Mike raised his eyebrows and seemed to find someone.

That person did not surprise him at all.

Justin's mouth couldn't be idle. He looked around and said, "Mike, the new uniforms of the cheerleaders are not long at all, are they? The cheerleaders are all exposed! Are you happy with that?" Justin took a deep breath, but he also found that Kate was not there. Suddenly, he laughed. It turned out that Kate was a coward. Next time he would mock her.

"It can be smaller," Mike replied indifferently.

"What? Are you kidding me?"

Hearing that, Justin immediately raised his hand to cover his chest and said with a twitch of the corners of his mouth, "Mike, if the new uniform is smaller than the current one, I think the girls will not be cheerleaders, but the staff to bathe people."

Lucas stared at the two rows of lined up football cheerleaders in the field, his eyes deep. He was carefully looking at every girl, maybe one of them would become his role in the play. Unfortunately, his hope went away. He was not interested in any of them.

Lucas took a deep breath.

At this moment, the whole football field was dark.

The whole football field was dark.

The lights of the field were turned down.

After a few seconds, a beam of light lit up the area where the cheerleaders were. A hot dance song started, and then a beautiful figure instantly jumped at the front of two rows of football cheerleaders. She grabbed the colorful belt and began to dance. Her movements were light and skilled, flowing smoothly, as if she was a lively elf.

She amazed everyone.

The audience burst into screams!

The other girls also jumped up excitedly.

The opening dance of these lovely girls aroused the atmosphere.

Cheers, screams and shouts filled the air above the football field. Everyone was so excited.

On the other side, in the waiting lounge.

"I don't know there is a lead of the dance, do you?" Justin asked, scratching his head.

Alexander frowned again. He didn't ask for a lead before, although Vera had mentioned it many times. But he didn't agree with her.

Mike raised his eyebrows, looking very lofty. The coldness on his face was as usual, without any emotions, but his dark eyes were shining like stars.

David calmly looked at the direction of the cheerleaders and smiled.

Lucas's eyes suddenly lit up, as if he had discovered a new continent. His eyes were fixed on the direction of the lead. Although he couldn't see the girl's face clearly, he felt good.

After the dance, the lights above the whole football field were all on, as if it was daytime.

The audiences and the players could see the girls' faces.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the direction of the lead. Justin exclaimed in a low voice, "How could she be a coward? She was leading the dance, okay?" He stared at her directio

n for a long time. Justin had never found that Kate was so beautiful.

He was shocked. David turned his head and looked at Alexander. Then he turned to look at the dancing football cheerleaders and said, "A girl is not wearing new uniform."

"Yes, I saw it." There was a trace of displeasure on Alexander's face.

The corners of Mike's mouth were slightly raised, and the two dimples on his face looked a little cute. His expression made people feel a little warm.

'It was her, ' Lucas thought to herself. He didn't pay much attention to her before.

The players came onto the field one after another. The girls cheered and insisted on taking photos with them. In the face of the sudden request, Alexander nodded to agree.

The football cheerleaders and the players stood in four rows of group photos, and Mike happened to be standing behind Kate. He asked in a low voice, "Why don't you wear the new uniform?" HIs tone was full of warning and scolding.

Kate was so angry that she gritted her teeth. However, on the surface, she had to lower her eyes and lower her lips, pretending to be pitiful. "Mr. Leng, we need innovation, dancing is no exception. So that the effect can be out of surprise."

'What a bastard! What can I do to get rid of him? He's persnickety. It drives me up the wall, ' Kate wondered.

"What you said has nothing to do with the new uniform," Mike said coldly. He stared at the camera aggressively.

"Just like you are different from ordinary people," Kate answered without hesitation. But then she was shocked by her flattery.

'Wait a minute, was I praising him? Oh, my God. What was I thinking? Am I crazy?' Kate wondered.

Whistle blew.

The group photo was over, and the game would start.

With a darkened face, Mike stared at the obedient but rebellious girl out of the corner of his eyes. His eyes became unpredictable. 'Was she really the previous Kate?

She is like a different person, ' Mike thought to himself.

After running far away, Kate finally breathed a sigh of relief. She finally got rid of this iceberg man. Mike was too cold. Fortunately, he didn't catch up with her at once, or she would be in big trouble.

Kate didn't dare to go to the rest area. Because she and Justin talked a while last time and many girls misunderstood their relationship.

Even Polly misunderstood too!

At half past seven in the evening.

After the football match, the club provided dinner for all the cheerleaders, so they went to the dining room of the club together. The dining room was very lively, and Kate and Lucy sat together automatically.

Lucy answered herself, "it's a good idea to lead the dance. You can not only skip the new uniform, but also lead the dance. Tut, tut, it's a pity that my figure is exposed!"

"Don't worry. You have a perfect body!" Kate comforted her.

"Be serious. Why didn't you watch the football game? Mr. Leng made the kick! And he kicked the red team down. How wonderful! My idol is so handsome!

Oh, my God!" Lucy said happily. She looked drunk. The moment Kate raised her head, Lucy suddenly screamed, "My idol is here! Oh, my God! He is here!" Lucy shouted. Her eyes widened.

Kate sighed and looked into the distance with her friend's eyes. She saw that Mike was dressed in light colored casual clothes, which could be randomly matched, but he was still charming. He was tall, and there was always a natural elegance and nobility in his demeanor.

At this time, the restaurant screamed, all the girls were excited.

"Mr. Leng!"

"Mr. Leng!"

"You kicked the ball into the goal!"

"You are so handsome!"

"You are so cool!" the girls praised Mike one after another.

However, Mike didn't seem to be affected at all. He still went to the restaurant with a straight face to have a special meal. When he walked to the door, he suddenly turned around and swept his eyes in the direction of where Kate was staring at. In a moment, their eyes met again. The light waves flashed wantonly. His black eyes were shining with infinite brilliance, as if they were the purest essence of the sun and moon in the world!

It was so bright that Kate felt her surroundings were bright.

Kate had to admit that Mike was very handsome. He was tall, handsome and very rich. But he was just not for her. Because he always bullied her. And most of all, he might be that man who had slept with her that night.

If Mike was really that man, Kate really wanted to smack him.

She lowered her head quickly and continued to eat the food in her bowl, while the surrounding people screamed loudly one after another, which was even crazier than just now. Some fanatic fans actually rushed into the restaurant, surrounding the door of the small kitchen, and strongly demanded for Mike's signature.

"Mr. Leng! May I have a picture with you?"

"Mr. Leng! You are handsome!"

"Mr. Leng! I like you very much!"

"Mr. Leng, can you give me a signature?" The air was noisy with their shouts. 'Why do you like him so much? Do you have any brain disease?' Kate cursed in her heart. When she raised her head again, she found that the opposite side was empty.

Lucy ran away and was surrounded by a crowd of Mike's fans.

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