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   Chapter 23 Flirting With Each Other

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Kate was sitting in the corridor of the hospital.

Kate stared intently at the small black bracelet on her wrist, her eyes filled with disappointment. She found this item in that robber's bag. It was the light wave device. But the device was out of power, and she didn't know if the battery had passed through the time travel with her.

The battery material was very special.

She could not find it in the 21st century.

'What should I do?

If I can...' Kate came up with a bad idea, but she still looked downstairs in the direction of the pediatric ward. 'Maybe I can...' she wondered.

On the second morning, the doctor made a phone call to Kate.

The doctor in charge of Kate's grandmother told Kate, "Miss Xiao, your grandmother's condition is getting more and more stable. She can be discharged from the hospital the day after tomorrow. I have registered your grandmother's condition. If there has the organ source, we will inform you."

"Thank you. Thank you so much," Kate said. She was overjoyed.

On the morning of the third day, Kate's grandmother clamored to go back home. After Kate settled her grandma down, she exhorted, "Grandma, have a good rest. The food is hot and you can eat at any time. I won't be back until very late. You can go to bed early." Kate was very worried about her grandmother.

But she had to go to work. Because her grandma needs money for her illness.

Kate had to make money, change her grandma's heart, and pay for her brother's tuition. Her brother had always thought that it was his father who paid for his tuition fees, but Kate didn't tell him the truth. Since the first year his brother went abroad, their father, Jason Xiao, had not given a single cent to her brother.

In the first year, Kate's grandmother sold a priceless bracelet to pay for the tuition fees of her brother.

"Kate, I am a burden to you. I can't protect you. I'm so sorry," her grandmother said sadly.

"No, grandma gave me a warm home. You always protect me." With a smile on her face, Kate hugged her grandmother, with tears in her eyes. She knew that her grandmother had given the best to her host over the years.


"Grandmother, don't think too much. You need to have a good rest and avoid nervous tension or stress." Kate let go of her grandma and said seriously this time, "Grandma, our hound, Chasel, can't be tied to the inner room." She was worried that the Xiao Family would make trouble at any time.

"Chasel is too tall. I'm afraid that the neighbors will be scared if we tie it at the gate." Kate's grandmother knew that Kate was doing this for her own good.

"Let Chasel guard the gate first. When the Xiao Family stops making trouble, it can stay in the inner room," Kate said. Since Kate was not at home, she couldn't let her grandmother be bullied, so she directly tied the hound at the gate. Her stepmother didn't dare to come here if the hound at the gate.

Kate got the family settled and then went to work.

She arrived at the TX Club very early. There were two football games today, one in the afternoon and the other in the middle of the night. So she had to make sure that Chasel could keep her grandma safe.

There was still an hour left before the first game began.

Walking in the corridor of the club, Kate heard the discussion of the football cheerleaders one by one.

"It's a new one."

"I heard it's very beautiful."

"What are you talking about? It's too revealing!"

"Too revealing can prove your good figure!"

"Are you crazy? I think our new uniform couldn't be described as clothes."

'These rich men treat football cheerleaders as products. They asked us to wear so little and perform the sexy dance? What did they want to do?

We are not the girls in the brothel. This is so disrespectful, '

Kate thought. She was very angry.

She had seen the new uniform—the two pieces of cloth.

Meanwhile, a girl appeared behind Kate.

Lucy, who suddenly appeared, grabbed Kate's arm and said, "Kate, you are here." Lucy's voice was very low. She then pulled Kate to the dressing room. At this time, there was no one in the dressing room.

"What's wrong?" Kate looked at the mysterious Lucy.

"I heard that we will wear the new uniform this afternoon," Lucy said.

"Yes, I have known that," Kate replied.

"What? You have known that? Did you see that uniform? I was speechless when I saw it," Lucy sighed.

"I think it is not the clothes for human being!" Lucy growled angrily.

"Yes, I agree with you," Kate said.

"I don't want to wear it."

"The same thought."

"Then what should we do?" Lucy loosened her grip and asked.

"I have no idea," Kate replied calmly. That cold man's figure flashed through Kate's eyes. If he was the planner of this show and that man that night, then they would be in a really bad relationship.

Last night, without Mike, Kate could still deal with the

three little thieves. She didn't need him to be the shining knight and came to the rescue.

At this time, someone came to call Kate.

"Kate, Manager Liu wants to see you," the woman said.

Kate nodded and then went to Polly's office.

Seeing the uneasiness on Polly's face, Polly motioned for Kate to sit on the opposite chair. Polly asked worriedly, "Do you have to wear the new uniform in the afternoon's competition? Do you need me to write you a sick note?"

"No, thanks," Kate said. She knew how well Polly took care of her. If Polly made a sick note for her, Polly would be implicated. Besides, if Kate really didn't want to wear it, she could think of another way.

She had pretended to be fainted, poisoned and allergic.


Kate sighed secretly, but her face was calm.

The door was pushed open by someone.

Justin came in with a team shirt. Then, Mike followed him with a special shirt. Polly let them sit down and said with a big smile, "Mr. Leng, Mr. Jing, Kate got poisoned and felt faint these days. She is not feeling well. So today's show...can she give it a miss this time? I can't push her so hard," Polly said euphemistically.

These rich men all held shares, so Polly couldn't offend any of them.

On the other hand, Mike glanced at the magazine on the table, without looking at anyone in the room, as if there was no one else.

With doubts in his mind, Justin took a glance at Kate, whose face was as smooth as milk. Her eyes were beautiful and bright. She didn't look like a patient. Just as Justin was about to say something, the low and cold magnetic voice of Mike was flowing like an ice spring. It was pleasant to hear, but extremely cold. "All the cheerleaders will participate in the show, there are no exceptions."

The atmosphere in the room suddenly froze. The room was so still that everyone could have heard a pin drop.

Polly was stunned. Her face darkened, but she smiled stiffly.

"It shows too much of my body..." Kate said in a low voice. With a helpless look at the direction of Kate, the sexy bikini scene flashed through Justin's mind again.

"You can imagine that you are at the beach. You are wearing it and enjoying the sunshine," Mike replied calmly.

'I'm not at the beach, but you are the bitch!' Kate cursed Mike in her heart, 'This bastard, it seems that he is the participant in this trick. Well, let's settle our new and old grudges together!'

She stared at Mike with hatred. At this time, Mike suddenly raised his head, and his deep eyes, which were as deep as a pool, made eye contact with Kate.

Kate was surprised.

Kate looked away in astonishment. The two eyes met unexpectedly, creating sparks and stones. Mike's domineering, his coldness, and an invisible emotion intertwined, shining at the place where their eyes met.

Kate's hatred, her resentment, and her cunning seemed to appear in his domineering and coldness.

A few seconds later, Kate suddenly felt that the light seemed to be full of inquiry. She suddenly calmed down and quickly lowered her head. Her face inadvertently flushed.

This time, Polly saw everything. She saw that Kate and Mike, the man who was not close to women were flirting with each other!

Polly was shocked.

It should be said that she was frightened.

"I couldn't let it happen! Kate was too coward. Mr. Leng was too cold and not suitable for her at all, although Mr. Leng was unparalleled in the world, ' Polly thought.

Whistles came from the corridor at this time.

"Girls are getting changed. Let's go to the stage!"

Kate jumped up quickly and moved quickly to the door.

Staring at her back, the corners of Mike's lips showed a mysterious emotion, and his eyes were dark.

Polly's eyes suddenly lit up. She hurriedly stopped Kate, who had touched the doorknob, "Wait a minute."

Kate turned her head. She didn't know what Polly was going to do with her. 'Was there any reason for me not to attend the show?' Kate wondered. She looked at the smiling Polly in bewilderment.

"Justin, in the last game, I heard that you were very intimate with Kate. Other girls thought you liked Kate. Is it true?" Polly asked.

Even Kate was shocked as she heard these words. What was going on? Her pupils dilated again and again, and then slowly returned to her usual state.

The expression on Mike's face was still cold. His dark eyes twinkled several times, and soon, the twinkling light was gradually covered by darkness.

Justin was confused again. He looked at Kate blankly. 'Didn't she like girls?' he thought. And the smiling Polly didn't seem to be joking. Justin was very embarrassed and was about to say something.

At this time, Polly immediately added, "I will discuss it with your uncle. Don't worry."

After recovering from the shock, Kate explained awkwardly, "Manager Liu... Please wait a minute, didn't you remember? I already have a fiance."

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