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   Chapter 22 You Are Really Not Afraid Of Death

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Three days later, Kate got the call from the doctor. Then she went to the hospital.

The doctor found Kate and told her the last test result, "Your grandma's heart is almost depleted. If possible, we'd better consider changing a heart for her."

'What? What did the doctor say?' Kate couldn't help taking a deep breath and said, "Change the heart? How long will my grandmother wait?"

"We will contact you if there is a suitable organ source. You got to get ready for that." The doctor looked at Kate quietly.

Sitting in the corridor of the hospital, Kate began a series of thoughts struggle. In this case, her grandmother might need to stay in the hospital all the time, and if she stayed all the time, the money might not be enough. The idea of asking for leave from the club in the past two days was also dispelled.

She had to dance hard. She had to earn money.

She had to feed her family.

Kate regretted that she had extorted too little money from Betty.

Two days ago, her grandmother's pulse was really irregular and weak. She began to worry faintly. She had planned for the worst before, but she did not expect that it was really the result.

Although there was no help from the light wave device, her diagnosis was not far from the truth.

After all, she was a good doctor in 22nd century before.

The light wave device was a divine weapon for her to examine corpses and practice medicine in the twenty-second century. When the light shone on the body part affected by the disease, the source of the disease would form a simulation image in her mind, and the data was very accurate. What's more, the light wave device was more accurate and more convenient.

If there was a light wave device, the operation of Kate's grandmother would be more accurate. But she didn't take it when she had the time travel.

It was getting late and the air was still and silent.

All of a sudden, a scream broke the silence.

It was high and clear. There was no telling from where it came.

"Help! Help!

"Somebody is robbing me! Help me please!"

Kate's ears moved slightly, and she instinctively jumped up from the chair. Her figure was extremely agile, and she had a vague feeling that it was the direction downstairs. She took a big leap, a few steps to the stairs, and a few steps to the downstairs. These few steps and posture were completely reflected in a pair of black eyes.

It was dark and the stars were shining, reflecting the brightest light.

At a quiet corner between downstairs and upstairs, the light was dim there.

And the secret danger was concealed in the dark.

A man in black wearing a peaked cap was about to run away with something in his arms, while the woman who was shouting at him was a family of a patient. Downstairs was the inpatient department of pediatrics.

This woman should be the mother of a child. She was crawling on the ground and crying.

"You can take the toy away. Please return my money. The money is my son's lifesaving money. If you take the money away, my son will die. Please give it back to me. Please," the mother begged.


I am begging you. Don't do that," the mother stretched out her hands in the direction of the robbers, her face full of tears, crying hysterically.

There was a faint sound of door opening in the corridor, but no one dared to come.

With tears in her eyes, the mother saw the young girl in front of her and said, "Thank you, miss!" But she then shook her head. "The criminal has a knife in his hand. You'd better call a man. You are not a match for him. I don't want you to encounter danger," the mother added.

"Stay here and call the police!" With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Kate nodded and then walked straight to the robber.

Kate walked so fast that she acted like a gust of wind, which made the mother of the child behind her look incredulous. The mother struggled to get up from the ground and rushed downstairs to the ward.

The robber was smart. He didn't run to the corridor of the ward, but went straight to the fire exits. Then he went downstairs quickly. It seemed that he was a repeat offender.

Ten minutes later, the criminal was only a few meters away from Kate. She turned her head and saw the criminal. The robber was out of breath, with his hands on his legs. With sweats on his face, he threatened, "Mind your own business! Don't follow me. If you don't stop, I swear you will regret it."

His eyes were fierce.

In the dim light, Kate saw his face full of flesh, and there was even a clear scar on the corner of his right eye. She knew that she had met a tough guy this time.

"It's none of my business? You robbed other's money. I must do something to stop you." After saying that, Kate jumped to the robber directly, and the two of them were very close.

The young girl in front of him seemed to have practiced this skill, but the robber came to his senses. He moved the shoulder belt of his backpack with both hands and pulled out a bright dagger from his waist. The blade was pointed at the direction of Kate. Under the light, the blade of the dagger flashed a murderous light.

The bright light flashed across the pretty face of Kate.

"Then don't blame me for being rude." The robber showed a fierce look as he said there words.

Kate raised her fists to her chest, showing a ready posture of a fierce battle. Her eyes were as sharp as arrows

, and she was not frightened by the robber's oppression at all.

Seeing that the woman in front of him was not afraid at all, and there was a noise of footsteps upstairs and downstairs, the robber who had no desire to fight.

He rolled his eyes and said, "I will give you half of the money, okay?" He then hurriedly unzipped his clothes, took out a wad of money and stretched out his hand to Kate.

Kate chuckled, "If you give me all the money, I'll let you go."

"Don't push your luck." The robber's face immediately returned to his usual ferocious look, and his big hand suddenly withdrew. Regardless of pulling the chain, he pointed the dagger at the chest of Kate and said, "Little girl, don't get on my bad side."

"But I want to do it the hard way," Kate replied.

Seeing that Kate was stubborn, the robber stabbed at her with a dagger in one hand. Seeing that the robber had used all his strength, Kate moved nimbly and quickly.

The robber became more ferocious when he failed to hurt Kate. He wanted to leave here more and more because he felt that the suspicious footsteps around him were getting closer and closer.

The robber turned around.

He raised the dagger again and stabbed at Kate's fatal part.

At this moment, Kate heard the noise of a man behind her.

Kate realized that the robber might have an accomplice. She thought that she was careless. She looked back sharply, only to find that another young man in the same clothes as the robber was also stabbing at her with a dagger with cold light in his hand. Seeing that his accomplice was here, the robber in front of her took back the dagger and stabbed at her again.

Kate was beset by dangerous enemies on almost all sides.

With a slight frown, Kate stood on tiptoe and jumped up, with her hands directly grasping the ceiling and window frame at the top of the corridor. Then she heard a scream.

She also heard the voice of the daggers fell to the ground.

She thought the police was here.

Kate looked down and saw two men rolling on the ground, holding their wrists and crying!

"Spare us! Please!" the robbers begged.

In a twinkling of an eye, Kate found a tall, slender figure in front of the two robbers. It seemed that he looked a little familiar. She jumped to the ground and found that it was the iceman, Mike.

Before Kate could see clearly what was happening, she saw Mike waving his hand behind her. Then she heard someone fall to the ground not far away. Following the sound, she saw the third robber, and a gun fell to the ground.

It seemed that it was a gang crime. Kate's eyes were slightly astonished. The third robber was ten meters away from Mike, but he was hit by Mike's stone. It seemed that Mike was really good at aiming at the center of the target. Kate could not help but recall that football game. Mike had made the kick at the very long distance at that time.

Kate thought that Mike could shoot with great precision.

All of a sudden, a thought came to Kate's mind.

Her eyes lit up. Thinking that the first robber had robbed the child's lifesaving money, Kate bent over and immediately took off the bag from him. The zipper was not properly zipped just now, and with this pull, the things in the bag suddenly spilled out.

There were many things in the bag.

The money and the knives fell out of the bag.

Suddenly, Kate saw a little item, which made her feel excited. A peerless bright light flashed in Kate's eyes, like a bright rosy glow shining in the sky around her.

Kate raised her hand excitedly to pick up the small black ring on the ground. Her surprise was so obvious that she even forgot to take the money in the bag.

Kate quickly put it into her pocket, pulled off the bag quietly, turned around and left. She prepared to give the money back to that child's mother.

"Do you want to walk away like that?" The cold voice pierced through Kate's eardrum. The air was so cold that she felt her scalp numb. But Kate still turned her head reluctantly. 'What did Mr. Leng want to do? Did I have to say thank you to him?' she wondered.

Kate stared at Mike suspiciously. She didn't know what he was thinking, but before she opened her mouth, she heard the voice above her head again. "Kate, aren't you really afraid of death?"

'It sounded weird. Was he worried about my safety? No, it couldn't be. He must be making trouble. He had asked me to try the new uniform on, but I dodged a bullet. Then I said something bad about him, and he heard it. So this time, he must take revenge on me, ' Kate thought to herself.

"Thank you for your help, Mr. Leng," Kate said in a neither cold nor warm tone, and her attitude was alienated. She even took a step back vigilantly to keep a distance from Mike. She thought that if she was alone, she could still deal with three robbers.

Mike just stared at the woman who was good at protecting herself. He could see through Kate's mind at a glance, and she was very vigilant against him.

Mike's eyes were covered with a thick black curtain, on which stars were shining, with a trace of unknown emotions. A few seconds later, the footsteps from the upstairs were getting closer and closer. The voice was very noisy. Mike could hear the voice of that child's mother.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, turned around and strode away.

'Kate was smart and capable. She was good at disguising herself, ' Mike thought.

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