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   Chapter 21 You Are A Black-hearted Wretch

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"Miss Xiao..." The two bodyguards looked at each other and whispered, "The monitoring system downstairs is all paralyzed. So..."

"What did you say? Say it again!" Betty shouted. Her laughter suddenly stopped.

"The monitoring system downstairs is all paralyzed. So we can't..." The bodyguard's voice was lower, but Betty could hear it sensitively. Her face suddenly turned pale. It seemed that she got stuck in her throat.

"When will it recover?" Betty gritted her teeth and added, "How could you waste such a good opportunity? You piece of crap!"

"The system has been wiped, and everything has been cleared! So the surveillance video will not come back," one of the security guards said in a low voice.

Betty was completely devastated as she heard these words. 'How could this happen? Is Kate in control of everything? I can't let her keep bullying me!' Betty thought. Her mind was filled with revenge.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was another sound of smashing things in the room. Betty was venting frustrations with throwing things. The two bodyguards did not dare to speak.

At the corner of the corridor, there was a man standing there.

A pair of cold eyes stared at Kate who left complacently. He raised his eyebrows again and again, and his eyes were bright and dazzling, like the handsome devil in hell. 'This woman was getting more and more capable. How could she be familiar with extorting? That's interesting, ' he thought to himself.

When Kate returned to her grandmother's ward, she quietly looked at her grandmother in the ward, feeling sad. She turned around and saw her grandmother's attending doctor. He said, "Miss Xiao, it's time for you to renew it."

"I'll hand it in tomorrow.

I'm sorry. I want to know the general cost of the operation," Kate said to the doctor. She roughly calculated and it was about about three hundred thousand.

"At least two hundred thousand, ' the doctor replied.

Kate frowned. Then she remembered that she calculated the cost according to the standard of the twenty-second century, and now it was the twenty-first century. She smiled secretly, and she had to remember that she was now the twenty-first century's Kate.

If Kate sent two hundred thousand to her brother, she still had one hundred thousand left. Kate's face lit up with joy. It seemed that this deal was worth it.

"Thank you, doctor," she said with a smile.

"There is one more thing that needs to be checked," the doctor said.

"Okay. No problem," Kate nodded.

She looked upstairs and guessed that Betty was throwing a tantrum now. But Betty was too naive to take advantage of Kate. Kate smiled and was about to enter the ward.


"Aunt Liu." Kate turned around and saw Polly rushing over.

"I happened to pass by here. I heard that your grandma was ill, so I bought some nourishment in a hurry. If you need money, just tell me," Polly said as she looked at the ward anxiously.

"No, thanks." Kate pushed back Polly's hand, which was taking out her wallet, and said, "Aunt, I don't need money. I can afford it myself. Don't worry. But I can accept the nourishment you bought. If grandma knows that you are here to visit her, she will be happy."

At midnight, a profound silence reigned on the hospital.

Sitting in the long corridor, Kate was lost in thought. Her grandmother's illness was finally settled, and her brother's money was also settled. However, the money was not in her hand, so she had to cheer up and prepare to ask for money at any time.

A week later.

There was no bodyguard at the VIP ward of Betty.

Vaguely, Kate felt something wrong. She vigilantly looked around, and a hint of cruelty flashed through her sharp eyes.

Without even wearing a mask, Kate pushed away Betty's VIP ward and spread the IOU on the table. "Is the money ready?" she asked.

"Yes, it's ready," Betty said as she took out another card helplessly.

"How much money in the card?" Kate raised the card in her hand. Her grandmother would have an operation in two days, so she had to gather two hundred thousand.

"Of course four hundred thousand," Betty replied.

"Okay, I believe you. But if I don't see the four hundred thousand today, I'm afraid that Daniel won't want to see your face again." Kate continued to threaten Betty, and then approached her gently. Suddenly, Kate found that the purple spots on Betty's face seemed to be much less than before, which should be said to be getting better and even disappearing.

Kate rolled he

r eyes, reached out her hand and quickly scratched Betty's face, saying, "Ah, it seems that your face is better."

"Of course, this is the prescription given by a foreign expert. And I will recover my beauty soon," Betty said proudly and shouted at the door, "Come in!" As she spoke, seven or eight strong bodyguards broke in and quickly surrounded Kate.

Kate calmly looked at the situation in front of her. It seemed that Betty had prepared to fight against her.

Betty sneered. She was sure to win, "Kate, don't think that I can't fight back. Extorting five hundred thousand from me is the evidence. What else do you have to defend yourself? I will send you to the police station, my defeated opponent."

"Wait a minute. I have something to tell you." Kate didn't change her face. She stared at Betty's complacent face and sneered, "You really gave me another four hundred thousand?"

"Of course, that's the evidence." Indeed, Betty had given Kate four hundred thousand. She thought that was the evidence.

"Now that you're telling the truth, I'll tell you the truth too. I just touched your face, and there will be purple spots on it, and they will be itchy, and foreign experts couldn't save you. In ten minutes, purple spots will immediately spread all over your face..."

Betty stared at Kate in disbelief and said unscrupulously and arrogantly, "You are struggling to death. I don't believe you."

At this time, the bodyguards were all staring at Betty's fair face. Gradually, her face changed, and purple spots appeared one after another.

The area was bigger and the color was deeper.

Betty's face was horrible, just like a devil's face!

All the security guards were all shocked. They exchanged nervous glances. But no one dared to say a word.

Seeing the strange eyes of the bodyguards, Betty quickly grabbed the small mirror on the table and looked at herself in the mirror. In the mirror, there was a face with purple spots. Slapping, she immediately threw the mirror away, covered her face with her hands, and shouted, "Get out, all of you! Get out! Stay away from me!"

The security guards were dispersed.

Only Betty and Kate were left in the room.

"Kate, why are you so vicious? Why do you always bully me?" Betty asked angrily.

"I should ask you why you want to kill me." Kate looked coldly at Betty who had taken her hands off her face. Betty's face was totally disfigured, with a hidden evil intention.

"I have given you money. Please help me remove the purple spots on my face! Let's make a deal." Thinking of her ugly face in the mirror, Betty was so angry that she raised her arm and swept away the things on the table.

All the things on the table fell on the floor with a crash.

They scattered around. The room was quickly in a mess.

"No, four hundred thousand is the money for the IOU, not for the treatment of your illness," Kate refused firmly.

"You are a black-hearted wretch!" Betty couldn't help but shout.

"If my heart is too dark, your heart must be made of charcoal! If you want to cure the spot, you can give me the money. Then I will help you," said Kate calmly. She wouldn't let herself be framed by Betty.

Realizing that she had made a slip of the tongue just now, Betty thought, 'How could Kate help me? How could I believe her?'

"If someone can cure it, how could these purple spots come back again and again? So don't play tricks," Betty said. "If you don't want to be cured, it's good. I believe that you will soon eliminate the socialite group in A City, and how can Daniel like a woman with purple spots on her face? Think about it, in A City, the Gu Family is the most powerful family, and there are many beautiful girls waiting to be with Daniel. So you will..."

"How much do you want?" Betty gritted her teeth and interrupted Kate. She couldn't lose the glory of being the lady of the Xiao Family, nor could she lose the elegant and noble Daniel.

"One set of medicine, fifty thousand dollars! What do you think?" Kate asked.

"You'd better rob," Betty replied.

"Okay, then see you later." Kate turned around and was about to leave.

"Deal!" Betty shouted. She felt that her chest was being cut and bleeding.

Not far from the corridor, a slender figure with a faint smell of tobacco, with a cold breath, stood quietly in the distance. He saw Kate holding the bank card and leaving. Her beautiful lips raised slightly.

'This girl was getting bolder and more skilled at extorting money!' he wondered.

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