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   Chapter 20 Love Is Free

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In the senior VIP ward.

After sending Daniel away, Betty took a few sips of juice complacently and was ready to rest.

She got into the quilt leisurely and looked at the door with concern. Two bodyguards stood straight at the door, exceptionally vigilant. She exhaled slightly.

Betty closed her eyes and almost fell asleep.

All of a sudden, she heard some noise.

Then the door opened.

Betty's heart skipped a beat. She quickly raised her eyelids, and when she saw a white nurse uniform, her heart returned to silence. She said unhappily, "Haven't you checked everything that should be checked? I need to rest now. You can leave now."

Betty ordered the nurse to leave.

With a loud noise, the door was locked from inside. The nurse ignored her voice and walked straight to the bedside. She slowly pulled down the mask on her face and said, "Betty, do you really think you are the lady of the Xiao Family?"

Her words were extremely sarcastically.

The familiar tune made Betty's eyes wide open. Then she sprang up from the bed instinctively, as if she was frightened.

Betty looked at the person who took off the mask in horror. It was not a nurse, but the woman in nurse uniform. She was Kate.

Then she looked at the bodyguards outside the door, who were still standing as before. Suddenly, Betty was so angry that she found no clues when Kate disguised as a nurse and sneaked into her room. The two bodyguards didn't find anything.

Betty instinctively shrank back into the bed, but her face became fierce. "Kate, what else do you want to do?" No matter what, it was Betty's people outside the door, while Kate was alone. Considering her means, Betty still had some scruples.

"Did I do something wrong or did you and your mother engage in prostitution at the same time?" Kate retorted indifferently with contempt in her eyes.

"You!" Betty replied angrily. She found that Kate was getting more and more eloquent.

"Am I wrong? Your mother seduced my father, and you seduced your future brother-in-law. It turns out that the mistress has been inherited from generation to generation! The gene is very powerful!" Kate sat opposite Betty, with her hands crossed over her chest and sharp eyes.

Betty and her mother not only took away Kate's childhood.

They also took away Kate's father's love to her.

And stole Kate's family.

Today, Betty's mother provoked Kate's grandma first!

So Kate would not let Betty go easily!

"I like my brother-in-law, and he also likes me! This is our freedom of love!" Betty said proudly.

"Bullshit! If you have nothing, will Daniel like you? Use your corroded brain and think about it." Kate pointed out Betty's weakness, "Or Daniel just likes the title of the lady of the Xiao Family. Do you think that he wants to like a common girl? Then why didn't he like you, who named Amy before?"

Kate deliberately exposed the past of Betty.

"Nonsense!" Betty raised her white finger and pointed at Kate. Her eyes were a little flustered, but she said firmly, "My brother-in-law and I love each other. He won't believe you, nor will he like you! Call off the engagement immediately!"

Betty's heart beat fast as she said this.

Looking at Betty's white fingers, which were as thin as the tip of scallion and as white as milk, Kate sneered, "That's funny."

Seeing that Kate stared at her finger with a sneer and a murderous look in her eyes, Betty was shocked and trembled all over. She quickly retracted her finger. Betty's finger was a secret weapon to her to play the musical instrument, so she couldn't damage it.

Moreover, Daniel liked to watch Betty playing the musical instrument. She remembered that in the elegant residence, he enjoyed the music while drink

r bag. After hesitating for a while, she closed her eyes and opened them again. She threw the card into Kate's left palm and said, "The password is... It's my... It's my birthday."

"You owe me two hundred thousand. I need to write an IOU. In a minute!" Kate glanced at Betty, clenched the card in her hand, and said with a fierce look, "If you lie to me, there will be more purple spots on your face. Will Daniel like to face an ugly woman all day long? Think about that."

"You!" Betty shouted. She wished she could tear Kate into pieces, but she couldn't do that at present.

With an enchanting smile on her face, Kate said, "I'll call you at any time!"

Clenching her fists, Betty gritted her teeth and thought, 'I will send this bitch to the police station tomorrow.'

"Remove the syringe!" Betty stared at the syringe on her arm, trembling with fear. She knew the danger of the virus, so she couldn't take the risk.

'But I could make Kate happy for one night, because she would die tomorrow, ' Betty thought to herself.

After Kate swaggered away, Betty, who had nowhere to vent her anger, shouted in the room and smashed things, which alarmed the two bodyguards who protected her.

"Miss Xiao!"

"Miss Xiao! Is everything okay?"

Two bodyguards rushed in together.

"You two losers!" Betty pointed at their noses and cursed, "That bitch just came in and took one hundred thousand from me. But you two did nothing!"


"What?! Really?"

The two bodyguards were stunned. They looked at each other. 'Wasn't the nurse who came in and went out just now?' they thought.

"Fuck off! Get away from me!" Betty was so angry that she grabbed something on the bed and threw it at the bodyguards.

After throwing the things for a while, the anger that rose and fell on her chest finally dissipated a little. Betty looked up at the camera on the wall and scolded loudly, "Hurry up! Copy the recording!"

"Okay, Miss Xiao, we will do it immediately." The two of them held their heads and left.

A few minutes later.

The two bodyguards returned to the ward, while Betty said happily, "If there is evidence of racketeering, that bitch will immediately be sent to the police station, and I will let her stay there for the rest of her life! I will let her never see the sun! We'll see about that!"

Betty clenched her teeth and burst into laughter. "Kate, you are still defeated by me. There is always someone bigger than you, you bastard!" she laughed and shouted.

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