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   Chapter 120 (Part Two)

Love Song: K.O. My CEO Husband By Min Xiaoxi Characters: 9288

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He raised his head and closed his eyes. Hot water rushed all the way from his face to his body.

He put on the bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom while wiping his dripping hair. After wiping his hair without any water, he walked towards the bedroom.

However, when he opened the bedroom door, he didn't see Alina. When he was confused, he saw something on the bedside table. He walked over and found an envelope.

Suddenly, a sense of uneasiness came over him. He quickly opened the envelope and took out what was inside. As expected, when he unfolded the letter and saw the content, he couldn't believe what he had seen. Sadness and anger overwhelmed him, and he was worried.

It was a line of beautiful words, "honey, this is the last time I call you like this. When you saw this letter, I had already left. I know you will be angry. You have never mentioned that in front of me, but I know you know it in my heart. You deliberately pretended not to know in order not to make me sad. But I can't. I'm no longer the old Alina. I hate my own body. I know how dirty I am. You will never understand the pain in my heart. Only after going through these will you know how painful I am. I wanted to die more than once, but when I saw the wound on my wrist, I didn't want anything. You don't know how much I love you, but now I don't deserve you at all. The period in Greek was the happiest time in my life, and I will remember it forever. I put the divorce agreement inside. I hope you can be happy. Alina! "

Bertram crumpled the note in his hand into a ball and threw it on the ground angrily. Although it was already midnight, there were still many cars and pedestrians on the street. Bertram looked for her crazily. But he didn't see her.

It had been a long time since he felt so scared. It was not until she suddenly disappeared five years ago that he realized how much he loved her. Five years later, she came back to him again. He had thought that they would be together forever, but he did not expect that she would leave him again.

He knew what she was thinking. He was afraid that she would be sad, so he deliberately didn't mention what happened that day and took her out for a trip. He thought she had put it down and stopped thinking about it, but now only two pieces of paper were left for him!

Suddenly, something occurred to him. He quickly turned the steering wheel and drove the car in another direction. In the brightly lit night, some people just came out of KTV or bar, and some people ate night snacks and drank beer to go home. A black Porsche was driving like the wind in the night, completely ignoring how many red lights it had run.

The car stopped in front of an apartment of the West River dam. Bertram got off the car in a hurry and wa

the airport now!" Jeffrey said, who was the first to react. Bertram suddenly thought of something and turned to the car. The two of them arrived at the airport at the same time. They ran to the duty manager and asked for the departure records from yesterday to today, but they didn't find Alina's name. Now, he didn't know where to look for her.

Almost all the places had been searched. After coming out of the airport, Bertram walked towards the car and said, "let's look for her separately. We'll meet at the JH Road at noon." Then he got on the car and drove away.

Seeing the car drive away, Jeffrey quickly got in the car. As soon as he fastened his seat belt, his phone rang in his bag. While driving, he pressed the answer key. "Hello?"

"General manager, the meeting is about to begin." The sweet voice of his secretary came from the other end of the line.

"I have something to deal with now and postpone the meeting to tomorrow."

Then he hung up the phone. He put the phone on the seat and continued to drive forward.

Alina woke up early in the morning. To be exact, she didn't sleep well last night. Her eyes were still a little swollen. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked out of the window at the sunshine. She liked the morning sunshine, so dazzling. But now she didn't feel anything.

Candice pushed the door open and came in. Seeing that Alina was sitting in front of the window and staring blankly out of the window, she walked in quietly. "Alina."

Alina didn't turn around, but smiled faintly. "Candice, look, the sun is rising."

Candice followed Alina's eyes, but she didn't care about the sun. Instead, she felt sorry for her when she saw her pale face.

She knew clearly how much hardship Alina had suffered these years. When they first met, she had lived a happy life. But now, she felt sorry for her.

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