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   Chapter 118 The Flag Raising Ceremony (Part Two)

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Looking at the bright lights in front of her and the lights on the city building, Alina liked the feeling of being lit up.

Bertram just passed by here a lot, but he never stopped to take a serious look at the place that all the Chinese people yearned for. But he didn't expect to come here tonight.

Looking at the portrait on the city wall, Alina smiled and said, "in the past, you could see this place in both primary school and middle school books. I lived in this city since I was a child. Now I realize that I don't know anything about this city."

Alina used to like playing around, but she didn't like too serious places. Many famous scenic spots in B City were very solemn, so she rarely came here.

Unexpectedly, when they stopped. The solemn building was already in front of them.

"Speaking of this, I haven't come here to see the flag raising ceremony since I was born." She had never been here before. Except for seeing it on TV once in 2008, she had never known how it would feel if one day she stood in this square and watched the national flag flying up into the blue sky.

"Do you want to see it?" Bertram asked softly.

Alina smiled and said slowly, "yes, I do."

"Let's come together tomorrow." He would satisfy her whatever she wanted.

Standing on the golden water bridge, she looked down at the clear lake, which looked even more beautiful in the light. Alina just watched quietly without saying a word.

It was already ten o'clock when they got back to the apartment. Bertram walked into the bedroom while drying his hair. Seeing that Alina was reading a book on the bedside table, he threw the towel on the dressing table, walked to the bed and sat down. "What book are you reading?" He asked in a low voice.

Alina raised her head and smiled, "nothing. Just a casual look."

Bertram lay down and held Alina in his arms. "Alina, did I say that I love you today?" He asked in a soft voice

Alina smiled and said nothing.

"I want to see you before I close my eyes every day. Every morning when I open my eyes, the first one I see is you."

Leaning against his chest, Alina closed her eyes and listened to his heartbeat. She was so reluctant to leave his chest. If only it could belong to her forever.

But she knew that she couldn't be too greedy. These days, he had been with her every day to satisfy her. They went to Greek. They took wedding photos in Aegean Sea and held their second wedding there.

As soon as she raised her head, she saw the photo ha

tioned to anyone, but unexpectedly, the Astronomical Advertisement Company would be one step ahead of them.

This could only prove one reason, that was the plan was stolen! The Top Media had always been a competitor to the Astronomical Advertisement Company. Such a thing had never happened before. It came so suddenly that everyone was taken aback.

Bertram had announced to the public that he would launch the advertising plan next Monday, but he didn't expect such a thing to happen at this moment. It was almost impossible to make a new plan in these short days.

In the meeting room, everyone lowered their heads in silence. No one knew what had happened. Even the Design Department didn't know what was going on.

Bertram raised his head and asked Mindy, "Mindy, you are the main designer of this plan. I want to know who else has seen this plan besides the Design Department?"

"Mr. Bertram, I have been designing and keeping the design plan all the time. No one has seen it, but I really don't know what's going on."

Bertram lowered his eyes and said nothing.

Angel, who was sitting next to Bertram, said, "Mr. Bertram, no matter what, the Design Department has something to do with this accident, and the Top Media will suffer a heavy loss because of it!"

Of course, Bertram knew how bad this matter was. He had seen the plan before and found it perfect. He had also thought that if everything went smoothly, it would bring a considerable amount of income to the Top Media. But now such a thing happened, which was also a shock to the Top Media.

Since there was only one week left before next Monday, it was too late to start the new design.

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