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   Chapter 116 The Last Time (Part Two)

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Then he leaned over to kiss her and danced with her. Alina took the initiative to approach him and responded, making the kiss warm up.

Her action undoubtedly stimulated Bertram's nerves. However, Alina suddenly pushed her away. Bertram looked at her in confusion. With a smile on her face, Alina said softly, "have you forgotten what I said just now?"

Alina then ignored him and said, "don't sleep with me tonight. Make your own bed. You promised me!" And this sentence was like the most vicious curse in the world.

Then, to Bertram's astonishment, she sneaked back to her room and closed the door in a hurry.

Bertram, who was left in the living room, couldn't believe that Alina would leave him alone cruelly.

Looking at the closed door, he stood up, walked over, knocked a few times, and shouted, "Alina, let me in, okay?" He said kindly.

However, Alina didn't appreciate it at all. She leaned against the door and couldn't help smiling. "I didn't force you. You promised me. You can figure it out by yourself."

Then she walked to the big bed in front of her and threw herself on the soft bed. Standing outside the room and listening to her joyful laughter, Bertram finally realized that she was the most hateful woman in the world. At the same time, he was regretting why he agreed to her so soon.

He had already felt the wrong look in her eyes, but had agreed to it at the time out of fear that she would get angry. But he didn't expect that it would hurt himself.

Alas, it seemed that he couldn't sleep well tonight. Now he just wanted to take a cold shower in the bathroom.

However, if she thought she could get away with him so easily, it would be a big mistake. He would keep the account.

However, Alina had no idea of Bertram's pain. Sh

he still thought it was childish. But as long as he thought that Alina liked it, he had to accompany her.

Alina shouted excitedly, having fun. Then the two played a lot. At last, when Alina saw something in front of her, her eyes lit up. She held Bertram's hand and shouted, "honey, let's go there..."

Bertram looked up and found it was a ghost house. His face darkened immediately.

She dragged him to buy two tickets. Suddenly, Alina turned around and said, "it's my first time to play this, so you have to walk in front of me!" Alina took it for granted.

Bertram laughed and shook his head helplessly. "Since you are afraid, why do you still want to play?"

"I'm not afraid at all. I'm just curious because I've never been in there. You're a man. Of course you have to go ahead. "

Then she held his hand and walked in. There were also many people going inside together. To be honest, Alina regretted as soon as she entered. A gust of cold air swept over her. She held Bertram's hand tightly and approached him slowly.

They kept walking. But at this time, a zombie suddenly jumped out. Frightened, Alina screamed and quickly buried her head in Bertram's chest.

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