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   Chapter 43 Divorce Agreement (Part One)

Love Song: K.O. My CEO Husband By Min Xiaoxi Characters: 7390

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"Later, your father got angry and sad when he knew about it. Once, when the two met, Bertram's father saw them, so he took Bertram's mother away. Since then, they haven't seen each other again. "

Listening to Vicky's story, Alina remembered that Nicole also told her about it. But it seemed that he didn't tell her everything. He just told her briefly. She didn't expect this to happen.

It turned out that her father and Bertram's mother had known each other a long time ago.

"At that time, your father locked himself in the room for several days. Later, I don't know who told him that Bertram's mother was sick and was in the hospital, so your father ran out secretly without telling your grandfather, but he happened to see her running out of the hospital. At this time, a car was coming. Your father pushed her away in order to save her, but he didn't expect that she was hit by another car... "

Alina widened her eyes. She couldn't believe what had happened before. Now she understood why Bertram hated her so much. It turned out that he had believed that his mother was killed by her father.

This time, Alina didn't say anything, because she didn't know what to say.

No wonder he was so angry when she touched his mother's photo in his office.

All of a sudden, Alina thought of something. She looked at Vicky and said, "Mom, didn't you tell me that grandpa and Nicole had been friends for generations?"

Speaking of this, Vicky said sadly, "those are all lies to you."

"What?" Alina looked at her in shock.

"In fact, your grandpa and Nicole just had cooperation, but they are not old friends at all. At most, they are just business friends. I told you that at that time because I didn't want you to know our relationship with the Jin family."

Alina slumped onto the bed, letting her tears run down her cheeks. She didn't feel anything now.

When Bertram returned to his apartment, he didn't see Alina. He knew that now she had known everything, and what had happened to her father, of course she wouldn't come back so soon.

But why did he feel that the house was so empty now? And he felt a little unaccustomed to it.

Maybe he had been used to her existence these days. No

phone, she tried several times, but no one answered.

Somehow, Alina felt uneasy and flustered. She called her mother several times again, but no one answered. She was so anxious that she was about to cry. Suddenly, a phone number flashed through her mind. Without hesitation, she dialed it.

The phone was picked up after ringing twice.

"Hello, this is Simon!"

"Simon..." Alina's voice sounded anxious. After hearing his voice, her tears, which she had been holding back, fell like pearls with broken strings.


"Simon... I called mom, but... But no one answered. I... I'm so worried. I don't know what to do... " Alina choked with sobs, her hands shaking.

"Where are you now?" Simon asked in a low voice.

"I... I'm in the apartment... "

"Okay, wait a minute. I'll be right there."

Then he hung up the phone. He picked up the coat on the chair and ran out like a whirlwind.

"Mr. Simon..." Before his secretary, who was about to come in, could react, Simon had disappeared at the door.

Alina paced back and forth anxiously in the apartment. She was getting more and more worried, with her palms sweating. She called several more times, but no one answered.

Since her father passed away, her mother dismissed Alma, so she was the only one in the family. Her mother had been staying at home these days and wouldn't go out at all. However, neither her phone nor the family phone was answered. Alina was getting more and more worried.

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