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   Chapter 39 A Bolt From The Blue (Part One)

Love Song: K.O. My CEO Husband By Min Xiaoxi Characters: 7044

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Seeing her crying so sadly, Bertram's heart was not much better. But when he heard her say she loved Simon just now, he didn't know why, but felt painful and even angry.

"Let's go!" Then he pulled up Alina and took her into the car.

After returning to the apartment, Bertram didn't say a word to her. Alina also didn't know what to say. There seemed to be a strange relationship between the two.

On the second day, Alina had a fever again. Bertram didn't go to the company, but stayed in the apartment. He had called the doctor and prescribed some medicine, but she was still in a coma.

After knowing that she was missing, he didn't know how anxious he was. When Carlton called and told him that he had found her, he was excited. And when he knew that his guess was right, he was very angry. But he didn't know if he was angry with her or himself.

In fact, he had already seen the unusual relationship between them at the golden wedding party of Nolan last time, but he did not expect that the one she loved was really Simon.

He found that he began to care about her previous life. He didn't feel relieved until he saw her safe in that villa yesterday. But when he heard her say she loved Simon, he still couldn't accept it.

The woman lying on the bed was frowning. Obviously, she didn't sleep well. Before he could realize it, his hand had already touched her cheek.

"Bertram... Help me. " Murmured Alina in her sleep. When Bertram heard her calling his name, he was shocked. But more was satisfaction.

What he didn't expect was that she still remembered him, which made him feel happy. He couldn't help smiling.

In a daze, Alina felt someone was taking care of her. He changed the towel for her and fed her water. But she still felt dizzy and couldn't see clearly who was taking care of her.

Although she couldn't see him clearly, she could feel his breath. But when she woke up, she didn't see the figure she wanted to see. She couldn't help feeling disappointed. She felt better and her head was not as heavy as before. Alina got out of bed with bare feet.

When she opened

of a sudden, Mary felt so sad. It turned out that the man she had done everything for loved another woman. But she didn't know. And she was insulted so much at her engagement ceremony.

Mary had been the apple of her family's eyes since she was born. No one had ever insulted her like this. But now she was defeated by a woman she never knew. How could she accept it?

"You should know that I have never promised to be engaged to you." Simon looked at her and said ruthlessly.

Yes, he was right. He didn't promise to get engaged to her from the beginning. She told grandpa about it herself. Her grandfather agreed her to marry him and Simon also didn't object. But she forgot that he didn't agreed either.

Who else could she blame for all this? It turned out that she was the only one living in her dream.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, but she didn't care at all. She smiled sarcastically, "I see. It's because I think too highly of myself. I'm too proud of myself. I thought you loved me, but at least you admitted that I was your girlfriend in front of everyone, wasn't it?" She looked at him and asked calmly.

"I admit that you are my girlfriend because of her!" He said mercilessly again. He admitted that she was his girlfriend in public because of Alina. He was still in Japan that day, and the company was holding a fashion show. A large number of media and audience were present.

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