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   Chapter 30 Misunderstanding (Part Two)

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"Tell me, what happened? Where am I? "

"This is Jinxi Hotel,"

"Why am I here? And what's wrong with you? " Bertram stared at her and asked indifferently.

"Last night, you talked about the contract with Mr. Steve from Golden Coast. Later, you drank too much. I was going to send you back, but I saw that you drank too much. I was afraid that Mrs. Alina would worry about you when you went back, so I sent you here. But when I was about to leave, Mr. Bertram, you held my hand and didn't let me go. And you also murmured something. "

Seeing that Bertram's face was getting worse and worse, she said in a hurry, "I was very scared at that time, but Mr. Bertram, you... I... "

Even if she didn't finish her sentence, Bertram could guess what she meant.

Not wanting to know whether she was telling the truth or not, Bertram got out of bed, put on his clothes and walked into the bathroom as soon as possible.

When the bathroom door was closed, the woman on the bed smiled slightly.

After coming out, he stared at the woman standing by the bed and said coldly, "I will pretend that it has never happened. Don't mention it again! I'll tell the Personnel Department to give you a promotion later! " Hearing what he said, she was stunned. Of course she understood what he meant. He meant that he wouldn't let her work with him in the future.

How could she be reconciled? Things had finally come to this, and she had finally taken a step closer to him. How could she just leave him like this.

When she was about to say something, Bertram didn't even give her the chance and went out directly.

When Alina woke up, she found that Bertram really didn't come back. Thinking of the phone call last night, she sneered. Wasn't it just a commercial marriage between the two of them? What was she thinking about?

She walked into the kitchen and heated the food. When she was about to eat, the door was opened and then closed. She raised her head and saw him.

Bertram looked at her and then walked in. He threw his coat into the sofa casually, which was his habit for so long.

Alina didn't say anything, nor did she ask where he went last night. Because someone had already told her.

The silence between the two seemed a little weird. Bertram went straight into the study and closed the door with a bang. Alina still ate her breakfast without saying anything.

She didn't care why he looked unhappy. When she finished breakfast and was about to go into the kitchen to clean up, the door of the study suddenly opened. Bertram stood at the door and said coldly, "give me a glass of milk!"

He wanted to say coffee, but it turned out to be milk as he spoke out. It was so ironic.

Alina didn't say anything. After a pause, she heard the door closing and walked towards the kitchen.

She put the milk on the desk and was about to turn around to go out when she heard his cold voice from behind, "stop!"

Alina stopped, but didn't turn around. She asked calmly, "do you have anything else?"

"Don't you ask me where I went last night?" Yesterday, he called her and told her that he would come back for dinner, although something had happened later. But when he came back and saw her indifferent look, he was even angrier.

She said lightly, "that's your business, and I don't want to ask more."

Her words undoubtedly irritated Bertram. He suppressed his anger and said, "so, even if I sleep with another woman, you don't care, do you?"

She turned around, looked into his angry eyes and said calmly, "what do you want to say? What do you want to tell me? "

Bertram pulled her over, stared at her eyes and said, "it seems that you really don't care."

Without showing any weakness, Alina said, "why should I care? That's your business, not mine! "

"Damn it!" Then he lowered his head and kissed her lips madly. Well, she succeeded in provoking his anger.

But he didn't let her go. In her scream, he swept the things on the desk to the ground in an instant. And the glass of milk also fell and made a crisp sound, with milk sprinkling all over the ground. Then he pressed her on the table regardless of her struggle.

Tears slowly fell down along her cheeks. In order not to cry out, she tightly bit her white hand.

Seeing the things scattered on the ground in the study, Bertram suddenly felt ridiculous. 'Why would I care about h

er feelings? She is just the target of my revenge, isn't she? Why am I so angry when I heard her indifferent tone?'

When he returned to the company, he saw Angel still sitting in the Secretary Office. He couldn't help frowning. Seeing Bertram come in, she hurried to his office. "Mr. Bertram, I..."

"Didn't I tell Sara? Why are you still here? " He asked coldly.

"Mr. Bertram, it's all my fault. Please don't transfer me to another department. I like my current work very much."

However, Bertram didn't pay any attention to her. He put down his business bag and dialed the internal line, "call Director Sara of the Human Resources Department in!"

"Mr. Bertram..."

She found that he was really serious. She suddenly felt a little flustered.

Bertram turned on the computer and ignored her. After a while, Sara Shen knocked on the door and came in. She looked at Angel standing aside and then asked Bertram, "Mr. Bertram, what can I do for you?"

Bertram raised his head, looked at Sara and asked seriously, "didn't I inform you this morning? How did you do it? "

Seeing that he seemed to be in a bad mood, Sara quickly explained, "Mr. Bertram, I dealt with it as soon as I received your order, but I don't know why Miss Angel is still here."

"Really?" Bertram turned to Angel and said, "so you don't obey your boss' order?"

"No, Mr. Bertram, I..."

Angel swore that it was the first time that she had seen Bertram so angry. Although he didn't show much, she could tell that he was really angry.

She had been working for him for two years, so she was good at gauging his mind. But she didn't expect that he was mad at her.

"No, thanks. I hate employees without executive power the most. From tomorrow on, you don't have to come to work. I will tell the Financial Department to settle your salary for this month."

"Mr. Bertram..."

Angel didn't expect that he was so serious this time and wanted to fire her. Standing aside, Sara didn't expect that Mr. Bertram would fire such a capable secretary.

Everyone in the company knew that during the past two years when Miss Angel worked for Mr. Bertram, her working ability was not inferior at all. Every time she would take care of her work in an orderly way without any flaws.

This morning, Mr. Bertram told her that he wanted to give Angel a promotion. She believed that Mr. Bertram must have taken a fancy to her ability and wanted her to continue to work for the company. But she didn't expect that he would fire her now. It was unbelievable. She thought she had misheard.

"Mr. Bertram, please don't fire me. I will transfer to another department." Angel said anxiously. If she really left in this way, it would be difficult for her to see him in the future. If she was transferred, at least she was still in the company and could be with him. Even if she couldn't be so close to him, at least she could see him.

"Mr. Bertram, Secretary Angel has been working very hard. Although I don't know why she did this, please forgive her for what she has done for the company." Said Sara, who was standing aside.

Although she didn't like Angel, it was undeniable that she was indeed a rare talent. Few people could win her in work. It was indeed a loss to the company if she was fired.

In the past two years, she had helped Mr. Bertram sign a lot of contracts, which were quite good.

When Bertram was about to say something, the door of the office was suddenly opened and Charles swaggered in.

"Yo, what's wrong here? Didn't I come at the right time? "

"Why are you here?" Bertram frowned and asked.

"Of course I just came here because I miss you. Why don't you welcome me?" Then he sat on the sofa with his legs crossed.

"You go out first." Bertram said to the two standing there.

Angel looked around and found it inappropriate to say anything more, so she had to turn around and leave.

"Tell me, why are come here?"

"Didn't I tell you? I miss you. "

Seeing the cheeky smile on Charles's face, Bertram glared at him and said, "say it quickly. I'm still busy."

Charles stopped joking anymore. He turned serious and said, "Carlton is injured!"

"What happened?"

"He can't go back now, so he is in the suite if Jinxi Hotel and Leighton is over there."

Bertram thought for a while and said, "is it because of the people at the wedding last time?"

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