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   Chapter 29 Misunderstanding (Part One)

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Alina glared at him and said, "aren't you working?" Why did he come out so soon?

"I think your milk really works. After drinking it, I really feel a little sleepy." He stared at her and said.

"Go to sleep if you are sleepy."

"I'm here now. This is my bedroom. I didn't go wrong. "

Alina blushed and said, "then... I'm going out. "

Just as she was about to leave in a hurry, a force behind suddenly pulled her back. Before she could say anything, her lips were covered.

Since Bertram agreed her to go to work, Alina felt very happy. Then she received a call from the airline. After getting everything ready, she came to the company.

Of course, the happiest person to see her was Candice. As soon as she saw her, she rushed over.

"Alina, I'm so happy to hear that you're going back to work."

Alina was also happy. In fact, she didn't expect that Bertram would ask her to work all of a sudden. She had thought that she would never be here again.

"Thank you. Where are you flying today?"

"New York. I'll take you inside first. You're still on the same flight as me."


It had been a long time since they came back. Alina couldn't hide her excitement.

Maybe Bertram was not as hateful as she thought. In fact, after getting along with him for several days, she found that he was actually good.

Since Bertram agreed her to go to work, her life was no longer boring. Bertram also stayed in the company all day long and went home less than before.

On the night she came back from the United States, Alina had prepared a table of dishes, but he didn't come back as she waited for a long time. She wanted to call him, but she was afraid that he was still busy, so she had to give up.

Just then, her phone rang. Seeing that it was from Bertram, Alina picked it up immediately.


But when she heard the voice over there, she was stunned.

"Is it Mrs. Alina? Manager Jin is with a client tonight. He drank too much, so he may not be able to come back. "

It was not Bertram, but his secretary.

"Okay." Alina stammered, not knowing what to say. After hanging up the phone, Alina suddenly felt a little sad. Why did she have such a feeling?

Why was Bertram's phone in Angel's hand? Did he ask her to call him?

On the other side, when Angel hung up the phone, a sinister smile appeared on her face. In fact, it was not Bertram who asked her to call him, because she overheard him talking to Alina on the phone today, saying that he would go back for dinner.

But Mr. Steve from Golden Coast asked him out to talk about the cooperation last time, so Bertram had to meet him first.

As his secretary, she was in charge of this cooperation case, so she naturally went with him.

Steve Yang was a good drinker, so the person who talked with him about cooperation must have to be a very good drinker, or he would feel boring. So she pretended to go to the bathroom when they were drinking and picked up Bertram's phone when he was not noticing.

Although Bertram was good at drinking, Steve had been in the business world for more than thirty years, so he was better at drinking than him. In addition, he loved drinking, so in the end, the two of them looked a little dizzy.

Steve liked straightforward people most, and he appreciated Bertram's success in such a young age, so he immediately signed his name on the contract.

After Steve left, Angel saw Bertram lying on the chair with a sexy smile on her face.

"Mr. Bertram, let me drive you home."

Bertram didn't hear what she said and didn't know who she was. Ange

l managed to lift Bertram up and stopped a taxi when they came out.

"Go to Jinxi Hotel." After telling the driver the place name, the car started to drive forward.

Seeing the drunken man next to her, Angel was overjoyed. Maybe after tomorrow, their relationship would be closer, not only just superior and subordinate. She had been tired of it for a long time. If it weren't for Alina, things wouldn't be like this now.

In fact, she brought him to Jinxi Hotel on purpose. This was the hotel of the Jin family, and all the people here knew him. In this way, there was no need for her to say, and there were naturally people spreading their rumors it for her. At that time, he had to acknowledge.

Sure enough, as soon as they entered the door, they attracted a lot of people's attention. When the lobby manager saw it was Bertram, he immediately ran up to him.

"Mr. Bertram? Why are you here? "

"Mr. Bertram is drunk. Get a room ready."

"Yes, Miss Angel." The lobby manager immediately ordered the receptionist. Then Angel took Bertram into the elevator.

When she came out of the bathroom, she saw the man lying on the bed. After drinking, he looked more sexy. She smiled charmingly and walked slowly towards him.

She had just taken a shower, so her hair was still wet and she only wore the bathrobe provided by the hotel. She sat beside the bed and looked at the man with his eyes closed. Her fingers gently scratched his handsome face. Who wouldn't fall in love with such a handsome and charming man? She had been with him for two years, and her heart had been filled by him for a long time. There was no room for anyone else. She thought as long as she stayed with him, he would see something more about her. But unexpectedly, he got married all of a sudden without letting anyone know it in advance.

The wedding held by the Jin family shocked the whole business circle. However, she was not reconciled. She had worked so hard and accompanied him for so long. Why did she end up with nothing?

She didn't want to be his secretary anymore. She wanted to live in his heart.

Who the hell was Alina? She just came from a rich family. There was nothing else of Alina that could compare with her. She had been working hard in the past two years, hoping to make him look at her differently, but he had always been indifferent to her.

Since that day, when she saw him having dinner with Alina in the office, if she didn't know his temper very well, she would have thrown the lunchbox in her hand directly on Alina's face.

Seeing that their relationship was getting better and better, she felt that if she didn't take some actions, she would have no chance. No one could take him man away from her!

She got close to him and kissed his eyebrows, his eyelashes and his nose.

Feeling the touch, Bertram opened his misty eyes and saw the fair and sweet face in front of him...

When the morning sunshine came in through the window, it made the room warm. Bertram rubbed his aching temples and opened his eyes in pain.

His keen sense told him that something was wrong. 'Why am I here? What's this place?'

Soon he found the woman lying next to him, and his sleepiness disappeared in an instant.

"Why are you here?" When he saw the woman lying beside him, Bertram had no idea of what was going on.

Angel slowly opened her eyes and saw the anger in Bertram's eyes. She immediately pulled the quilt tightly and said obsequiously, "Mr. Bertram, do you really forget?"

Seeing that she was about to cry, Bertram felt that his head was about to crack.

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