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   Chapter 28 Lunch (Part Two)

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He was also wearing a suit at home, and also looked serious. But now he felt that he was more composed and reserved.

Sitting in the spacious office, she looked more attractive.

She put the box on the desk and said, "I happened to pass by here. I think you haven't had lunch yet, so I..."

Glancing at the lunch box on the table, he smiled and looked into her eyes. "So, you bring me lunch?"

She nodded slightly and said, "I just passed by here and didn't expect to come in, so I bought some casually across the street."

Seeing her open the box in front of him, Bertram felt a little sweet.

Soon, she smelled the taste of food. She didn't feel hungry before, but now she began to feel hungry.

"What's this?" She saw something unknown in the box. It seemed that she hadn't seen it before, but it smelled good.

"I don't know what you like to eat, so I bought this steak rice."

Seeing so many food there, she didn't know what to buy. She didn't know whether he would like to eat it or not.

"It looks good. Let's eat together."

Seeing that he didn't dislike it, Alina nodded with a smile and opened another box of rice.

"Manager Jin..." When Angel came in with a bento, she saw them sitting on the sofa and eating together. She was stunned.

Alina? When did she come? Why didn't she know. And the two of them were having dinner together.

Seeing Angel suddenly break in, Bertram couldn't help frowning and said coldly, "When did you learn to come in without knocking?"

"Uh I'm sorry, Manager Jin. I didn't know you were eating. I was going to bring you lunch. "

"No, you can go out now."

"Yes, sir." Although she was not reconciled, she did not dare to say anything more. She gave Alina a hard look, turning around and leaving.

Bertram's mood was not affected by Angel's sudden intrude. He finished the meal soon with an unsatisfied look on his face.

"Why is the food so delicious today?" It seemed that she could just order food across the road now on.

Alina put the box into a bag with her and said, "Then I have to go back to work."

Bertram sudden

logy confused Bertram.

"Why do you say sorry?"

"Eat the porridge quickly, or it will be cold again. These dishes are very light, which was good for your stomach and intestines."

Bertram didn't say anything more. He just smiled at her and began to eat.

While Alina was cleaning the table, Bertram went into the bathroom to wash his tiredness.

As before, Alina brought the hot milk into the study and saw him typing on the keyboard and gently putting the milk aside.

"It's late. Go to bed early."

"Okay, you go to sleep first."

Seeing that he didn't take his eyes off the keyboard, Alina didn't say anything more, turning around and walking out.

When the door was closed, Bertram looked up and smiled at the milk on the table. Well, it seemed that there would be only milk at home in the future.

Then he looked back at the computer.

After hanging the washed clothes in the closet, Alina tidied up his clothes, pushing and opening his bedroom, putting them in the closet.

As soon as she put it away and turned around, she rushed into someone.


Alina was startled. She raised her head and found it was him. Why didn't he make any sound every time he walked.

"You scared me to death."

"What are you thinking?"

"I'm not thinking about anything. It's all your sudden appearing that scared me."

Bertram smiled and said, "Then I apologize to you."

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