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   Chapter 23 A gift (Part One)

Love Song: K.O. My CEO Husband By Min Xiaoxi Characters: 7379

Updated: 2020-06-23 00:02

Bertram closed his eyes and said indifferently, "I'm not interested."

He never loved that kind of place. He would rather stay in the company than go to that kind of place. He would feel annoyed when he saw those people.

Rolling his eyes, Charles walked over and said, "I said, this is specially prepared for you. What's the meaning of not going there?"

"Charles is right." "Bertram, you can't stay at work all day long. You'd better take a break from time to time. Besides, today's Party is specially prepared for you. You should at least cooperate with us, right?" Leighton aid.

He looked at the men in front of him, as if they were going to tie him up even if they didn't go with them. Bertram sighed, stood up, picked up his coat on the chair and said, "Let's go."

They looked at each other, smiled and followed her out.

Seeing the grand decoration of the house, Bertram couldn't help frowning. Alas, he had no choice. After all, he had such a group of bad friends who always made trouble for him.

As soon as Bertram entered the room, he saw someone he didn't want to see. Angel was wearing a black low cut dress, a dazzling crystal necklace around her neck, and her hair was tied up high. With a goblet in her hand, she walked towards him with a smile.

Why is she here? Bertram looked back at the other four men. The latter all said they didn't know.

When Angel approached him, she said with a smile, "Mr. Jin, I just know that today is your birthday Party. As your secretary for so many years, I think I should come and wish you a happy birthday."

In fact, she kept a smile on her face, but she felt very uncomfortable in her heart. Because he didn't invite her to such an occasion. But it didn't matter. Even so, she still came, and specially prepared a gift for him.

"Thank you." Bertram said indifferently. Although he didn't want to greet his subordinates in such a situation, he still had to pretend.

Angel then put on a sexy smile.

"Bertram, you are back!" At this time, Adele suddenly ran down the stairs with a playful smile.

"I thought you wouldn't come back."

In fact, Bertram didn't want to come back, but he had no choice. It seemed that those people w

't you think you are a good match?"

Alina didn't know how to answer Adele's question.

Seeing that she lowered her head and didn't say anything, Adele came to her side and said, "Adele, in fact, Bertram is very pitiful. His mother passed away when he was a child, and he lives in such a family. Uncle has been very strict with Bertram since childhood. Bertram doesn't have childhood at all."

Alina listened to Adele quietly. It turned out that his mother had passed away. No wonder he never mentioned it to her.

"In Bertram's heart, his mother's death is his everlasting pain, so he has become like this. In fact, he is very fragile in his heart. The reason why we hold such a party for him is to stop him from being as cold as before."

"Alina, in fact, Bertram just used work to numb his heart. In the past, he really wanted to have a happy and innocent childhood like other children, but that was all extravagant hopes. So, sister in law, although I don't know what you think of Bertram, I know that only you can change him."

"You think too highly of me."

Although Adele had heard so many things about him from Adele just now. To be honest, she was deeply touched, but she could not forget what he had done to her.

They were just nominal couples. She didn't want to have anything to do with him.

"It's not like that, Alina..." Adele was about to say something, but when he saw Alina's expression, he thought he'd better talk to her another day.

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