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   Chapter 22 His Birthday (Part Two)

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She had seen Alina on the newspaper, her appearance was common. Her figure was not as good as hers, and her face was not as beautiful as hers. What could surpass her was her origin.

However, she didn't feel threatened at all. After all, when she married Bertram in the future, she had everything.

Bertram looked up at her and said, "Ask Manager Chen to go with you. I have something urgent to deal with today, so I can't go."

And his words made her originally happy heart suddenly drop to the bottom.

"Mr. Jin, do you have anything to deal with?" She asked cautiously.

He glanced at her and said, "It's my private affair. You can go with Manager Chen."

"…… Yes. " Although she was reluctant, she didn't dare to say anything more. She knew very well that she shouldn't ask too much in such a situation. Otherwise, the image she had tried hard to build in his heart would be ruined.

She knew very well that he hated others to ask about his private affairs, so even if she was angry and dissatisfied, she did not dare to show it. She knew what kind of person he was after working with him for so long.

Seeing that he was silent, she had to turn around and go out.

After Angel went out, Bertram picked up his coat from the chair and walked outside.

After leaving the company, Adele went shopping alone. He had planned to call his friends whom he hadn't seen for a long time, but they all had boyfriends. All of them went out for a date. As a result, she had to run around like a jobless vagabond.

Strangely enough, she had thought that it would be easy to find a job after she came back, but why did she go to several companies, but none of them was willing to use her? What was going on?

When she was in the United States, she had taken a lot of works in school. Why did them become useless after she took them out?

Just as she was lost in thought, she saw Alina walking towards her.

She ran to her immediately and shouted, "Sister-in-law!"

Adele didn't expect to meet her here. She smiled happily.

Alina was startled by the sudden scream. It was Adele.


"Sister-in-law, where are you going?"

"Oh, I've just been with a friend. Why are you here?"

"I just went to see Bertram."

Alina nodded and said nothing.

"By the way, would you like to go to a place with me?" Adele said with a lovely smile.

"Where are we going?" Alina asked in confusion.

"Just follow me. Let's go."

Then she was pulled to run forward by Adele. Although she didn't know what was going on, Alina ran away before she could ask more.

After parking the car, Bertram came to a cemetery alone. He walked along the path paved with stones to a tomb and gently put down the lily in his hand.

On the tombstone, it was a beautiful face. A faint smile appeared on her lips, which made her even more outstanding. She had a pair of bright eyes, a slightly straight nose, and the mouth always had a smile.

She looked so kind and beautiful. It made his heart ache.

Obviously, someone had come, because there were still burning candles and a bunch of white roses on the table.

Even if he didn't see it with his own eyes, he could guess who it was. But he didn't care. He just stared blankly at the photos on the screen and stood quietly without saying anything.

Every time he came here on the anniversary of his death, he would come a week or two days in advance. His grandfather had mentioned him more than once. After all, everyone thought that he had never been here, but no one knew that he had only come here a step earlier than them.

His mind suddenly returned to the time when he was five years old. He had grown up in such a family, and his childhood was naturally different from other children. Every day after he came back from school, his father would find a teacher to make up the missed lessons for him at home. The two days off every week was basically full of classes. There was no time for rest. Not mention to go out to play like other children.

That was not the life he wanted, but he had no right to refuse. Every time he was tired from his homework, his mother would cook a bowl of his favorite northeast dumplings. Although it was just the most common food, he was very happy. Even if he was tired, as long as he ate a bowl of dumplings cooked by his mother, he would feel full

of strength.

Her mother was a Korean. She married her father because of a business contract. Maybe it was because of the customs in Korea, her mother always listened to her father at home. Her father was working outside while her mother was doing housework and cleaning the house. Sometimes, when he was scolded by his father, his mother would stand out and speak for him.

Her mother liked lily very much. She always planted a large number of lilies in the backyard. Mother was like lilies which is pure.

After school, he immediately put down his schoolbag, helped his mother water the lilies in the courtyard and sorted out the flower nursery.

But it was also that year that his mother left him forever. Since then, he had locked himself in his room for almost a month.

Later, he fainted because of serious malnourishment. He didn't survive until her family found him and sent him to the hospital in time.

But when he thought of this, he didn't feel much.

Since then, he didn't like talking or laughing. He always pretended to be cold in front of others and didn't like to be seen through.

He didn't have any other friends except for Carlton and others. However, it didn't matter whether he had a friend or not. He didn't need it.

His mother's death was the pain of his whole life. That scar had always been in his heart and would never be healed.

Adele took Alina to a large shopping mall. Alina asked in confusion, "What are we doing here, Adele?"

Adele said happily, "Buy a gift."

"A gift? What gift? " Alina asked curiously.

"Of course it's for Bertram. Let's go shopping together. Two people are better than one." Then she held her hand and continued to walk inside.

Alina had no idea what Adele meant? What does it have to do with Bertram?

"Wait, you mean Bertram? Why did you buy him a gift? "

After hearing her words, Adele seemed to have heard the most incredible words in the world. What did she just say? Why did you buy it? Did she hear it wrong?

She blinked and asked uncertainly, "Alina, don't tell me that you don't know?"

"What do I know?" Alina was confused.

Oh my God! It turned out that not only Bertram was confused, but also his sister-in-law. In the end, as his sister, she remembered it best. She was really defeated by them.

"Next Monday is Bertram's birthday. We have decided to hold a birthday party for him. We will stay at home. Of course we should buy him a gift."

"Birthday? Do you mean that Bertram's birthday will be held next Monday?" Now she finally understood why Adele muttered "what to buy" all the way.

It turned out that his birthday was coming, but it is none of her business.

"Don't you know?"

Alina shook her head. Seeing her shake her head, Adele was speechless.

"Sister-in-law, you are couples. Don't you know your husband's birthday?"

Hearing what she said, Alina realized that she was wrong. Even if she refused to admit this marriage, she was his wife now.

It was outrageous that his wife didn't even remember his husband's birthday.

"It doesn't matter. He also doesn't know mine." Then she walked towards the shopping mall.

"What?" Adele was left alone in a daze for a long time before he came to his senses and followed.

In fact, Bertram didn't like such an occasion. He had planned to go back to the company after ten o'clock in the evening, but at this time, Carlton, the three of them suddenly came to the company together.

When he saw them push the door open and come in, he felt a headache.

"Good guy. It seems that what Adele said is right. You can live in the company now." When he saw the mountain of documents piled up on the desk, Carlton felt that he really admired him. Among them, Bertram was the most serious about his work. Apart from work, it also the work in his life. Didn't he feel boring?

"It's better than staying with women all day long..." Alvin couldn't help teasing her.

"What's wrong with women? I, Charles is so handsome. Women come to see me naturally. Can I change that?" Hearing that, Alvin couldn't help rolling his eyes.

"Why are you here?" Bertram habitually leaned against the back of the chair, looking sleepy.

"If we don't come, will you really sleep here tonight?" Leighton smiled.

"Then we'll be disappointed, won't we?" Said Charles, blinking his eyes.

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