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   Chapter 5 Memory (Part One) (Part Two)

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"But mom, I don't want to be idle all my life. I want to work and make money by myself. I want to complete my dream. I don't want my parents to worry about me. I want to take care of you in my future. So, please support me, okay? "

Her eyes were filled with tears. She had been the princess of the family since she was a child, and she didn't need to do anything. In the eyes of others, there was only envy for her. But she envied others more.

She wanted to go to work, get off work and occasionally get off work as others did. Because she grew up with the protection of her parents, she felt that her life was really boring, and it was boring all day long.

Now she could go to work, and it was her dream. She was happier than anyone else.

Seeing that her daughter loved this job so much, of course Vicky He would not say anything more. She also supported her.

Although she was still worried. As her daughter has said, they could not take care of her for a lifetime. Since she wanted to have her own way of life, they would certainly support their daughter.

But she didn't expect that her daughter, who was jumping happily at home two days ago, would go to work tomorrow. She was really reluctant to leave this cute girl.

Seeing that her mother cared about her so much, Alina Li hugged her tightly.

"Mom, thank you and dad for raising me up and taking care of me since I was a baby. Don't worry. I will take care of you from now on."

Vicky was relieved to know that her daughter had grown up.

Amber, who had been standing outside without going in, had mixed feelings. He turned around and left silently.

On the second day, Alina arrived at the airport firm on time. Looking around, she still couldn't believe that she really worked here.

When she was about to register, she heard someone calling her from behind.

"Hey! Wait a minute! "

She turned around curiously and found a girl running towards her.

"Are you calling me?"

"Are you Alina?"

Alina looked at her in confusion.

"Hello, I'm Candice Xiao. I've met you before. Do you remember me?"

Alina thought for a while, but she still didn't remember.

"You really don't remember me? By the way, I sat next to you on the day of the interview. "

Reminded by her, Alina finally remembered. Then she smiled at this girl in front of her.

"Hello, I'm Alina. I am so happy meet you again"

"I always want to tell you that I admire you so much!"

Candice's words confused Alina.

"On the day of the interview, I saw you speak all kinds of foreign languages so fluently. Where did you graduate?"

Alina smiled and said, "I used to be in the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics."

Candice was surprised and admired, "Oh! My God! It is really? No wonder you are so awesome! "

Seeing her exaggeration, Alina shook her head helplessly and said, "You are also very excellent!"

Candice curled her lips and said, "I'm not as good as you. You are so modest and unassertive"

Alina didn't say anything more. The two girls walked in together.

It was the first time that she boarded a flight as a staff member. The excitement in her heart could not be described in words. She and Candice Xiao were assigned to serve in the first class. To be honest, it was her first time to work, and it was her dream job. Now, she looked a little nervous.

"Alina I didn't expect that we would be allocated to the first class. I'm so happy!"

Seeing that she was so happy, Alina was also happy. Her mood was a little better than just now. She took a deep breath and said, "We have to pay more attention to the service quality here, so we can't be careless. Do you understand?"

"Of course, this is the first class. All the guests here are well-educated!"

She nodded with a smile. When she was about to say something, she heard someone shouting.

"Miss, give me a glass of juice!"

"Okay, please wait a moment!"

Alina was happy to serve others. She handed the juice to him happily and said with a smile, "Sir, this is the juice you want. Enjoy yourself!"

"Thank you!"

"You're welcome. Call me if you need anything."

When she was about to turn around and go back, she bumped into something from another table.

She picked up the files in a hurry and kept apologizing without thinking. She felt ashamed of her recklessness.

"Sir, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Please forgive me!"

Generally speaking, people in the first class were well-educated, which was said by Candice Xiao. She hoped it was true, or she really didn't know what to do.

Putting the documents back on the table, Alina raised her head carefully to see if the guest was angry.

However, when she raised her head, she saw a handsome face.

This man had thick dashing eyebrows, deep eyes, high nose and thin lips. With his resolute face, it was the most perfect masterpiece of God. She couldn't take her eyes off him for a moment.

At this time, Candice Xiao came over.

"Alina, what's wrong?"

Alina came to her senses at once. She felt even more ashamed of what she had done.

She quickly lowered her head and said, "Sir, I'm really sorry. Please forgive me!"

Bertram Jin didn't care about this accident at all, but just now she looked at him without blinking, which made him very upset.

"Don't bother me if you have nothing to do!" After saying that coldly, he looked back at the computer screen.

Alina breathed a sigh o

f relief. She bowed to him and said, "I'm sorry!"

Then she took Candice back.

Alina felt helpless when she first went to work. At the same time, she reminded herself to be more careful next time.

The plane landed at Golden Town International Airport in Seattle on time. Alina didn't see the man again. She felt a little disappointed. She was startled and shook off the strange feeling.

She seldom traveled before. The reason why she wanted to be an air attendant was that she wanted to fly to every city and every country she had never been to.

Seattle! It was a place she had always wanted to travel, but she had never had a chance. But now she came here because of work. All this was like a dream. And it was so unreal for her.

In the hotel arranged by the company, she stood on the balcony and looked at the starry sky outside. Was this the night in Seattle? It was so beautiful.

"Alina!" At this time, Candice suddenly jumped out from her behind.

"What are you looking at?"

Alina turned around and said, "Candice, look, isn't the night here beautiful?"

Candice Xiao stepped forward, looked outside and exclaimed, "Yes, I've never seen such a beautiful night!"

"Me too. I used to want to travel here, but I didn't have a chance. Now I finally come here. I'm really happy."

Candice thought for a while and said, "by the way, Alina, since we two haven't been here before, how about we go out together tomorrow?"

"Of course!"

In fact, she had wanted to play for a long time. After hearing what Candice said, she was even more excited.

On the second day, the two of them went out of the hotel together and planned to have a good day.

They had just come here, so they were not very familiar with it. The two of them came to the Pikes Market together. And all kinds of folk arts and technology made them dazzled.

The two girls went to the Pike Place Fish stall to watch the Flying Fish show. The two played happily.

"Seattle is called Jade City. It is a beautiful city with mountains and rivers. There are many delicious, interesting and beautiful things here. It turns out that this city is more beautiful than I thought. "

"Yes, I've long wanted to come here. I didn't expect to have the chance to come here because of work." That was why she wanted to be admitted to the airline company. Now that her wish was fulfilled, she was naturally very happy.

The two of them played together for the whole morning. Then they came to Chinatown and saw all kinds of food, which made them drool.

After a good meal, she decided to go to the coastal area of Seattle. When they arrived at the destination, the two lively girls couldn't help but cheer.

She looked at the seagulls flying by the sea and many people playing, as if they were infected by her happiness.

"Candice, look, there is an open-air place here!"

When Alina saw many tired people were sitting down to drink tea. She enjoyed the blue sky and white clouds in the sea breeze. At this moment, her mood was really hard to describe in words.

She had never been so happy before. For the first time she came here, she really gained a lot of surprises.

"Alina, let's sit over there."


The two of them sat down to have afternoon tea. The sea breeze blew from time to time, which made them feel comfortable!

After playing for a whole day, she didn't feel tired at all. Instead, she felt that she hadn't had enough fun.

When they arrived at the hotel, it was already evening. The moment the elevator door opened, Alina was taken aback by the person coming out.

Bertram glanced at her indifferently and walked past her.

She couldn't help but look back at him. His back quickly disappeared at the door of the hotel.

Why was he here? Did he live in the same hotel with her? What a coincidence!

"Alina, what are you looking at? Let's go! "

Hearing Candice's voice, she came to her senses and walked into the elevator.

When she returned to her room, her thoughts wandered away with the man she didn't know. She was shocked. The two of them didn't know each other at all. But in her mind, he looked very clear.

She must have been drugged. She'd better take a shower and go to bed early.

She rushed into the bathroom.


Candice Xiao walked out of the bedroom and saw Alina seemed to running away in hurry. She was confused.

She felt that something was wrong with her. But nothing happened today. What happened?

She tilted her head and thought for a long time. She really couldn't think of anything, so she just didn't think of anything.

She walked to the sofa in the living room alone and turned on the TV.

She didn't expect to go back so soon. Alina was reluctant to leave this place.

This was the first time she had traveled to this city, and also the first time she had flown here as a steward.

After boarding successfully, she still didn't come back to her senses. But on second thought, she might come here a lot in future because of work. Thinking of this, she smiled brightly.

"Hey, Alina. Why are you so happy?" Candice's sudden move startled Alina.

"Oh! My honey, don't be so frightening, okay? You scared me to death!" She touched her chest and rolled her eyes at Candice.

"What are you doing? And I didn't mean to do that. To tell the true, I think your face is a queer pink color. You smiled so joyfully that others thought you had won five million dollars!"

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