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   Chapter 1 Foreword And Prelude

Love Song: K.O. My CEO Husband By Min Xiaoxi Characters: 5081

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"Love Song: K.O. My CEO Husband" was written by Xiao Xi. This was the first time she has written a webnovel series in collaboration with several other writers.

Hello, guys! This is actually my first time to write something as ambitious as this, so it really proved to be a challenge for me. Since this was written by several other people, expect that the chapters would have different styles from time to time. We do our best, however, to ensure that the chapters are as seamless as possible. We only have one goal—that is to make sure that our readers will love and enjoy this book!


The front cover of "Beijing Business Magazine" was the top five most eligible bachelors in the entire city. Bertram Jin, CEO of the Top Media.

Charles Qian, a member of the Red Aristocrat.

The successor of the Huo Group, Alvin Huo.

The heir of the Women's Bodyguard Academy, Carlton Duanmu.

And finally, the young master of the Luo Group, Leighton Luo.

They all came from rich and powerful families.

For three consecutive years, these five men had been on the headlines of Beijing Business Magazine. Other than that, they were all devilishly good looking, making them the target of many young ladies.

Bertram Jin, CEO of the Top Media. He was the legal successor of Kenneth Jin. There was constantly a cold aura around him, and was often quite unpredictable. Whenever he was in a crowd, he kept his distance from everyone. His hostile personality made a lot of people scared of him.

Charles Qian, a highly distinguished member of the Red Aristocrat, was someone all men aspired to be like. His sharp eyes easily caught women's interest. It went without saying that it was as if he was born to be a playboy, and had broken the hearts of thousands. For Charles Qian, there was no such thing as morals. However, there always seemed to be something different lingering deep in his eyes. Even though he had been around so many women, he never stopped for anyone.

Alvin Huo was the inheritor of the Huo Group. After returning to his company, he ran a model subsidiary company that specialized in coming up with new styles for wedding dresses. Each model in his firm all had a peachy face and a gentle smile. As the successor of the Huo Group, Alvin had always been proud yet calm; silent but always deep in thought.

Carlton Duanmu was to be the heir of the Women's Bodyguard Academy. But in truth, he rarely showed up in public. This was because he had a lot of secrets unknown to many, and often mingled wi

th the top leaders of various social circles. Most of the time he was calm and calculated. Even though he occasionally had a cold sense of humor, he was always decisive and principled.

Leighton Luo, the successor of the Luo Group, was someone who didn't like to be constrained. As of the moment, he worked as the director of one of the major hospitals in the city. There was always a gentle and considerate look on his face. But from time to time, there was a scheming look in his eyes. He had very strong boundaries that he didn't want anyone to cross. In the event that someone did, he was not so keen to just let it go that easily.

These five men happened to graduate from the same university, and were consequently very good friends. What was more, all of their families had also been good friends for decades now.

When they sometimes fought over their careers, they made it a point to sit down together and have a good talk!

In a different part of the city...

The morning sun shone in between the curtain. Lying on the bed, Alina Murong rubbed her eyes and yawned, stretching out her arms.

She stood up and walked towards the window. As soon as she drew the curtains, the whole room flooded with light.

Looking around, she was shocked to see that she was in his home!

Alina Murong walked around the house only to find out that he wasn't there anymore. 'He must've already gone to work,' she thought to herself. 'It's a bit late already, after all.

Hmm... But I usually get up early in the morning. Why did I oversleep today?'

At that moment, there was a rumbling sound. Her hand went up to her stomach as she started to feel immensely hungry. With a sigh, Alina Murong went over to the kitchen to prepare a meal for herself. But as soon as she got there, her mouth opened wide in shock.

'Oh my God! Is this really the kitchen?' It was so bright and clean that it was almost blinding. On top of that, all the things here looked either like it had just been bought or had never been used.

Blinking, she came back to her senses and opened the fridge to see whether there was anything to eat. Alina Murong was completely speechless -- there was nothing inside the fridge except for a couple of wine bottles!

'It looks like I have no choice but to eat outside,' she thought glumly in her heart.

'I should also go buy some groceries anyway so that I don't starve to death next time. I just don't understand how can there possibly be no food in this house? How on earth does Bertram Jin live like this?'

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