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   Chapter 225 Do You Want Me to Love You

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 7796

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:02

Windy replied with an extremely low voice, "I want you to... Love me... "

Windy didn't realize what she had said until she finished her words. She immediately shyly hid herself in the arms of Shawn and didn't dare to look at him.

Now Windy had realized her love for Shawn. Every time she did such an intimate thing with him, she would be more honest than before.

Windy was fucked hard by Shawn for the whole night. It was not until dawn that Shawn let go of the little woman in his arms with satisfaction. He took the phone and looked at the time. It was already four o'clock in the morning, and he could still sleep for more than two hours at seven o'clock. So Shawn picked up the sleeping little woman to take a simple shower in the bathroom, and went back to bed, holding her in his arms, and fall asleep...

At seven o'clock, his mobile phone rang on time, and Shawn woke up on time. He looked at the little woman in his arms who was sleeping soundly. He smiled and kissed her lips. In order not to wake her up, he got up very carefully. He took his clothes lightly and went to the bathroom to change.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Shawn dressed himself up and came out of the bathroom. It was at a quarter past seven. When he was about to walk out of the room, he suddenly thought of something and found a piece of paper. He wrote something on it and put it on the bedside table. It was easy to find it. Then he walked out.

Windy was exhausted, weak and sleepy because of last night's sex. She didn't wake up until two o'clock in the afternoon. She was awakened by hunger.

Windy opened her sleepy eyes and looked around the bedroom. It was not until quite a while later that she remembered that she was in the United States. In the villa of Shawn, she turned to look at the position beside her. Shawn was no longer there. Perhaps he had gone out to work.

Exhausted, Windy sat up from the bed slowly. She wanted to pick up her phone on the bedside table. When she reached for her phone, she touched a piece of good quality paper. Because of her casual movement, the paper fell on the bed. Then she found that there were words on it.

Windy picked up the piece of paper and read it carefully. It was the message from Shawn. He told her, "Honey, I have to go to work. I may come back at six o'cl


An imperceptible smile appeared on the face of Shawn again. It turned out that Windy had played such an important role in his heart...

At about six o'clock, Shawn arrived home with the clothes he bought for Windy. He only gave her a small punishment for not taking selfies when she texted him this afternoon, because he had other preparations. Shawn planned to take her out for dinner, and also took the opportunity to tell her his love. It was time to let this disobedient woman know that her love was not one-sided.

Windy put on the evening dress that Shawn specially bought for her. She went downstairs like an elegant and beautiful princess, and walked up to Shawn step by step, which made Shawn unable to take his eyes off her.

Shawn had always been very accurate in the measurement of Windy. If he personally picked the clothes for her, they would definitely fit her. And when Windy wore them on, she would definitely shine in front of him. Just like now, the pure white dress with simple design could show Windy's unique temperament, which made she looked gorgeous, beautiful and noble.

Shawn stepped forward, held Windy's hand, looked down at her gently and said, "My wife is really beautiful!"

"Are you kidding me?" Windy looked up at the man in front of her with a smile and asked affectionately.

With a faint smile on his lips, Shawn didn't answer Windy's question. Instead, he gave one of his arms to Windy and said, "Let's go."

"You haven't told me where we are going yet."

"You will know when we get there."

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