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   Chapter 224 Do You Know How Worried I Am (Part Two)

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Chang Du Characters: 6467

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:02

And you came to America on a business trip without telling me. I lied on that cold big bed alone at night. I missed you so much that I couldn't fall asleep. So I specially came to America to find you. Even if you are not moved, you don't have to make a long face to me all the time, do you?

If you are still angry and didn't want to forgive me and don't want to see me, at least you have to tell me. I promise I won't stay here to annoy you. I can leave here."

Windy finished so many words in one breath. Seeing that Shawn was still indifferent and refused to talk to her, she felt very aggrieved. Tears fell on her face. Windy turned around and wanted to leave, but her arm was grabbed by Shawn immediately and pulled into his arms. Then she heard his slightly angry voice above her head, he said, "Windy, do you think I'm still angry about what happened yesterday?

You stupid woman!" Gnashing his teeth, Shawn turned Windy's thin body around and made her face him. His deep eyes were also filled with anger. He stared at Windy, which made Windy fear him from the bottom of her heart. Then she heard his voice again. He said, "Windy, how stupid are you?

You are just a little woman. How dare you take a plane to America alone in the middle of the night? You almost have an accident! Do you know how worried I am? If you really have an accident, what do you want me to do?

You don't know what I'm thinking of, and you just guess it by yourself. You think I'm still angry about what happened yesterday. In fact, you don't understand at all. I'm worried about you! You don't know that I'm afraid that something will happen to you!"

Shawn shouted angrily. The blue veins on his forehead bulged because of anger. At last, he put down his hand from Windy, turned his back and began to ignore Windy again.

However, Windy was in a daze at the moment. She didn't know what to say. It was only after a while that she stood in fr

ords of Shawn. He gave her the feeling that he really fell in love with her, but it seemed that he didn't. As for whether he did love her or not, she couldn't tell at all.

Leaning against the arms of Shawn, Windy pouted slightly. Her little fist hit his chest as if it tickled him. After a while, she protested, "Even though you said so, I still think it's unfair."

As Windy spoke, she raised her head, looked at Shawn, and asked with a little expectation, "Shawn, do you really love me, even a little bit?"

Shawn frowned. "Didn't I make myself clear just now? Sooner or later, you will receive my response..."

"But I just want to know if you love me or not." Windy became willful and kept asking Shawn. She was eager to know if he had fallen in love with her as Renee said. Even just a little bit, she would be very happy.

However, Shawn wanted to leave this question to the right time to answer her, so he just smiled wickedly and whispered in her ear, "Whether I love you or not depends on your felling. You can know what it is by yourself."

Windy didn't understand what Shawn meant at all. When she was about to ask him what he meant, he kissed her again. This time, his kiss was much fiercer and domineering than before as if to prove something, but she didn't know.

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