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   Chapter 221 A Sheep Fell Into the Mouth of A Tiger (Part One)

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 7229

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Thinking of this, Windy sat up and leaned against the bedside table. She found her mobile phone and found the number noted "husband" in the phone book. Looking at the number that had been engraved in her mind, she did not press the dial button for a long time.

When Shawn left, he was obviously very angry. Moreover, he didn't even tell her that he was on a business trip to the United States. The latter made Windy very angry. Why did she have to take the initiative to call him since he had ignored her like this?

Irritable and agitated, Windy threw her phone aside, lay down again, and covered her head with the quilt. But in just a few seconds, she missed Shawn the more, she missed him so much that she couldn't control herself!

That might be the way it is when you think of a person. Even if you hear his voice, you will feel very happy. Windy was no exception. If she could have a chance to hear the voice of Shawn, she would be satisfied.

Pulling back the quilt on her head, Windy picked up her mobile phone again, found the number of Shawn and dialed it directly.

She wondered if he had arrived in America at this time. Was he resting now?

After waiting for a while, Windy heard a voice, saying that the phone of Shawn was powered off and he would send a message to remind him after it was turned on.

Such a result made Windy very unhappy. Was Shawn still on the plane or turned off his phone on purpose and didn't answer her phone?

She tossed and turned in bed for more than an hour. Windy called Shawn again and again, but no one answered. A bold idea suddenly came to her mind that she would go to the United States to find him in person...

In the United States, as soon as Shawn got off the plane, a young Chinese man named Oliver Song drove to pick him up.

At this moment, seeing that Shawn walked out of the airport with his suitcase, Oliver immediately walked up to him respectfully. He took the suitcase from Shawn and said respectfully, "Mr. Shawn, welcome."

Shawn pressed his thin lips into a straight line and didn't say anything. Instead, he walked straight towards the black BMW X6. Oliver, who followed him, said

he be so unlucky? It was her first time to come to the United States. Her mobile phone and wallet were stolen before she got off the plane. Moreover, her passport and ID card were all in her wallet. Now she had no mobile phone to contact Shawn, and no ID card to prove her identity. Was she had no way out?

If that was the case, how could she find Shawn?

Windy was so anxious in the waiting hall that she didn't know what to do. Suddenly, a strange voice said in poor Chinese, "Beautiful lady, are you looking for your mobile phone and wallet?"

Hearing this, Windy turned around and looked behind her. When she saw the man standing in front of her, she immediately recognized that he was the one who sat next to her on the plane just now. Windy instantly questioned him angrily, "Did you steal my mobile phone and wallet?" .

With an evil smile on his face, the man shrugged helplessly and said, "Miss, you misunderstood me. I didn't steal your phone and wallet. I just found them on the plane."

Windy looked suspiciously at the man in front of her for a long time, thinking that she was in the United States after all, not in China. Even if the man in front of her really stole her things, she did not have any evidence to prove it. It was better to do less than to cause trouble for herself. After weighing the pros and cons, she said, "Since you found it, I will not hold you accountable. Give my phone and wallet back now. "

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