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   Chapter 64 It Doesn't Matter At All

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6678

Updated: 2020-07-21 09:04

With a straight face, Windy turned her head away stubbornly, unwilling to look at Shawn. Then she heard his hoarse and sexy voice, "have you forgotten who was so enthusiastic under me last night? She kept groaning. Now thinking about it, my heart began to tremble. Tell me, is it true you think I'm awesome, huh? "

Damn it! Windy cursed in a low voice. Her face was as red as a ripe apple, and at this moment, Shawn was so close to her. What he said made her feel ashamed and annoyed.

Pursing her lips tightly, Windy refused to respond to Shawn's shameless words. She thought he had forgotten what happened last night, but now when she heard him talking to her, she felt shy and happy, because Shawn didn't forget what happened last night. She didn't forget that the person who was close to him last night was her, not another woman.

Seeing that Windy didn't respond to him for a long time, Shawn frowned slightly. Then he asked with amusement, "Honey, have you forgotten what happened last night so soon? Do you need me to help you recall? "

Shawn just wanted to test Windy's attitude towards what happened last night. Seeing that she didn't respond to him at all, he thought she didn't care about it. He couldn't help but feel funny. This woman could forget it so quickly. Why did he still feel guilty that he took her virginity in that case?

After all, she was his wife. It was natural for him to have her virginity, and why he felt guilty of it!

Hearing that Shawn wanted to help her recall what happened last night, and his hands had begun to move away from her, Windy couldn't help but feel flustered, and more angry. It was not because she was afraid that he would treat her like that. What was the relationship between them now? What was she to him?

What happened last night hadn't been made clear yet. Now he was going to treat her like that again. What did he take her for? Did she need him to insult her like this?!

"Shame on you!" Windy scolded. She just felt her hea

of Shawn and Windy undoubtedly made the whole hall boil. The questions of the reporters were like snowballs, thrown to the two people on the stage.

"Mr. Shawn, are you and Miss Windy here today to explain anything about yesterday's scandal?"

"Mr. Shawn, it's said that you and Miss Carol really love each other. And your current wife, Miss Windy, is not the ideal wife in your heart. Is that true?"

"Miss Windy, will you be affected mentally because of the scandal between Mr. Shawn and Miss Carol?"

"Miss Windy, do you fall in love with Mr. Shawn first, or your sister falls in love with him first? What will you do to the relationship between the three of you?"

Hearing the reporter's questions, Windy frowned slightly. Then she looked up at the man standing next to her, who just lowered his head to look at her. When her four eyes met, she saw his elegant smile to her. The next second, she felt warm in her hand. She looked down and found that he held her hand.

Holding Windy's hand, Shawn walked to the platform. Facing a group of radio reporters, he reached out his hand and motioned for the audience, "please be quiet."

Hearing the words of the Shawn, the audience was indeed quiet for a moment. The reporters quietly looked at the two people on the stage, waiting for the two to answer their questions.

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