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   Chapter 61 Gossip 3

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6476

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As for Windy, she was no better than Shawn. The reporters beside the window on the passenger seat kept asking her questions.

"Miss Windy, are you satisfied with your marriage life after you married Mr. Shawn?"

"Miss Windy, will you and your sister Miss Carol turn against each other because of a man?"

"Miss Windy, there is a rumor that you and Mr. Shawn got married because of Mr. Ted. Do you fall in love with Mr. Shawn now? Is there any love between you two? "

Windy clenched her fists. The reporter's third question hit the pain in her heart. Yes, she had to admit that there was no love between her and the Shawn. It was Mr. Ted who wanted her to marry him, but she was not willing to marry him.

This was a problem that Windy didn't want to face, but now it was exposed by the reporters and exposed in public, which made her heart painful!

Outside the window, the reporters were still asking her more questions, but she didn't listen to them at all. She leaned against the back of the car and closed her eyes, tears streaming down uncontrollably. Now she just wanted to leave this noisy place as soon as possible, so she sobbed and begged, "Shawn, please, drive quickly."

Looking at Windy's tearful face, Shawn felt a sharp pain in his heart. He thought, 'did I really hurt this woman's heart this time?'

And he heard the reporter's question clearly. He knew it was a very sensitive question for Windy. When he heard it, he really wanted to get out of the car and kill the female reporter who had just asked.

However, Shawn just cast a cold glance at the female reporter and planned to drive away at the request of Windy.

But damn it! There were three or four reporters in front of his car, and he was not allowed to drive away at all. In an instant, Shawn was irritated by the reporters in front of his car. He honked the car horn hard.

"Beep! Beep! Beep"

There were several whistles in a row, but the

awn and Windy. There was obvious displeasure and anger on his aged face, which made Wilson and Renee sitting next to him hold their breath.

Perhaps it was because of guilt, Renee, who always coaxed Mr. Ted when he was angry, lowered her head silently.

"Dad, don't be angry. What if you get sick?" Wilson broke the silence and said, "After a while, Shawn and Windy will come back. At that time, you should give him a good lesson and vent your anger on him."

Hearing this, Ted glanced at Wilson, curled his lips, and then glared at her, "are you willing to let me teach your son a lesson?"

Hearing what Mr. Ted said, Wilson smiled, "Dad, how can I be reluctant? He is your grandson, you should teach him a lesson."

"Yes, Grandpa." Then, Renee continued, "in my opinion, it's not that aunt isn't reluctant, but Grandpa, you are reluctant to scold your dear grandson, are you?"

Wilson covered her mouth with her hand and laughed. Renee could see clearly that was telling the truth. Mr. Ted was unwilling to teach Shawn a lesson. How could she not know? Even if Shawn did something wrong, no matter how angry Mr. Ted was, he could only say a few harsh words to him. It was impossible to teach him a lesson.

"Humph!" Ted glared at her and snorted. He didn't say anything else.

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