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   Chapter 49 Birthday

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6531

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Looking at Carol, Shawn shook his head helplessly and reproached her with a doting tone, "you always think things so complicated!"

"Hee hee..." Carol smiled happily at Shawn.

Seeing that she finally smiled, Shawn felt a little relieved. Then he asked, "by the way, what on earth do you want to say to me just now?"

Hearing this, Carol was suddenly enlightened. She patted her head and said, "Oh, here is the thing. Today is my birthday, so I want you to celebrate it with me tonight."

Hearing that Carol said today was her birthday, Shawn realized that he was so careless that he even forgot the birthday of his beloved woman. He apologized to Carol, "I'm sorry, Carol. I ignored you. I'll try my best to spend the night with you, okay?"

Carol was not very satisfied with the promise of Shawn, so she corrected him, "You must come."

Shawn had no choice but to agree with her, "Okay, I'll celebrate your birthday with you tonight."

Carol was happy and nodded with a smile, "Okay, I'll send you the location this afternoon."

"Didn't you stay at home before?" Shawn frowned again and asked Carol.

Carol had her own plan tonight. If she was going to celebrate her birthday at home, her plan would definitely not be carried out. So she said to Shawn in a spoiled manner, "of course not. We will celebrate it at home every year. This time, I just want to celebrate it with you alone!"

Shawn thought it was just a birthday party with Carol. Without hesitation, he nodded and said, "Okay."

"Shawn, you are so kind!" With a happy smile, Carol put her arms around the neck of Shawn, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on his side face. Just then, this scene was captured by someone hiding in the dark.

Shawn was kissed by Carol. When he saw that it was at the gate of the company and there were a lot of employees passing by, he pressed her shoulder to stop her from doing anything reckless. "Well, girl, this is downstairs of our compan

thday... And he wouldn't refuse her, would he?

Although she felt uncomfortable when she saw Shawn celebrate Carol's birthday, it was only once a year. Of course, Windy wanted her to be happy, so she nodded and said, "Well, please help me tell my sister... Happy birthday to her! "

Windy thought of something and continued to say to Shawn, "don't worry. I won't tell grandpa and mom that you will celebrate sister's birthday with them tonight."

She knew that the reason why Shawn came to tell her about it was that he was afraid that she would talk too much in front of her grandfather and mother. In that case, she would let him rest assured.

Hearing the last sentence of Windy, Shawn frowned again. Her calm expression made him feel that she didn't care about her husband at all. In that case, he just said "Hmm" lightly as a trust in her.

Windy thought it was ironic that her husband was going to celebrate birthday with another woman, and he was afraid that it would be leaked it out in front of his family. It was really ironic!

In the end, Shawn didn't say anything more. He turned around and left her office...

As soon as Windy saw Shawn walk out of the office, she covered her heart with her hand. She thought she could be calm in front of him, but her heart was so painful!

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