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   Chapter 47 A Tragic Couple

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6342

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Seeing that Renee didn't ask her, Carol didn't say anything more. She just took the menu and handed it to her. "Renee, what do you like to eat? Just order whatever you like. It's my treat."

Renee nodded and smiled. She took the menu and said politely, "thank you."

Soon, the two of them ordered their favorite food. While the waiter was serving the dishes, Renee asked Carol, "Carol, I just heard you mention my brother. I feel that you and my brother... You like him... "

Hearing this, Carol's eyes flashed with a meaningful light, and then her bright face darkened. She smiled bitterly and admitted frankly, "yes, I have always liked Shawn, and the person he loves is also me. But last time at your banquet, you saw that it's impossible for us to be together."

"Why?" Renee asked in confusion. Then she remembered grandpa's attitude towards Carol that day. She thought that was one of the reasons.

Carol sighed deeply and looked helpless. She said, "There are too many reasons. The most important reason is that I don't want Windy to be sad, because she also likes Shawn. Besides, grandpa wants Windy to be his granddaughter in law, so... Maybe I and Shawn are destined to be separated in this life. "

"Ah!" Looking at Carol, Renee was surprised. She didn't expect the relationship between her brother and sister-in-law to be so complicated.

Alas, after all, she was an innocent girl. With just a few words of Carol, Renee began to sympathize with her and asked, "Carol, aren't you aggrieved?"

Carol turned to be sad and dejected. Looking at the sad look on her face, Renee couldn't help but become pitiful. "This is the first time I have told you about it. Normally, I don't even dare to say it to my parents. It doesn't matter if I feel wronged, but I can't let my parents feel sad with me. Don't you think so? "

Seeing that Carol was so considerate, Renee nodded and said

Empire group. One day, he would take it back.

Seeing that Shawn kept silent and didn't listen to her at all, Renee was dissatisfied. She pouted and said, "Brother, what are you thinking about? Did you hear me?"

After a long while, when Renee saw the smile on the face of Shawn, Wendy nodded and said, "Oh, I know what you are thinking about. You are thinking about Carol, aren't you?"

Hearing that Renee mentioned Carol, Shawn looked at her in surprise. She still smiled ambiguously and said to himself, "it seems that my guess is right!"

Instead of replying to her, Shawn asked, "when did you get so close to Carol?"

In the memory of Shawn, it seemed that his little princess and Carol had only seen each other at the banquet a few days ago. They were not so familiar with each other, were they?

Shawn couldn't help but doubt it. At first, Renee didn't know that grandpa had transferred forty percent of the shares of the Dragon Empire group to Windy. Why did she know it so soon? Did Carol tell her?

However, Shawn was confused. Why did Carol tell this to Renee?

It was not until Shawn asked Renee about her relationship with Carol that she realized that she was almost exposed. What if her brother knew the secret between her and Carol?

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